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Capture your audience’s attention and convert them to paying customers with opt-in SMS messaging. SimpleTexting makes the process easy with fast setup and integrations with your existing marketing channels.

  • Set up a contact list and send marketing text messages quickly
  • Stay consistent with text message automations
  • Analyze your text marketing performance for future optimization
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10+ years in business. 17,000+ paying customers. Billions of texts delivered.
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The power of SMS as a marketing channel

Text marketing offers a new avenue to marketers and businesses turning to opt-in channels to reach their customers. Since your audience agrees to receive your messages, they want to hear from you, so you get in touch with already warm leads. It also gets results — just look at the facts about text message marketing:

Text marketing gets attention
People check their text messages more than they engage with any other function on their phones, meaning you get priority access to their attention.

Customers want texts from businesses
A large majority of consumers — 79% — opted in to get texts from at least one business this year, so customers are open to signing up for your messages.

Texting gets results
45% of customers have bought an item after getting a special offer via text, so text message promotions drive purchases.
Text messages are the best way to drive your customer through the door. Period.
Jessie Williams

Jessie Williams

Director of Franchise Sales, Main Squeeze Juice Co.

Quick and easy text marketing with SimpleTexting

Consider SimpleTexting your all-in-one SMS marketing provider. We built our platform to be as simple as possible yet powerful enough to handle all of your text message marketing tasks.

Screen grab from SimpleTexting's text marketing app that displays the ability to send a mass text. The UI shows various fields including: campaign name, text message, send to, and send time.

Send mass text messages

SimpleTexting gives you mass texting capabilities that allow you to send text campaigns to thousands of contacts.
A collage with pieces of the SimpleTexting's text marketing service UI. There is a photo of a cooking class. A text has been sent to a segment of people who clicked on a link for classes. The text reads,

Automate your SMS marketing

Send more texts in less time to free up your schedule while still engaging your contacts.
A collage with pieces of the SimpleTexting's text marketing service UI. There is a photo of a cooking class. A text has been sent to a segment of people who clicked on a link for classes. The text reads,

Review and revise your performance with analytics

Analyze your performance and understand the best ways to engage your audience with our advanced analytics platform. Set up tracking links to analyze how many new customers come from your texts.
The learning curve is really low. I’ve looked at quite a few texting platforms so far, and SimpleTexting is my favorite.
Valerie Blomberg

Valerie Blomberg

Account Manager, Russell Marketing

Our SMS marketing software in action

Learn why companies across North America count on SimpleTexting as their business text messaging service:

Image for How Lattice Hudson Uses Autoresponders in Her Strategy to Help One Million Women Create Wealth
Coaches /Consultants

How Lattice Hudson Uses Autoresponders in Her Strategy to Help One Million Women Create Wealth

Learn how Lattice Hudson automated manual tasks to create balance between work and personal life while tripling the average cart value for her services.

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Image for How Artist Couture Grew Its SMS Subscriber List by 670% With Our Mobile Sign-Up Widget

How Artist Couture Grew Its SMS Subscriber List by 670% With Our Mobile Sign-Up Widget

Learn how the hugely popular cosmetics line Artist Couture uses text marketing to grow its community and increase online sales.

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Image for Life is Beautiful Switched to SimpleTexting and Increased Deliverability by 366%
Entertainment /Events

Life is Beautiful Switched to SimpleTexting and Increased Deliverability by 366%

Life is Beautiful is a 3-day music festival hosted in Downtown Las Vegas. Find out how SimpleTexting helps them reach more fans, sell more tickets, and grow their SMS efforts.

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More Success Stories

One more channel to manage? No sweat.

You already have a lot to tackle in your day-to-day, so you might be considering whether you can handle a new marketing channel.

Our SMS marketing platform makes it easy to add SMS to your marketing strategy so you can focus on how it’ll deliver for you instead of the time it takes.

Easy set up and use

We get that you have other tasks on your to-do list. Create an account, import your contact list, and send your first text in less than 15 minutes. Then, anytime you want to send another text, start writing in just a few clicks.

Multiple number options to fit your use case

Your messages will come from a complimentary toll-free number by default, but you have other options to tailor to your use case and audience.

