How to integrate your nonprofit's SMS platform with popular software

Discover how to sync your SMS platform with familiar nonprofit tools to spend more time on your mission and less time on administrative tasks.

Tasks like syncing contact data between software and sending reminders can take precious time away from serving your cause. 

But here’s a clever solution: Use Zapier integrations (also known as Zaps) to connect your SMS marketing platform with other tools.

Sign up for a free Zapier plan, which includes 100 automated tasks per month, and see how much time you can save.

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5 handy nonprofit SMS integrations

Let’s go through some popular examples of how you can use SimpleTexting and Zapier integrations for nonprofit text messaging

Then, I’ll guide you through the simple process of setting up one of these integrations.

📌 Note: Always ensure that you have your nonprofit contacts’ express written consent to send them texts, even if you’ve previously connected with them through other channels. Learn more about SMS compliance basics in our nonprofit text messaging hub.

1. Mailchimp

Connect your Mailchimp account to your SMS marketing platform and keep your email and text contacts in sync. This makes it straightforward to manage your audience and craft targeted campaigns.

Check out more SimpleTexting and Mailchimp Zaps.

📣 We also have a native Mailchimp integration that you can connect in a few clicks.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce, a widely used CRM, can work with your SMS platform to manage your donor and volunteer relationships more efficiently. 

By integrating Salesforce with SimpleTexting, you can automatically update contact details in both systems and trigger personalized SMS messages based on changes in Salesforce.

For instance, if a new donation comes in, you can send an instant thank-you text to your donor.

Check out more SimpleTexting and Salesforce Zaps.

3. Calendly

Keep your meetings and appointments in check with Calendly. By integrating Calendly with your SMS platform, you can automatically send text reminders and follow-ups to attendees from the same app where you send mass text messages and have two-way conversations.

Imagine the convenience of having your team members, volunteers, and supporters receive a gentle nudge, reminding them of an upcoming meeting or thanking them for their attendance. It’s practical and thoughtful. 😊

Check out more SimpleTexting and Calendly Zaps.

4. Google Forms

Integrate Google Forms to collect sign-ups, feedback, or donations. Then, sync this data directly with your SMS marketing platform, which can save loads of time manually transferring information.

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5. Eventbrite

Use Eventbrite for your organization’s events? Connect Eventbrite to your SMS platform to keep event attendees informed via text before, during, and after the event.

Check out more SimpleTexting and Eventbrite Zaps.

How to connect SimpleTexting to nonprofit software with Zapier

Put in a little effort into SMS integrations now, and reap the time-saving rewards later. 

Here’s how you can link SimpleTexting with all your favorite apps in just a few easy steps:

  1. Start by signing in to SimpleTexting and navigate to Integrations. From there, select Zapier.
SimpleTexting's Zapier integration option
The Zapier app in SimpleTexting’s SMS platform
  1. Head over to Zapier’s site. Sign in, go to the Apps dashboard, and search for SimpleTexting. Click “Connect” and follow the prompts in the Zapier form — you’ll need your server and API key details from the Zapier app in SimpleTexting for this.
  2. Next, choose which apps you want to link to SimpleTexting. With so many options available, you can create a super-efficient workflow!
  3. Pick your trigger (e.g., a new volunteer sign-up) and your action (e.g., send a welcome text message).

💡 Need an SMS marketing service for your nonprofit? Sign up for SimpleTexting’s free 14-day trial and send your first message today.

And there you have it. With routine tasks handled, you can dedicate more time to what really matters — your organization’s mission.

📌 For more nonprofit text marketing tips from our SMS experts, check out our How to Start guide.