Text Marketing for Small Business

Text Marketing for Small Business

Text messages and SMS marketing are a powerful, cost-effective way for small businesses to acquire new customers and improve engagement with existing customers. 

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Large and Small Businesses Choose Us for Text Marketing

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How Can a Text Messaging Service Help Your Small Business Grow?

Text marketing gives you all the tools you need to build and grow your small business, increase revenue, and exceed expectations.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Produce consistently positive customer service experiences thanks to faster response times and our two-way SMS messaging abilities.

Have Your Messages Read

Send bulk SMS offers your customers are sure to read. On average, people open 90% of SMS within 3 minutes, and 45% of text messages receive a response.

Recruit Stronger Candidates

In search of the perfect employee for your tight-knit team? Texting helps you advertise positions and vet candidates via SMS to avoid costly application management.

Supercharge Your Sales

From exclusive text-based promotions to one-on-one conversations. Strengthen relationships with customers and watch your sales numbers rise as a result.

Send Targeted Promotions

Only reach out to your customers with messages they actually care about. Our powerful segments feature lets you organize your subscriber list based on custom data.

Save Time With Automation

Write your text marketing messages in advance and schedule them to send out at a later date. Drip campaigns, templates, and other product integrations help you set it and forget it!

How SMS Boosts Customer Engagement For Your Small Business

Research shows text marketing for small businesses outperforms other channels, including email marketing. That’s why we built our platform to be both scalable, and easy-to-use.

Mass Texting

Mass Texting

Mass texting helps drive business when you need it the most by making it easy to engage customers with mobile coupons and other promotions. Keep your subscribers happy with exclusive deals and see offer redemption rates dramatically increase!
  • Send a text to large groups of customers with one click
  • Include photos, links, videos, etc. even when texting in bulk
  • Segment your audience and send mass texts to different groups for added personalization

Text-to-Join Keywords

Text-to-Join Keywords

Make it easy for customers to subscribe as you work to grow your list and reach a larger audience.
  • Create a short, easy to remember keyword customers can text to your number
  • Capture more numbers with a customizable widget on your website
  • Place a web sign-up form on your highly trafficked pages

Two-Way Texting

Two-Way Texting

Your Inbox is a space where you can chat freely with customers and hold real-time conversations.
  • Use our Click-to-Text button generator to instantly launch your customer’s messaging app
  • Cut down on response time with templates aka canned replies
  • Manage conversations with features like snooze, notes, and sort

How to Get Started With Text Marketing for Small Business

When you sign-up with SimpleTexting, you have the choice: Choose a new toll-free number, get a local number, or text-enable your current number. Learn more about toll-free text messaging in this guide.
Let your customers know that they can text your business! Set up a web form, mobile sign-up widgets, click-to-text buttons, and share your keyword with your customers. Send out an email to your customers with your number and keyword. Create product inserts with your information. Give folks as many ways to subscribe as possible!
Send out your first campaign to your subscriber list or chat one-on-one with customers. From sales texts to fielding customer service questions, begin to communicate with your audience in a way that serves your needs!

It’s Easy to Get Started

Text marketing for small business doesn’t require a tech-wiz. We’ve made it simple to sign up for a free trial and start sending messages.

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