How to start texting for your real estate business

Just signed up for a new texting service? Here are the first steps you should take to set your real estate SMS marketing strategy up for success.

1. Pick your texting number

When you sign up for a texting platform, you have a couple of number options. I’ll break down the differences between popular number services: local numbers, toll-free numbers, dedicated short codes, and text-enabling an existing number.

2. Understand SMS compliance basics

Get a quick overview of the laws and rules of real estate SMS marketing, like getting express written consent, sending a confirmation text, and not texting during quiet hours.

3. Set up your text business card

Your virtual business card is your first impression for new contacts. Make it easy for them to add you as a trusted contact with these three steps.

4. Invite your existing contacts

Already have contacts for your real estate business? Invite them to join your SMS marketing list, while keeping industry rules and regulations in mind.

5. Send your first real estate text campaign

Plan, send, and measure the first text message campaign of your real estate marketing strategy in five quick steps.

6. Get responses to your texts with these five tips

Become an expert at writing engaging text messages that get responses and help you stand out as a real estate agent.

7. Personalize your text messages

Add these three text message personalization methods to your real estate SMS marketing strategy for higher engagement.

8. Integrate your SMS program with your favorite business tools

Learn how to sync your SMS platform with popular real estate software to save time on administrative tasks and more time closing deals.