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Five Simple Ways to Create an Interactive Email

Learn to drive more conversions with these simple interactive email features designed to engage your readers.

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We’re always trying out new ways to improve your marketing emails.

We’ll A/B test subject lines.

Rewrite copy.

Include more CTAs–and then remove some.

And we continue until we’ve found something that customers respond to. 

Along the way, we’ve started to notice a clear trend. Interactive emails tend to perform the best.

We’re not an outlier either. Recent studies have shown that interactive content drives a staggering 92% of consumers to complete a purchase. How’s that for a return on investment?

While creating an interactive email can sound time-consuming and complicated, simply replacing traditional graphics, calls to action, and other elements with their interactive equivalent can be enough. 

Don’t believe us? Here are our top five ways you can make your emails interactive––without breaking a sweat.

What Exactly Is an Interactive Email? 

Interactive emails have features that bring your calls to action to life. These digital marketing elements like animated CTA buttons, videos, gifs, links, and quizzes make it easy for your customers to do exactly what you want them to.

Not only do interactive emails make it easier to complete an action, but they also increase how much time readers spend looking through your content. This boosts your CTR and increases your overall campaign performance.

At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a better user experience, and interactive emails tick this box. We’ll show you how it’s done with these simple CTA swaps.

Add Clickable Elements

Ratings and reviews are hugely influential factors in driving people to purchase. The more customer testimony you can collect, the more trustworthy and compelling your products/services come across. 

A simple hyperlink in an email requesting reviews is easy to overlook. Instead, swap your text out with a clickable rating scale that automatically redirects your recipients to the first question in your survey. 

When the page with your review sheet opens up, the response to the first question is already filled out, making it all the more compelling for folks to finish the job and leave the rest of their feedback. 

Not only does this drive more reviews, but it also increases your email CTR!

Here’s an excellent example of interactive surveys in action from my recent rental car experience. 

Incorporate a Click-to-Text Button

Like peanut butter and jelly, email and texting tend to work better when they’re together. And using your email list to collect phone numbers can be a great way to add a new channel that has 29% conversion rates

For example, imagine you’re emailing your customers to announce a new product. On the day your product launches, you’ll want to let your most engaged customers know right away so they can snag it before it’s sold out. 

The problem is, people don’t check their emails that frequently. And when they do, they only open one in every four they receive. On the other hand, 90% of text messages are read within five minutes of receipt, making it the perfect medium to communicate time-sensitive messages. 

At the end of your first product announcement email, include a click-to-text button that, when clicked, automatically opens a message with a keyword and your phone number that someone can text in to receive a message as soon as your product or sale is live.

With over 81% of emails opened on mobile devices, it’s the perfect solution!

Replace Photos With Videos or GIFs

Visuals with motion are notoriously more appealing than still photos averaging about 38% higher engagement rates and improving conversion rates by 103%. They’re also easy (and free) to create with tools like Giphy, Animaker, and blender!

Utilize Accordions and Jump Links

Text-heavy emails don’t hold a lot of empathy for the reader. As a result, a lot of your hard work may end up in the (virtual) trash. However, the simple addition of accordion-style menus or jump links can make your emails much more skim-friendly. 

Simply group your text into categories, and you won’t have to sacrifice quantity for quality! 

Tools like What Counts have code you can copy and paste to set up a simple accordion in any basic email template.

Add a Gaming Element 

Add a little spice to a typical promotion by adding an element of gamification. By giving customers the chance to win or earn their reward, you appeal to a variety of persuasive emotions. After all, there’s a reason the gambling industry is worth over 8 billion dollars.

Take the popular spin-and-win model. Just like the wheel of fortune, these widgets encourage readers to try their luck and spin the wheels to see what promotion they’ll receive.

The psychology behind the success of the promotion isn’t rocket science. The wheel doesn’t require any buy-in, but offers the chance for a huge reward. 

Happiness, intrigue, excitement, it’s all just a click away. Learn how to set up your own email wheel of fortune here

Knowing now that interactive email content increases the click-to-open rate by 73% and adding videos to your emails can boost click rates up to 300%, there’s never been a better time to give these tools a try!

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