Text Message Advertising for Businesses (Updated)

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Text message advertising is an easy way for businesses to connect with customers about sales, special promotions, or important news.

Text message advertising is a great way for businesses to connect with consumers about deals, promotions, upcoming events, and other offers and opportunities. It’s also an underutilized platform of communication with lots of potential and excellent results. You may have heard of text message advertising referred to as SMS advertising. They’re the same exact thing. SMS stands for “Short Message Service,” which is an industry term for a text message.

Check out these stats from Innovista Law’s April 2018 TCPA Survival Guide:

  • 99% of text messages are opened
  • 90% are read within 3 minutes
  • 40% get a response within 15 minutes

Compare those numbers with email’s 20% open rate—and much lower response rates—and you can see why text message advertising is one of the marketing methods that businesses should utilize for connecting with their customers and being top of mind.

Compliance for Text Message Advertising

To protect both businesses and consumers, text message advertising has rigorous compliance rules for communications. Subscribers opt in to receive messages, for instance—you can’t just collect a list of phone numbers and start texting people. To some, this might be a deterrent, but it’s actually a huge pro: Subscribers are people who genuinely want to read your messages, and they likely will!

At SimpleTexting, we know compliance can seem like a big challenge, so we’ve put systems in place to make it as easy as possible for our users. For example, we automatically send a free compliance text to each new subscriber who joins your list. This is just one way we try to give you peace of mind that you’re abiding by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Text Message Advertising Is Short and Sweet

Text message advertising has a 160-character limit for regular SMS messages. However, rather than being a true limitation, this puts businesses in a position to be creative and communicate the best possible message in a small amount of space. If there’s room, a short URL can be included at the end of any message.

Of course, you can go up to 1,600 characters (and embed rich media!) if you use MMS messaging—but even so, you still have to focus on being concise and sending your subscribers something that’s worth their time. Bottom line: Less advertising space = more powerful advertising message, and that’s exactly the kind of message that gets people’s attention in this fast-paced world of ours.

Examples of Text Message Advertising

If you decide to go down the text message advertising route, the SMS examples below should give you an idea about the direction you should take:

  • Bob’s Pizza-20% off large pizza pie Thursday only! http://short-url.here
  • Reminder: 7:30pm church service Saturday 2/28. Special speaker Rev. Brown. RSVP required.
  • Deal of the week: with every spa package at Anne’s, get a haircut on us. Offer ends 12/31. Reserve your spot now.
  • Due to weather conditions, school will be starting 2 hours late at 10am.

You can find a lot more SMS advertising examples over at SimpleTexting’s SMS Templates page. Feel free to copy and modify any of those templates for use in your own campaigns!

Try Text Message Advertising

If you’re ready to try text message advertising, we’ve got a free 14-day trial with your name on it. Just sign up, give it a spin, and in time you’ll see just how effective it really is—people will be responding positively to your messages, indicating that they’re reading and listening to what you have to tell them.

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