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10 Places to Advertise Your SMS Keyword

Ready to bring attention to your new keyword but need some inspiration? Read on to find out how to put your keyword in the spotlight.

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A strong marketing campaign starts with a strong subscriber list. One of the easiest ways to grow your list is with a keyword, a word or phrase that customers can text in to get your messages. Creating a keyword isn’t enough. You need to promote it, too. The more places you show off your keyword, the more subscribers you’re likely to add to your list.

In order to remain compliant with SMS marketing regulations, you need to provide clear and conspicuous disclosure anywhere you advertise your keyword. This includes letting people know what you’re promoting in a TCPA-compliant way in order to obtain their express written consent to text them. Brush up on our best practices for compliance before you put your keyword to use.

Here are a couple of quick wins to help you get your text messages in front of more people. Add your keywords to these 10 places, tell people why your list is a must-join and see your list growth go crazy.

1. Website Homepage

Display your keyword prominently on your company’s website. Add it to your homepage or and any frequently visited landing pages. Better yet, embed a web form! This will give customers the option of opting in for texts right from your site.

2. Social Media Bios

Is your company active on social media? Add your keyword to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn bios. This will make it easy for new followers to start engaging with your business.

3. Paid Social Ads

Your profile isn’t the only place your keyword should appear. Consider including it in your sponsored posts as well. Keywords are short, which makes them ideal for ads with limited character counts.

4. Business Card

Don’t hand your business card to another potential lead without making sure your keyword is displayed there, too. You can even create a keyword and custom autoresponder for each employee!

5. Email Signature

If you’re anything like us, you probably spend a lot of time emailing new customers. Add your keyword to your email signature to help get as many people as possible get signed-up for your text alerts.

6. Receipts

If your business has a point-of-sale system that prints physical receipts, it’s a good idea to add your keyword at the top, right below your logo. You can also consider asking customers if they’d like to sign up for text alerts at checkout.

7. Business Phone Voicemail

Don’t limit yourself to printed pieces alone. Record a voicemail that lets your customers know they can text in your keyword for help or information. Create a series of autoresponders just for callers.

8. Employee Uniforms

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, take advantage of the real estate on the back of your employee’s uniforms. Print custom t-shirts with your shortcode and keyword.

9. Product Packaging

Customize your product packaging with your keyword. For example, a coffee shop can encourage customers to join their loyalty program right on their cups.

10. Company Vehicles

Businesses with a fleet of vehicles should make sure their keyword stands out on their company cars. Your keyword should be easy to remember so that customer can safely opt-in when they’re not driving.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. We’ve seen our clients advertise their SMS keywords everywhere from billboards to television commercials. There’s no need to go that big if you’re on a budget. A little creativity is all it takes to get started growing your list.

Alfredo Salkeld
Alfredo Salkeld

Alfredo is SimpleTexting's brand manager. He's passionate about using his 10+ years of marketing experience to help small businesses grow.

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