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Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits

Published on June 15, 2016


Text Message Marketing For Nonprofits

For nonprofits, donor engagement is everything. In order to support the vital work that nonprofits do, it’s critical to keep your supporters active on every channel. Fortunately, there’s one way you can reach all your supporters at once with no delay: SMS marketing.

While it’s hard to cut through the noise in email inboxes, text inboxes are almost completely free of clutter. In fact, research shows that 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes! This means you can reach your donors almost immediately through text. Text message marketing for nonprofits can significantly help you increase donor engagement and contributions.

Uses of text marketing for nonprofits

  • Organize live events
    Since text messages are guaranteed to be opened, SMS marketing is a great way to organize events with your members, like rallies, conferences, and meetings. No more having to rely on slower modes of communication, like email, to organize your supporters.
  • Send out fundraising blasts
    In the nonprofit world, it’s tough to meet your short-term fundraising goals. With text marketing, you can reach out to your supporters, deliver a relevant call to action, and make sure you meet your organization’s goals. Your nonprofit can even launch a text-to-donate campaign to reach even more potential donors.
  • Allow people to join your mailing list by text
    Text is the easiest way for a potential supporter to join your cause. By including your keyword and short code in your marketing materials, you can grow your subscriber list while supporting your other organizational goals.
  • Sending reminders
    Need people to renew their membership? Or sign a petition? Or sign up for volunteer times? With SMS marketing, you can send reminders tailored for each person’s unique situation.

How Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits Works

SMS Marketing for Nonprofits

With text messaging, it’s easy to contact your members instantly. Before you start texting, you need cellphone numbers and permission from your supporters.

It may sound complicated, but it’s simple.

All you need to do is reserve a keyword and our short code. Once you’ve reserved a keyword on, instruct your supporters to text your designated keyword (for example, “CHILDRENSCARE” or “CHANGENOW”) to 555888.

To be compliant, it’s important to include the phrase “Standard message and data rates apply” wherever you advertise your keyword.

How to Get Your Supporters to Subscribe

Here are three easy ways to get your supporters on board:

  • Mobile opt-in
    Texting a keyword to a designated SMS short code is the simplest and most common way to opt in to a campaign. Ideally, this keyword would be inserted into other promotional efforts and become a part of current campaigns and other aspects of your organization’s outreach.
  • Web opt-in
    When your audience is mainly online, you can put a form on your website to allow potential supporters to join your organization’s text list. For the internet savvy, this is a convenient way to sign up.
  • Import from CSV
    With SimpleTexting, you can export your existing mailing list to a CSV file, then upload the list to our platform. This allows nonprofits to seamlessly add their most dedicated supporters. (But you have to be sure you get their consent first.)

Try It for Free

Text marketing is exciting—let us set up a free trial for your nonprofit to experience our services in real time! We’ll provide your choice of a keyword, plus 50 messages to send to your supporters.

No personal payment information is necessary for the trial. If you like our service and decide to upgrade, just switch to a paid account and alter the billing plan in your dashboard. We hope to help you soon!

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