How to invite existing real estate contacts to your texting list

Already have contacts for your real estate business? Invite them to join your SMS marketing list, while keeping industry rules and regulations in mind.

Throughout your career as a real estate agent, you’ve networked with clients, leads, and other agents. These contacts are invaluable to your business’ successful. 

If you start using SMS marketing for real estate, do you have to start building your list from zero? 

Not necessarily. While getting texting contacts’ explicit permission to text them is a core tenant of real estate SMS compliance, you can invite and import existing contacts to your list.

📄 Note: This advice in this guide is for informational purposes only and is neither intended as nor should be substituted for consultation with appropriate legal counsel and/or your organization’s regulatory compliance team.

Why do you need to invite existing contacts to your texting?

There are federal and industry standards, like the Telephone Communications Protection Act (TCPA), that say you need to have express written consent to text someone from an SMS service.

In other words, you have to have your contacts’ explicit permission that they want to receive your texts before you send your first message. Unfortunately, having a previous relationship with the contact doesn’t imply consent.

I know it sounds like a bit of a hassle, but wireless carriers take these opt-in requirements seriously to help protect consumers. This makes it even more important to make sure you’re doing things by the book.

How to invite contacts to join your texting list

I’ll walk you through two ways to invite existing contacts to join your texting list, according to SMS compliance rules:

  1. SMS keywords
  2. Web forms

📌 Quick note about these opt-in methods: You’ll need to make sure you’re using the right promotional language and disclaimers when you invite people to join your list. 

Check out our detailed guide on opt-in methods for more information, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team using the blue chat box at the bottom of your screen. 

Opt-in method 1: Keywords

If you’re on the hunt for a simple method to grow your audience, don’t overlook SMS keywords. These catchy words or phrases are easy for people to remember and will allow them to receive your text messages.

You’ve likely run into this before, like when a company asks you to text a specific word to their number (ex. “Text HOTDEALS to 123-456-7890”).

📹 Watch this tutorial on how to set up Keywords in SimpleTexting’s SMS marketing platform.

How to share your keywords with existing contacts:

  1. Create a graphic on Canva or another design tool that includes the keyword, your phone number, and a compliant disclaimer. Share this graphic on social media flyers, posters, or anywhere else your existing contacts may see them.
  2. Create a QR code that’s connected to your SMS keyword. When someone scans the QR code, it’ll open their texting app and automatically input the keyword and your phone number. All they have to do is hit send.
  3. Send an email campaign to your existing contacts that include the keyword and the number that’s connected to your new SMS marketing platform.

If you’ve already texted your contacts from a personal or work phone, they may wonder why you’re asking them for permission to text. 

Be specific about what the value of joining your texting list is, and don’t be afraid to tell them outright that you’re required to get their permission.

Steal this email text invitation template for keywords: 

Subject line: Get my top home selling tips


I’ve started a new texting list where I share home selling tips from my [YEARS] of experience as a real estate agent. Is that something you’re interested in? If so, you can text [KEYWORD] to [YOUR NUMBER] to subscribe. 

Since I’m now using a business texting platform, here’s a disclaimer about what you’re signing up for:


Best regards,


Opt-in method 2: Web forms

Here’s another practical way to get people on-board: Web Sign-up Forms

This SimpleTexting app lets your site visitors to quickly sign up to receive your texts. You can easily customize and install Web Forms without the need for integrations or a developer on-hand. 

When someone fills out the form, they’re automatically added to a texting list in your account.

💡 How to invite existing contacts with Web Forms: Share a link to the page on your site where you embedded the Web Form anywhere your contacts may see it, like email or social media.

Steal this email text invitation template for web forms: 

Subject line: Get my top home selling tips


I’ve started a new texting list where I share home selling tips from my [YEARS] of experience as a real estate agent. Is that something you’re interested in? If so, you can enter your name and number in this form to subscribe:  [WEB FORM PAGE LINK]

Best regards,

Your compliance disclaimer will be on the form itself, so there’s no need to include it in your text (unless you want to).

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