5 tips to get responses from your nonprofit text messages

Discover how to connect with your volunteers, donors, and team members more effectively through tailored and enthusing text messages.

Nonprofit work requires a lot of relationship nurturing, and texting could be the secret ingredient you’ve been searching for. 

If you’re ready to step up your nonprofit text messaging game, check out these handy tips and real examples to power up your texts.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Make your messages concise and clear
  2. Infuse your texts with your organization’s spirit
  3. Guide your audience’s actions using CTAs
  4. Tailor your messages to the individual
  5. Spark interest and curiosity in your texts

Let’s dive into how you can apply these in your organization’s text campaigns.

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1. Make your messages concise and clear

Long-winded texts could leave your audience scratching their heads. Keep it short, and include all of the necessary information upfront.

✅ Do: “Hey Alex, we need volunteers for the food drive tomorrow at 123 Main St from 10 am to 2 pm. Reply to this text to sign up!”

🚫 Don’t: “Hello there, we wanted to let you know that we’ve set up a food drive tomorrow at 123 Main Street. We’re welcoming volunteers from 10 am to 2 pm. Hope you can make it!”

2. Express your organization’s spirit

People are drawn to nonprofits because they resonate with their missions. Make sure your texts reflect your cause’s personality and warmth.

✅ Do: “Hi Sarah! It’s Mike from Love&Care. We have an exciting opportunity for you to support local families. Are you free this week?”

🚫 Don’t: “Charity event supporting local families coming up this week. Let us know if you can participate.”

3. Include clear next steps

A great text message doesn’t leave people wondering, “What should I do next?” Instead, it guides them towards an action, like clicking a link or replying to your SMS.

✅ ​​Do: “John, we have an upcoming community event that you might be interested in! Click here for details: [LINK]. Reply ‘YES’ if you’d like to join.”

🚫 Don’t: “New charitable event happening soon: [LINK]”

4. Tailor your messages

Making your messages feel personal can be as easy as addressing your audience by their first name. If you don’t have their details yet, our Data Collection tool can help you out.

✅ Do: “Hi Jane! Since you’re passionate about education, check out our new tutoring program here: [LINK]”

🚫 Don’t: “Check out our new tutoring program here: [LINK]”

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5. Spark interest and curiosity

People love a little mystery! Make your audience want to click on your links or engage with your texts by piquing their curiosity.

✅ Do: “Hey Tom! We’re about to announce our annual fundraising event’s theme. Want a clue? Check out our latest Instagram post: [LINK] ”

🚫 Don’t: “We’re announcing our annual fundraising event’s theme later! Stay tuned.”

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