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10 exceptional email newsletter examples for your small business

Are you thinking about starting an email newsletter and looking for inspiration? These real-life examples will help you kickstart your small business's email marketing strategy.

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Feeling weighed down by Infobesity?

Your target audience may be, too, drowning in the unending buffet of content. It’s a voracious appetite, but fear not, because you, a resourceful small business owner, can still stand out and build meaningful connections with your customers. 


Step 1: Ditch the sales pitch.

Step 2: Send out email newsletters.

No seriously, newsletters are great. Your customers willingly sign up to receive them, so you can share your business or product news without sounding like a pushy salesperson.

And the best part?

You can engage in meaningful two-way conversations.

That said, your email newsletter should be full of value and a captivating read that keeps subscribers from hitting that ominous ‘Unsubscribe’ button.

In this guide, we’ve cherry-picked 10 email newsletter examples spanning diverse industries, tailored for various target demographics, and sporting unique designs.

Use these real-life examples to kickstart your small business’s email marketing strategy with your own newsletter.

1. UltraSignup

UltraSignup newsletters aren’t just about races; it’s a dynamic hub for trail and ultra runners, uniting the whole community across the US. But what’s the magic behind their newsletters?

  • Relatable vibes: UltraSignup newsletters always kick off with introductions that immediately resonate with runners. For instance, the above newsletter example discusses a runner’s soul-searching moment.
  • Easy to read: They are as breezy as a downhill slope, divided into bite-sized sections with catchy headlines.
  • Content variety: Besides event updates, they sneak in backstage peeks, juicy podcast teasers, some humor, and meaningful product placement, all boosting reader bonding.

UltraSignup has a dedicated web page where trail enthusiasts can join their newsletter, ensuring a steady supply of running inspiration and excitement. Subscribe here.

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2. Omniscient

Omniscient helps B2B leaders leverage content and SEO as dependable growth channels. Their newsletter, “Field Notes,” isn’t your ordinary update — it’s your growth playbook. Here’s why it’s a winner:

  • Clear and simple: Omniscient’s newsletters are as easy to grasp as your best friend’s advice over coffee.
  • Action-packed: They dive right into their readers’ pain points and serve up valuable solutions. They also offer bonus content recommendations for their knowledge hunger.
  • Shows commitment: They invite feedback at the finish line to fine-tune their game. This also opens up a dialogue between them and their subscribers.

Visitors have two ways to sign up for the Omniscient newsletter: Click the CTA accompanying their blog posts, or head over to the dedicated newsletter signup page. Subscribe here.

3. Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is the go-to resource for savvy insights and tips for budding entrepreneurs and business aficionados. Here’s why we’re crushing on their newsletters:

  • Short and satisfying: HBR newsletters serve up bite-sized management wisdom. They’re like espresso shots of knowledge — quick and potent — subscribers can learn from in under a minute. Maybe two.
  • Practical, immediate implementation: They don’t do theory; these newsletters dish out real-world advice on strategy, teamwork, and leadership, complete with action steps you can start today.
  • Leverages linking: While the newsletter content is highly condensed, subscribers can follow the link to dig deeper. This also helps drive traffic to the HBR website.

Ready to join the HBR adventure? Hit that red subscribe button on their main page here

4. Contentment

Contentment, the brainchild of Tracey Wallace, director of content strategy at Klaviyo, stands out among other content-focused newsletters for several reasons.

  • Storytelling: Tracey’s newsletter weaves compelling stories, drawing readers into her world of content strategy. Her personal anecdotes, successes, and challenges make the content relatable and engaging.
  • Empowerment: They empower readers to create high-value, high-ROI content without sacrificing sanity. Expect Tracey’s tried-and-true strategies, best practices, and personal career insights. 
  • Clear call to action: A clear, strategically placed CTA encourages readers to take the next step and join the Contentment community.

