How Dad Bod Health Uses SMS to Engage and Grow Its Community

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When Facebook took away the ability to send promotional messages through Messenger, Dad Bod Health turned to SMS.

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Dad Bod Health helps men and dads get in shape and reduce their health risks–without giving up all their favorite foods.

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Recent changes to Facebook Messenger chat blasts meant that Dad Bod Health needed a new way to connect with its audience.

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The move led to higher open rates on its texts than the messages Dad Bod Health used to send using Facebook Messenger.

Dad Bod Health was set up in 2018 by Jason Priest, a registered nurse, personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist.

The business aims to help men optimize all areas of their health so they can perform powerfully and consistently on a daily basis without sacrificing “burgers, beer, or family time.”

Up until March 2020, Jason’s marketing relied on Facebook Messenger. Then Facebook announced sudden changes to its policies. 

Before the update, it was possible to send out a promotional chat blast to anyone who’d previously interacted with a Messenger bot. Now, that’s something you have to pay for.

In need of a way to promote his livestreams, welcome new contacts, and increase the number of men joining his paid programs, he found SimpleTexting.

"Everybody has their cellphone in their hand. Texting makes a ton of sense."
Jason Priest
Jason Priest


Generating and Nurturing Facebook Leads With SMS

Jason uses Facebook ads to send traffic to a ClickFunnels landing page where he collects phone numbers and emails. 

From there, he connects these forms to SimpleTexting using Zapier so that these leads automatically join a contact list. The final step involves an autoresponder. 

Autoresponders give you the power to set up a series of automated messages which send minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months after someone joins a list. 

In this series of texts, Jason provides: 

  • A link to his Facebook group
  • Info on how he uses SMS
  • A free gift as a thank you for joining the text club
"It was super easy to set this all up. Plus you have a great support team."
Jason Priest
Jason Priest


Engaging With Current Contacts

Every Wednesday Jason hosts a livestream inside the Facebook group.

He uses SimpleTexting to send contacts two SMS notifications: one the day of, and another notification a few minutes before he goes live. 

Your ‘MASTERING YOUR MINDSET FOR GOOD’ live training is about to begin! Tap here to tune in: We’ll go live right inside the group at 8pm EST. P.S. Reply back stop to unsubscribe

These livestreams include interviews with clients or information on different types of strategies related to nutrition, fitness, stress management, and more. 

“A lot of the value from the group comes from the weekly livestreams. So, these notifications help them see the benefit of what Dad Bod Health does.”

Jason finds that a lot of the men he works with want to text. Using our SMS inbox he’s able to have 1-on-1 conversations and answer any questions they have.

“A lot of guys respond to the livestream notifications. Some of them will request a replay of the livestream through text or ask about the programs I offer. It’s a very user-friendly platform.”

Texting as Part of an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

It’s clear to Jason that the open rate on his text messages is much better than his outbound Messenger chats. He sees SMS as having a clear role in an omnichannel strategy.

“Some people are text people. Some people are email people. Some people are social media people. And so giving people the option to communicate with you the way they want to is so valuable.”

Next up on the roadmap is converting more of the current Facebook group members into SMS contacts. 

"It’s definitely become a valuable aspect of my overall marketing strategy, so I’m excited to continue texting."
Jason Priest
Jason Priest


If you have questions about setting up a similar workflow, email us at If you want to learn more about how to get started, this guide to  SMS marketing best practices.

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