How to start texting for your nonprofit organization

Just signed up for a new text messaging service? Here are some first steps to set your nonprofit organization up for success.

1. Choose your texting number.

After signing up for a texting service, you’ll have to pick a number. We’ll discuss popular number types, like local numbers, toll-free numbers, dedicated short codes, and even text-enabling your existing number.

2. Understand SMS compliance basics.

It’s important to understand what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to texting. I’ll give you a quick run-down of SMS industry compliance basics, like asking for permission to text, sending a confirmation text, and knowing when it’s okay to send text messages.

3. Create your virtual business card.

A virtual business card lets your texting subscribers quickly add you as a contact. Learn how to create your own virtual business card to help establish trust with your audience.

4. Connect with your existing contacts.

Got an existing list of contacts? It’s time to invite them to sign up for your text messages. I’ll guide you on how to do this while staying on the right side of SMS industry rules and regulations.

5. Send your first SMS campaign.

Creating your first nonprofit text marketing message? I’ll outline 5 simple steps to plan and send your campaign.

6. Write effective text message campaigns.

Find out how to write engaging text messages that encourage your audience to donate, volunteer, and spread the word about your organization.

7. Personalize your text message campaigns.

Try these three SMS personalization tactics to get more engagement from your nonprofit’s text message campaigns.

8. Integrate your SMS platform with other tools.

Want to save time and sync your texting app with the rest of your communications software? I’ll walk you through some popular text message platform integrations for nonprofits and how to set them up.

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