How to integrate your real estate SMS platform with popular software

Learn how to sync your SMS platform with popular real estate software to save time on administrative tasks and more time closing deals.

In a fast-paced real estate market, every second counts.

Administrative tasks — like syncing contact data between software and sending reminders — take away time away from sourcing leads and closing deals. 

If you use texting in your real estate business, I’ve got a little hack for you: Use Zapier integrations (also known as Zaps) to connect your SMS marketing platform with other tools.

You can sign up for a free Zapier plan, which comes with 100 automated tasks per month, to see if it actually saves you time. 

Let’s look at some popular examples I’ve seen SimpleTexting’s real estate customers use. Then, I’ll show you how to set up an integration (it only takes a few minutes).

📌 Note: Make sure you have your contacts’ express written consent to send them promotional texts, even if you’ve already interacted with them from another channel.

1. Follow Up Boss

Connect Follow Up Boss to your SMS marketing platform to add new leads as text contacts and send them messages based on where they are in the sales funnel. 

Connecting Follow Up Boss to your SimpleTexting account

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2. Zillow

Use Zillow for lead generation? Push new prospects from Zillow to your text messaging service to create a new contact entry and nurture them with SMS campaigns.

Setting up a Zillow integration

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3. Dotloop

Send a text alert to your brokerage’s agents when a new loop is created in Dotloop. You can also add a new text contact when you create a loop for a new deal.

Creating a Zap for Dotloop and SimpleTexting

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4. Spacio

Integrate Spacio with an SMS platform to create new contacts when open house visitors sign in. 

Creating a Zap between Spacio and SimpleTexting's SMS service

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5. Calendly

Engage clients and prospects after appointments by connecting Calendly to your texting service.

Creating a Zap between Calendly and SimpleTexting's SMS service

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Don’t see the real estate tools your business depends on? SimpleTexting integrates with hundreds of other platforms, and we can even build custom integrations for you.

How to connect SimpleTexting to your real estate software with Zapier

Invest a bit of time now, and you’ll save loads later. Here’s how you can link SimpleTexting with all your go-to apps in just a handful of straightforward steps.

  1. Start by signing in to SimpleTexting and navigate to Integrations. From there, select Zapier.
Zapier application in SimpleTexting's SMS platform
Zapier app in my SimpleTexting’s dashboard
  1. Now, head over to Zapier’s site. Sign in, go to the Apps dashboard, and search for SimpleTexting. Click “Connect” and follow the prompts in the Zapier form – you’ll need your server and API key details from the Zapier app in SimpleTexting for this.
  2. Next, decide which apps you want to link to SimpleTexting. There are thousands of options available.
  3. Choose your trigger. What would you like to prompt your automation? (Ex. A new lead is added to your CRM)
  4. Pick your action. What should happen after the trigger event? (Ex. Create a new contact in SimpleTexting)

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And there you have it! With the mundane tasks squared away, you can dedicate more time to the broader strategy.

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