Connect SimpleTexting to your existing number or a landline so customers connect your texts to your existing business presence. Or, snag a short code to use for high-volume texts. We’ll get you set up directly through SimpleTexting or our customer service.

SMS keywords and web forms to add contacts quickly

Bring in new customers with a click or text by setting up a keyword and web form. Ask your customers to text your keyword to your number to sign them up in minutes. Visitors to your website can also join your list by completing a quick form.

Mobile access on the go

Marketing happens even when you leave your desk, so we come with you. Get the SimpleTexting app for your phone and check your messages and analytics wherever you go.

You can even send a SimpleTexting message from your phone like you would a text to a friend.

Templates and duplicates for fast texting

Chances are you send a lot of marketing materials with similar messages and details. Use our templates and duplicate texts to pull copy from texts you’ve already sent. You’ll stay on brand and save time.

Self-cleaning lists that keep your contacts in shape

Since you spend credits on every text you send, it’s wise to keep dead numbers off of your list. Normally, you’d have to check in now and then to get rid of them yourself, but we got you covered.

We automatically remove dead numbers, contacts outside of North America, and landlines so you get the most out of your credits.

How to start a text messaging campaign with SimpleTexting

It takes three easy steps to get your first text message campaign up and running with SimpleTexting:

Sign up for an account
Test out all of our features with a free 14-day trial. Shoot yourself a text if you’d like to see how it looks on the other end. If you like what you see, register for a paid plan and choose your number.

Get your contact list together
Grab your contacts from another platform by downloading them as a CSV or spreadsheet, then upload them to SimpleTexting. They’ll populate as SimpleTexting contacts for you to text.

Send a campaign
Send your first text to your list as an SMS or MMS message and add whatever elements you like. Emoji, media, shortlinks — text with your favorite assets.

The SMS text marketing service for your industry

SimpleTexting and SMS marketing reach and convert customers in a wide range of industries, including:


Healthcare is the most popular industry for customers to receive texts from. On top of sending appointment reminders like Lighthouse Dental, send out health awareness campaigns with two-way texting. Your texts will remind patients of health problems they need to solve and they can directly reply to them to schedule an appointment.

E-commerce and retail

Another industry where text message marketing thrives is e-commerce and retail. Like Baby Tula, you could send your list a text whenever a new product comes out. You can also play around with promotions, sweepstakes, and membership clubs to encourage customers to keep shopping.


Companies in tech also benefit from promoting their products through text. In some situations, you need customers to adopt your technology team-wide to get the most out of it. Take In-telligent’s lead and send the download link over text to reduce any barriers to adoption.


Get cars off your lot and onto the road with text messaging. Since SimpleTexting lets you use multiple keywords, try creating a keyword for each of your cars that customers can text to learn more about it. The Road Code got tons of mileage when it used this strategy to sell cars.


Your educational institution may not have customers in the traditional sense, but you’re always on the lookout for new students. Qualify potential students (and help them qualify you) by sending them two-way text messages, like South Arkansas College. You’ll build meaningful relationships before you even meet them in person.


Inspire people to get moving at your gym with tailored SMS campaigns. Take a page out of Loggerhead Fitness’s book and create texts for each of your classes. You’ll bring in new participants and encourage past gymgoers to return.

Marketing consultants and agencies

When you’re in the business of marketing for other people, a new channel means new tools at your disposal. And it’s easy to add SimpleTexting to your stack and put it to work for your accounts. For example, Primero Negocios easily picked up SimpleTexting and delivered new services to its clients in no time.

Collage of the logos of a few apps that integrate with our text marketing service, including Zendeck, Eventbrite, Squarespace, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and WooCommerce, and Mindybody.

Integrate SimpleTexting with the rest of your marketing stack

SimpleTexting connects to your favorite marketing apps directly and through tools like Zapier and Integrately, offering thousands of possibilities. Sync your campaigns, automate your workflows, and keep your texts in order. It all adds up to saved time and better reach.
  • Automatically add new contacts from other platforms to SimpleTexting
  • Send marketing texts to your customers when they buy your product
  • Share new blog content via text when you hit “Publish”
  • And more!

Learn More About Integrations

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Published: March 26th 2024