Ultimate guide to small business marketing

Traditional Advertising



When to deploy

While small businesses are shifting more of their marketing dollars toward digital, it may still make sense to utilize traditional advertising in some instances. TV, radio, and print media have a long history of effectiveness and could be a good complement to your digital strategy.



As with all of the other marketing channels discussed, it’s important to begin with a goal in mind and consider your audience. What types of traditional media does your audience consume regularly? Once you have narrowed this down, this will help guide your traditional marketing strategy. If you determine that a large portion of your target audience are still newspaper subscribers it would make sense to allocate some of your budget toward newspaper advertisements.



While traditional advertising mediums have a large reach, it can be more difficult to determine whether your message has actually reached the end user. As a general rule, traditional marketing mediums are often more expensive to advertise on, but if they are an effective means to reach your target audience, the additional cost could be worth it.

Traditional advertising

  • Consider your audience to determine which traditional advertising mediums make sense for your marketing strategy
  • Purchase ad space
  • Design ads