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13 SMS Marketing Use Cases

Do you want to start texting your customers but don’t know where to start? Here are 13 of the most popular SMS marketing use cases.

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Our text message marketing report found that people spend their screentime texting.

graphics outlining which activities people engage with most on their phone throughout the day

It’s why SMS marketing campaigns have: 

While not as commonly used by marketers as email, texting has shown itself to be an incredibly valuable channel. Despite its effectiveness, a lot of businesses aren’t sure how to use it.

With that in mind, we compiled a list of 13 of the most common text marketing use cases. 

These are the types of messages businesses send their customers daily. We’ll show you why using plenty of real-world examples.

1. Sales Promotions

Text message promotions are one of the most common SMS marketing use cases. It makes sense: 50% of consumers want texts from businesses about flash sales and promotions.

Bar graph outlining the topics that would motivate consumers to opt in to texts from a business

Not only do customers want to receive them, but they also provide an immediate revenue boost. 

Our customer, Toroe Eyewear, is an excellent example of this in action. 

Using our Mobile Sign-Up Widget, the sunglass brand offers website visitors a 10% discount if they text in the keyword “HELLO.” (An SMS keyword is a word or phrase that customers text to your number to receive future text messages.)

When customers click the button within the pop-up, their text app opens with the keyword and phone number prefilled. All they have to do is tap send.

Today 8:25 AM
Hey! Welcome, Use 10TEXT to get 10% Off your First time purchase. Go here >

The simple strategy generated over $7K in extra revenue—a whopping 156x ROI. If you want to see how other brands use text promotions, here are more case studies to check out:

2. Product Launches

The study we mentioned above also found that one in four customers want to receive information about product launches.

That’s good news for companies who work hard to launch a product and then struggle to get it in front of people. You can send texts when your new product is available, when it wins media attention, or when you accept pre-orders.

Baby Tula is one company that uses SMS to inform customers of new product drops. Right when a new product launches, the Baby Tula team sends out a text to fans.  

Today 8:00 AM
Shop the Drop! A new collection of Limited Edition Signature Carriers are live on!

With this strategy, Baby Tula has seen click-through rates on campaigns around 50% and an overall ROI of 1,668%. (You can read more about product launch text messages here.)

3. Brand Marketing

Many marketers don’t see SMS as a brand marketing channel–which is a shame.

The goal of brand marketing is to link your identity and values with how you communicate. Given that texting is a highly personal channel, it offers an excellent way to humanize your business.

For example, in an article on the pros and cons of SMS marketing, we called out this example from SwimOulet. During COVID-19, it used text messages to deliver inspirational messages from famous athletes.

Other companies offer a text-an-expert service. For example, the kitchenware brand Equal Parts offers a free text-a-chef service.

Another example of this type of service comes from the skincare brand Versed. Its skin hotline is for when “Google leaves you with more questions than answers.”

The goal is not to generate immediate sales, but build your company’s reputation, trustworthiness, and market reach.

4. Generate Customer Reviews

We’ve written before about using SMS to generate customer reviews. 

We wrote an article on examples of good customer reviews and what they can teach us. We’ve covered three ways to send NPS and review requests via SMS. We’ve even laid out how Google Reviews help your search rankings. 

The reason that we focus a lot of energy on collecting reviews? They help people find and buy from your business.

But acquiring reviews can sometimes pose a challenge for marketers, it’s why many businesses turn to SMS. Texting is the tactic that the beauty brand Matykos uses to successfully collect reviews:

"Following the survey, we also find lots of other interesting facts about our products. Over time, this has helped our production to get better and better."
Matykos Beauty

“Following the survey, we also find lots of other interesting facts about our products. Over time, this has helped our production to get better and better.”

Today 8:00 AM
Hello once again! Would you like to test our Derma Roller or 24K Gold Patches for FREE? Complete this survey, and you could win one!

5. Shopping Cart Abandonment

According to the Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate continues to be 69.57% across most industries. To put it mildly, recouping these lost orders is a massive revenue opportunity.

Abandoned cart SMS reminders are text messages that send automatically after an online shopper adds products to their cart but leaves without finishing their checkout.

They encourage customers to complete their orders. They are unobtrusive–and less likely to get ignored like abandoned cart emails.

Today 8:00 AM
Hey Roger, this is Demi from Green Egg. Do you have any questions about the smoker in your cart? We’re here to help you with all your grilling needs!

We’ve written before about abandoned cart texts. It’s well worth reading if you want to learn more about this particular use case.

6. SMS Text-to-Vote Polls

SMS Text-to-Vote polls are a great way to learn more about your audience’s preferences. For example, if you’re a chocolatier, you could ask your customers to decide what new flavor they’d like to try.

