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Text-to-Donate for Nonprofits: How to Raise Money Via Texts

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Find out how your organization can raise money by giving supporters the option to donate right from their mobile phone with a text-to-donate campaign.

Ninety percent of text messages are read within just minutes of being received. For nonprofits, foundations and other social enterprises, this high level of engagement poses a huge opportunity for fundraising. Let’s walk through how you can empower your supporters to contribute from wherever they are with a text-to-donate campaign.

How does text-to-donate work?

Text-to-donate works in a just few simple steps. First, you select a keyword. Then, your supporters text that keyword to a designated short code to subscribe to your messages. Now you can quickly and easily send all your subscribers a link to your preferred donation page.

How can a nonprofit create a successful text-to-donate campaign?

Create Awareness with SMS Marketing
Before your nonprofit or charity organization collects mobile donations via text-to-donate, you need to have an audience of people who care deeply about your cause. Mass texting is a cost effective way to inform large groups about the issue at hand.

Create a Keyword Specific To Your Cause
Every SimpleTexting plan comes with unlimited keywords. Make sure to pick a keyword that relates directly to your cause and is easy to remember. For example, Eagle Brook Church helped raise for their mission trip efforts in Haiti using the keyword, you guessed it, HAITI. This way, even if someone chooses not to donate right away, they can easily recall the keyword later.

With your keyword selected, advertise it in any place where someone may be carrying a mobile device. (Hint: That’s everywhere.) Put it in magazines and newspaper ads. Print it on t-shirts and shout it from the rooftops. And definitely, without a doubt, share it on social media.

Facebook Ad Promoting Text-to-Donate Keyword

Text Existing Donors
If your organization already has a list of contacts who may be interested in donating to your cause, you can easily import them to our platform. Just make sure you have their consent before sending out a text blast.

Set Up Automated Reminders
Even your most passionate supporters get busy sometimes. Some people may subscribe to your list with the intention to donate, but simply forget to. Autoresponders allow you to create reminders that send out automatically. Schedule them to send hours, days or even a few weeks after your supporters initially opt-in to your messages.

Text-to-Donate Autoresponders

Follow Up With Donors
Turn one-time donors into lifetime supporters by regularly following up with them. A simple thank you is a good start, but SMS messages are also a convenient way to send progress reports to your stakeholders. When donors are informed, they feel personally involved with your cause. And when they feel personally involved, they’re more likely to donate again and again.

Send Donation Links
This is where all of the efforts listed above come together. Send your subscribers a link to your online donation page. Don’t worry about lengthy URLs taking up precious characters, our tiny links feature will shorten them for you. If your nonprofit’s website doesn’t already have a donation page, consider using a platform like GoFundMe.

GoFundMe Page Requesting Donations

Is text-to-donate the same as text-to-give?

Not exactly. Both text-to-donate and text-to-give require keywords and shortcodes, but there’s an important difference in how payments are collected between the two. With text to give, nonprofits predetermine the donation amount. When a donor texts in the keyword, the amount is billed to their cell phone bill by their carrier. This means that the organization has to wait for the carrier to process the payment. Sometimes this can take up to three months! By using SimpleTexting to send links to your existing payment platform, there is no delay while you wait for funds.

Thousands of nonprofits use texting to engage their supporters, rally support and raise money. Sign up to try our platform free for 14 days and find out how easy it really is to get started. Our team loves seeing nonprofits succeed using SMS marketing. We’re here for you 7 days a week if you have any questions.

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