Why Shower Door Experts Uses SMS to Provide Quotes and Reach Leads

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For nearly 30 years, this custom shower door company relied on email and phone calls. Here’s why they decided to use business texting.

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Founded in 1991, Shower Door Experts is a family-owned business based in Jefferson, Maryland that specializes in custom glass showers.

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A growing number of customers and leads wanted to communicate with Shower Door Experts by text message.

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The team acquired a text-enabled number through SimpleTexting. This new channel now accounts for 10% of their lead volume.

The team at Shower Door Experts specializes in one thing—you guessed it, shower doors.

After all, they’ve been installing them since 1991. Founded by Tom and Devin Huck, the company has grown to a team of ten that collectively has put in well over a million miles installing showers across the DC-Baltimore Metro area.

While glass shower doors may be their main focus, they’re also experts at customer service.

Just take a look at their perfect 5-star rating on Google. 

To the team at Shower Door Experts, customer experience is essential. And that starts with the first point of contact.

We spoke to Emmarose Day, the Office Administrator at Shower Door Experts, about why she sought out a business texting solution and how it’s benefited the business.

From a Personal Phone to a Dedicated Platform

The team realized there was a need for a business texting service when a customer asked if she could text in a photo of her bathroom.

Emmarose offered the customer her personal phone number—”just this once.”

Of course, the customer found texting a little too convenient. She started to text Emmarose before, during, and after business hours with questions related to her bathroom! 

And this customer wasn’t the only one who preferred texting. As Emmarose explains:

"There was an increasing number of clients asking if they could text us information about their project rather than call us or email us. We needed a dedication solution."
Emmarose Day
Emmarose Day

Office Administrator

That’s when she started doing research.

Promoting the New Channel to Customers

Emmarose looked at a few competitors before deciding on SimpleTexting. It was a combination of our pricing and features that led to her decision.

"It was super easy to get started. And thanks to rollover credits, it was a small commitment. All you have to do is input a little information and a credit card and you’re good to go!"
Emmarose Day

Office Administrator

The next step was to let customers know that texting was now an option. Emmarose shared their text-enabled number on social media, their website’s contact page, and in brochures at the showroom.

Managing Customer Replies from the Inbox

When someone texts in for a quote, the message immediately appears in the Shower Door Experts’ inbox. SimpleTexting offers incoming SMS and MMS, meaning leads can text in pictures of their bathrooms.

To provide a quote, Emmarose often needs details such as the shower dimensions and materials. She’s able to respond to inquires directly from SimpleTexting.

Once a customer gets back with the other details, Emmarose can store the info directly within SimpleTexting. She makes sure to log their names so that she can send a personalized reply later on.

After the quote is sent, she marks the conversation as resolved to keep the Inbox tidy.

From Quotes to Customer Service

In our 2020 Text Market Marketing Report, 60.8% of the consumers surveyed said they’d want the ability to text businesses for customer service questions.

This has proven to be the case for Shower Door Experts. While they mainly use texting to provide quotes to new leads, it has also been helpful for other situations, explains Emmarose:

"We use it to see pictures of issues before we have a repair call. It has also been helpful to communicate with clients when their project time has been extended."
Emmarose Day

Office Administrator

We’re proud to help small business owners reach their audience more effectively. If you’d like to start texting your customers like Shower Door Experts does, sign up for a 14-day free trial. If you ever have any questions, our support team is here for you seven days per week. 

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