You can have confidence that any new chocolate you launch is one that customers will try. Put another way: you won’t stock a product you can’t sell.

With SimpleTexting, it’s easy to launch a Text to Vote Poll–you simply create a keyword like “FLAVOR” and ask your customers to text it to your phone number.

Today 8:25 AM
Have your voice heard and vote on what new flavor you’d like to see on the menu:
A. Lavender
B. Ginger
C. French Toast

You can follow up with everyone who voted, announcing the winner and letting them know when the product is available. You can then send a message on the day of the launch with a promo code encouraging customers to try it out.

💡 Here is a step-by-step video and guide to running a Text to Vote Poll.

7. Text-to-Win Sweepstakes

Are you using contests, sweepstakes, or giveaways to generate leads or sales for your business? From car raffles at your local mall to viral Instagram photo contests and beyond, this form of marketing is nothing new.

The reason for its staying power is its effectiveness. And text messaging is the easiest way to run such a contest: consumers text a keyword to your phone number to enter to win. 

Today 8:25 AM
Are you ready to have your most stylish summer ever? The lucky winner of one suitcase filled with the ultimate summer wardrobe worth $1,300 will be announced on July 22nd at 8pm EST.

By combining Text to Win with our Autoresponders feature, you can send a series of texts to entrants. You could follow up with offers, a smaller giveaway as thanks for participating, or even run another competition.

8. Drip Campaigns

One-off campaigns are great for product announcements or time-sensitive offers. But, wherever possible, we recommend automating your messages

Set up a series of messages to keep your audience engaged and your brand top of mind.

We’ve seen brands get creative with their SMS drip campaigns. Here are some of the most common ways they leverage this tactic:

  • Sending a series of valuable blog articles
  • Weekly tips and tricks
  • Info about their brand’s story
  • Product suggestions

9. Cross-Marketing

Use text message marketing to cross-market your social media, a new blog post, or whatever you’re trying to gain traction on.

The Twenty does that. It’s a QVC-style show that’s hosted on Instagram live. They partner with brands to offer exclusive discounts to a millennial audience.

Leading up to an episode, they send out a text announcement revealing which brand will be featured that week. On the day of the show, they send a link to the livestream. 

10. Two-Way Text Messaging

Thousands of businesses use two-way text messaging to provide support, close deals, and connect with customers. Why? Because everyone knows how to text.

Shower Door Experts messages new sales leads via text. The team acquired a text-enabled number through SimpleTexting and SMS now accounts for 10% of their lead volume.

"There was an increasing number of clients asking if they could text us information about their project rather than call us or email us. We needed a dedication solution."
Emmarose Day
Emmarose Day

Office Administrator

11. Text-to-Join

Text-to-Join lets you capture phone numbers, email addresses, or other information like zip codes from your audience anytime they have their phone. 

Let’s say you’re a company that hosts fun runs, and you want to build a list of phone numbers and email addresses you can send information about future events.

You pick a keyword your audience can text to your phone number, like “RUN,” and then set up an autoresponse asking for their email. You can then promote this keyword anywhere you want–at events, at your location, or in advertisements.

Here’s an example of how it works.

Today 10:25 AM
You are now signed up for text updates about the 5th Annual Easton Marathon. Reply with your email to get updates there, too.

12. Mobile Recruitment

An estimated 70% of job seekers use mobile devices as they consider their next career move, and 23% of all keyword searches from mobile devices contain the word “job.” It’s why today’s employers need to develop a mobile recruitment strategy.

To attract relevant and qualified applicants to various job openings, companies utilize specific keywords that people associate with the advertised positions. 

For example, if you’re hiring call center agents, you could include a call to action like, “Text “AGENT” to (833) 222-3059 for more information on our open call center positions.” Here’s an example of our customer applying this approach.

You can then respond with a link to apply or more details about the job. The best part is you now have a database of candidates you can text the next time you have a job opening.

Today 8:25 AM
Thanks for your interest in our open call center positions. Follow this link to schedule a quick 15-minute phone interview:

13. SMS Alerts

Employing a text alert system enables businesses to send urgent and non-urgent messages to individuals or large groups of people simultaneously.

For example, businesses use text alerts to:

  • Alert customers to changes in opening hours
  • Keep customers informed of their order status
  • Increase conversions by alerting salespeople of a new lead
  • Provide estimated time of arrival information 
  • Send information about new transactions

The Versatility of SMS

As you can see, SMS messaging is a versatile marketing channel and can fit each business’s unique needs and goals. If you’re still full of questions, we recommend you check out the following resources:

And of course, our team of texting experts is always here to help. We’re available 7 days a week. Text or call us at (866) 450-4185 or use the chat at the bottom of your screen. Or, sign up for a 14-day free trial––no credit card details required.

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