Text Marketing for Small Business

Text Marketing for Small Business

Text messages are a powerful, cost-effective way for small businesses to acquire new customers and keep their current ones happy.

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Built to Help Your Small Business Grow

Text marketing gives you all the tools you need to build and grow the small business of your dreams, increase revenue and exceed expectations.

Provide Customer Service

Turn customers into brand evangelists by answering their questions and concerns via text message. Lower response time and build customer relationships using two-way SMS messaging.

Reach Every Single Customer

Send bulk SMS messages to all of your customers. Whether they have the latest smartphone or are diehard flip phone fans, text messages can reach every device, every time. No need to download any apps.

Gather Feedback Quickly with Polls

Rather than making customers fill out forms online, you can send out polls through text messages. It’s faster, easier and more likely to gather results. Use the valuable info you better serve your customers.

Send Highly Targeted Promotions

Only reach out to your customers with messages they actually care about. Our powerful segments feature lets you send relevant text marketing campaigns by organizing your subscribers based on custom data.

Cut Down on Pesky Busy Work

Create automated text messages and drip campaigns that save you time. Write your messages in advance and scheduled them to send out at predetermined intervals. Watch your engagement, and revenue, go up.

Send Compelling MMS Campaigns

Some things can’t be put into words. That’s why we offer the ability to send photos, GIFs and videos, too. Make your text marketing campaigns more engaging with Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

Emails Get Ignored and Notifications Get Turned Off. Texts Are Almost Always Read.

Top businesses use text marketing to reach customers. Why? Because people read their texts.


Open Rate

Nearly every single SMS message gets read. The average open rate of emails is only 20%.


Response Rate

People don’t just open texts, they engage with them. Nearly half of all texts receive a reply.


Click-Through Rate

Emails see an average CTR of less than 3%. Drive more traffic and conversions with texts.

Don’t let your campaigns get buried at the bottom of an inbox or lost in the noise online.
Send your important promotions, alerts, and discounts using the only marketing channel that works on every device. Research shows that text marketing for small businesses outperforms other channels, including email marketing. That’s why we built our platform to be both scalable, and easy-to-use. Text marketing is unique because fits your budget and fulfills your business goals.

"I did my research on a few different options before we chose SimpleTexting. Unlimited keywords was a big deal to us. Our sales team loves this tool!"

—Jonathan Holder, VP of Operations at B-Unlimited

Keep Your Number or Get a New One. It’s Up to You.

Every small business is unique. That’s why we offer multiple text marketing solutions.

Multiple text marketing for small business solutions
A short code is a 6-digit long number customer can text to sign up for SMS updates. These are ideal for small businesses that need to send mass text campaigns. Use our shared short code, 555888, or get one just for your business.
Get a new toll-free texting number or text-enable the one you already have. It only takes a few seconds to get set up and start sending and receiving text messages. Just like short codes, toll-free numbers can be used to send mass text campaigns and give your small business access to unlimited keywords.
Want to make it clear that your small business is locally operated? We’ve got you covered. Our team can help you acquire a new local number or text-enable your landline number with the ability to send and receive text messages. No need to install any hardware. Texts send to your number will get routed right to our platform.

How to Get Started With Text Marketing for Small Business

Sign up for a free trial

Import or acquire subscribers

Create a keyword

Write your first campaign

Click send

Text Marketing for Small Businesses Regulations

People want to receive text messages, but no one wants to receive spam. That’s where the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) comes in. Don’t worry, we built compliance right into the platform.

Express Written Consent

Before you send a campaign, you must obtain “express written consent” from recipients. We’ve made this easy with opt-in keywords and TCPA-compliant web forms.

Auto-confirmation Message

Anytime a new user subscribes to one of your lists, we automatically send them the required disclosures in a free compliance text along with info about how to opt-out.

Call to Action

Every CTA encouraging people to join your list needs to include your campaign purpose, message frequency, terms and conditions, and a disclosure about data rates.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Text marketing for small business doesn’t require a tech-wiz. We’ve made it simple to sign up for a free trial and start sending messages.

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