SMS examples for real estate marketing from my actual home search

Check out my personal home search journey in SMS examples for real estate marketing (and use them yourself).

Googling “SMS examples for real estate marketing” is… well, it’s boring and sometimes not very useful (and I should know, that’s how I started this article).

A lot of those examples are just something a marketer somewhere made up. I wanted to give you something more realistic along with some more theoretical examples.

Luckily, my partner and I recently went on the search for a home in the Seattle area, so I have a lot of text messages from our actual real estate agent to share as we toured several properties and looked into one home in particular (I really wanted that home, we did not buy it, and no, I don’t want to talk about it).

I can also tell you how I really reacted to these messages and how they guided me in my own home search. Let’s break it down.

Table of contents

  1. Introductory text
  2. Showing confirmation
  3. Client support
  4. Negotiating offers
  5. Other SMS examples for real estate marketing
  6. Example use case for SMS in real estate

Introductory text

When I filled out the fields on Redfin for a few properties with my name, phone number, and several other details, Kiley reached out to me about an hour later to confirm my interest, give me an update, and introduce herself.

An introductory SMS example for real estate marketing from an agent to a client

This assured me that my information didn’t just go out into the void. A real person took those details and began working on getting me some results.

By the way, that invitation to ask her questions if I needed isn’t just fluff. I asked her many, many questions over the next few weeks (but we’ll get to that shortly).

Showing confirmation

When the tours I requested were all set up, Kiley reached out to let me know that everything was confirmed and that I’d be receiving more information through email shortly. 

A showing confirmation text from a real estate agent

That allowed me to go look at the details for my showings to make sure everything looked right and ask any questions I needed to before we got going, which I did because I actually had to alter the time of one of the tours. 

As an extra pro tip, you can also text out a link to their showing details or a PDF with that information so your clients don’t have to open another platform to see them.

Client support

Speaking of, my partner and I had to swap times for a showing the next day. I reached out to Kiley to let her know and she responded immediately to help me reschedule as needed.

Two-way client support between a real estate agent and client

That was a big relief. Honestly, I couldn’t have kept my original appointment time, so this exchange did two very important things:

  • It allowed the showing to go forward in the first place.
  • It raised Kiley up a few points in my eyes for her prompt responses and willingness to help me swap my times around.

Negotiating offers

You know how fast the home buying and selling process can move. 

That’s why it helps to be able to communicate in real time when there’s an important update (like Kiley did here).

How one real estate agent helps clients negotiate offers on a property

This was very exciting news at the time, and this message kicked off a much longer conversation about the home and whether or not we planned to put in an offer.

Other SMS examples for real estate marketing

While those are the highlights from my own conversations with my real estate agent, there are so many more use cases for real estate SMS. Here are a few other common examples.


After a home tour, reach out to follow up with potential buyers about any lingering questions they might have or next steps they want to take.

Hi [NAME], I hope you enjoyed your showing at [ADDRESS]! I’d love to answer any questions you have or talk about next steps for this home.

Offering New Listings

Even if a property goes off the market, you can still send your clients other listings in their desired area, budget, or style.

This can be a good strategy to keep clients engaged after their favorite home doesn’t pan out.

Hello [NAME]! I found a few new listings similar to the property at [ADDRESS] that you might like. Check them out at [LINK]!

After Losing Touch

Sometimes clients decide to take some time off from the home buying or selling process, or sometimes they just forget to touch base for a while.

Either way, reach back out to keep the conversation going and prevent your clients from going elsewhere when they pick their search back up.

Hello [NAME], it’s been a while! I wanted to reach out and see how your home [search/sale] process is going. I’d love to talk to you soon about how I can help you [buy/sell] your home!

Regular Market Updates 

The wider real estate market can have a big impact on your clients’ decisions around buying or selling property, and they’ll appreciate a heads-up from you when something important happens.

Send regular texts to your entire audience to let them know when the market dips or booms and encourage them to reach out to you when conditions are perfect for buying or selling.

Calling all [AGENCY NAME] family! This month, the housing market in [AREA] dipped by [AMOUNT] percent, which means it’s the perfect time to buy. Schedule a call with us at [LINK] and let’s get started!

Example use case for SMS in real estate

Of course, Kiley is just one (excellent) real estate agent. What worked for her might not work for you and your clients.

For a little more variety, here’s another real estate agent we’ve seen generate some impressive results using SMS marketing.

Josh Barker

As a top agent at RE/MAX, Josh and his team have leveraged easy opt-in keywords to manage interest in each property they represent.

All interested parties have to do is text in the specific keyword to his number and they’ll automatically receive a link with more information on the home.

Example real estate text message with an SMS keyword and autoresponder

As you can see, you can very literally facilitate every step in the home buying or selling process through SMS from first contact to closing.

SMS also gives you the flexibility to tailor your messages to your tone, your needs, and your clients.

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