Learn Why This Clothing Boutique Uses SMS To Announce New Products

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Blu Moon Design sells high-quality, handmade clothing for girls. Find out how text marketing helps their team keep in touch with customers and increase sales.

Designer Kristi Brady has been sewing professionally for over a decade. In 2005, she launched Blu Moon Design, an online boutique of high-quality, handmade clothing for children. After gaining a following on eBay (long before the days of build-it-yourself solutions such as Shopify) she decided to transition her shop over to its own dedicated website.

Anyone who has tried to build their own brand knows how challenging it can be to compete with the seemingly endless selection of online stores. As of this year, there are 820,000 merchants on Shopify alone! To stand out, she decided to use text message marketing for e-commerce.

As Kristi explains, “My customer base is moms who are busy. I like to be able to notify them if I have a sale or am launching a new product. Texting is the fastest way to do that. 90% of the time they probably have their phone in their hand.”

Building a Subscriber List with Keywords

Kristi had never used text marketing in the past, but she chose to give it a try after seeing it on a few other sites. This meant she needed to build a list of phone numbers from scratch. Luckily, keywords make it easy for anyone new to SMS marketing to get started!

A keyword is a short word or phrase that customers can text in to a number to subscribe to future messages. SimpleTexting offers unlimited keywords. Kristi decided on a short, memorable keyword true to her brand: Blumoon! Now all she needed was people to start texting it in, so she took to social media. Her compelling CTA let people know that texting in “Blumoon” to their number would put them first in line to hear about the latest collections.

When customers text in the keyword, they automatically receive a confirmation message with a discount:

Thank you for joining our list! Enjoy 10% off your next order with the code TEXT blumoondesign.com

Including Product Photos with MMS

Customers love Blu Moon’s unique fabrics and designs. That’s why Kristi doesn’t limit her messages to text alone. Using MMS, she’s able to include a photo of her products directly in her campaign.

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Get your cutie all set for summer with these adorable pieces! Two collections in one! Strawberries and Seaside! https://txt.st/OINTDW

Tracking Links with Our Built-In Tool

Many online retailers turn to emails to communicate with customers. However, the industry average open rate for e-commerce emails is 20%. On the other hand, nearly every single text gets read almost immediately.

Kristi takes advantage of these high open rates by sending out announcements about new product lines. Using our built-in link-shortener, she not only saves valuable characters but is also able to track how many people clicked on her link. For example, the message below received a 38% click-through rate! A normal CTR for retail stores is under 3%.

Head on over to see our newest collection, Tru Blu. Perfect pieces for any event! https://txt.st/OIAOQW

Tracking links is just one of the ways in which Blu Moon Design measures the effectiveness of their text messages. In her initial welcome text, Kristi sends out a unique promo code which customers can redeem at check-out. 

“The very first time I used, around 15% of the subscribers I message redeemed the coupon code. It was really good to see that ” says Kristi. “Plus, I’ve had very few unsubscribes.”

Kristi plans to continue using SMS to reach out to customers for important announcements and offers. Join her and the hundreds of other e-commerce stores who use SimpleTexting. Check out our guide to increasing online sales in under two weeks, then sign up for a 14-day free trial!

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