5 tips to get responses from your real estate text messages

Become an expert at writing engaging text messages that get responses and help you stand out as a real estate agent.

If you’re not getting the results you want from real estate SMS marketing, it could be time for a closer look at your text messages.

I’ve got five tips and examples you can use today to make your texts more engaging.

  1. Keep texts clear and concise
  2. Show your personality
  3. Lead contacts to take action
  4. Personalize your messages
  5. Pique your contacts’ curiosity

1. Keep the texts clear and concise

Always keep your texts short and sweet to avoid confusing your contacts.

Stick to the point and ensure all important details are straightforward to help prevent contacts from hitting “unsubscribe.”

✅ Do: “Hi Alex, Open House Alert! 123 Maple St, tomorrow 10 am-2 pm. Hope to see you there!”

🚫 Don’t: “Hi there, just wanted you to know, we are setting up an open house tomorrow. It’s at this great location over at 123 Maple Street. We’re letting people in from 10 am to 2 pm. Hope to see you there!”

2. Show your brand and personality

Keep the tone of your messages warm and conversational so there are no surprises when you meet your contacts in person. 

Plus, no one wants to feel like they’re talking to a robot when they’re going through the emotional process of buying or selling their home.

✅ Do: “Hey Sarah, it’s Mike with Simple Realty. Got a charming 3-bedroom in Marietta that fits your style to a T. Want to check it out in person this week?”

🚫 Don’t: “New 3-bedroom house available in Woodstock. Let me know when you want to see it.”

3. Lead your contacts to take action

Include specific calls-to-action (CTAs) that guide your contacts on what to do next, like visiting your website or replying to your text.

Ensure your instructions are clear so they know the next step to take.

✅ ​​Do: “John, a new listing matches your preferences: 456 Oak Ave. Tap here to get details: [LINK]. Reply ‘YES’ to book a tour.”

🚫 Don’t: “New listing available: 456 Oak Ave. [LINK] Interested?”

4. Personalize your messages

Address your contacts by name when you can, making them feel valued and important.

Don’t have their names? Use our Data Collection tool to ask them to share their name and record it in their contact entry automatically. Then you can use custom fields to insert first names into mass text message campaigns.

Screenshot of setting up SimpleTexting's data collection feature to gather real estate contacts' first names
Use Data Collection to gollect information directly from your contacts and attach them to their contact record.

✅ Do: “Hi Jane, since you’re a first-time buyer, check out this guide I’ve compiled to ease your home buying journey: [LINK]”

🚫 Don’t: “Check out my home buying guide for tips and tricks: [LINK]”

5. Pique your contacts’ curiosity

Use curiosity to drive better results by challenging expectations or providing teasers.

Capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to click through and discover more.

✅ Do: “Hey Tom, a home with an unbelievable price just hit the market in Decatur. Tap to view the listing: [LINK]”

🚫 Don’t: “New home listing alert: [LINK]”

By following these tips and shaping your SMS strategy, you’ll upgrade your real estate marketing efforts and build stronger relationships with your clients. 

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