Apart from the newsletter, you can sign up for Contentment on the Workweek website. Subscribe here

5. Why We Buy

If you ever wanted a peek into buyer psychology, Katelyn Bourgoin’s Why We Buy newsletter will give you a complete breakdown — all while being a thoroughly interesting read. Here’s what it does best:

  • On topic: Each edition peels back the layers of what makes buyers tick. 
  • Real-life examples: They serve up real-world examples from various industries that give life to the concepts. In the above email newsletter example, Katelyn provides insights into how different business sectors can use colors strategically and convey the benefits of their services.
  • Engaging tone: They keep the content light and conversational, making even the most puzzling buyer psychology nuggets easy to grasp and enjoy.

You can hit subscribe within the newsletter or join the “Why We Buy” fun from Katelyn’s Customer Camp website here

6. The New York Times

The New York Times knows how to cater with a newsletter for every taste. Just like your favorite ice cream shop offers a scoop for every mood, they serve up a variety of newsletters for their audience. Here’s a look at their newsletter strategy:

  • Relevance: Subscribers choose what truly piques their interest, guaranteeing higher engagement and readership.
  • Visual appeal: HD images complement their otherwise text-heavy content, delivering a visually pleasing experience that eases the reading load.
  • Scan-friendly: Bullet points offer quick context bites, making it a breeze for readers to digest the news.

While every New York Times newsletter discreetly invites subscription, you can sign up from their dedicated web page here

7. Mailmodo

Mailmodo’s Idealetter gives email marketers five campaign ideas for their next big event, be it Halloween, Earth Day, or BFCM. Here’s what sets this newsletter apart and keeps it fresh:

  • Playful pizzazz: Every Idealetter kicks off with catchy preview text and intros, packs a punch with witty emojis, and serves themed puns and backgrounds. It’s a funfest from start to finish!
  • Valuable and visual: They offer five creative ideas that are short, sweet, and supremely practical. Real-world visual examples give subscribers a sneak peek into how to rock their email game.
  • Subtle promotion: While offering insights, they also subtly promote Mailmodo’s services and invite readers to join the club, creating a sense of community and recognition.

Mailmodo has a dedicated newsletter page, where visitors can easily sign up to get their latest. Subscribe here.

8. Mobbin

World’s largest UI and UX design reference library, Mobbin features mobile and web screenshots that are a haven for web and app creators. And their newsletter? An email marketing marvel:

  • Curated excellence: Mobbin’s newsletters are a curation masterpiece. Expect specific and valuable insights, not just from Mobbin but also from other industry players.
  • Simple: They follow a predictable, straightforward formula. Readers get a glimpse of new apps, insights on design tools, and must-reads on UI and UX. 
  • Clean, clear: They’re a lesson in readability. With ample white space, these newsletters enhance content legibility and comprehension, ensuring a pleasant reading experience.

All Mobbin users are automatically enrolled in its newsletter. You can also join here.

9. Chubbies

Chubbies newsletters are no ordinary email; they’ve cultivated a devoted following by blending humor and expert sales tactics, making them a resounding success. Here’s the winning formula:

  • Humor with a purpose: Chubbies’ newsletters exude irreverent humor and a fraternal spirit that perfectly aligns with their brand ethos. This offers a refreshing break from the typical inbox clutter while leaving a lasting, memorable impression.
  • Personalized: By playfully incorporating recipients’ first and last names, and sometimes even location, into subject lines, they ensure tailored and engaging content.
  • Storytelling: They seamlessly connect the subject line banter to the email’s core content. This helps capture the reader’s attention and directs it toward the brand’s enticing products.

To join the Chubbies newsletter, simply visit their website here.

10. Tim Ferriss’s 5-Bullet Friday

Tim Ferriss is a heavyweight in the productivity world. And expectedly, his email newsletters do a great job at cultivating connections with his audience. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Consistency: Every Friday, without fail, 5-Bullet Friday drops into subscribers’ inboxes. This unwavering commitment creates anticipation and trust — subscribers know they have something to look forward to before the weekend.
  • On-brand and engaging: With Tim’s impressive track record and career, his followers are eager to stay in the loop. Offering a glimpse into the five things he currently adores, uses, and reads (ranging from books to gadgets and hacks) keeps readers engaged.
  • Subtle self-promotion: After delivering the promised five gems, he shares advertisements and provides links to his podcast and books.

5-Bullet Friday has a dedicated web page for users to sign up. Subscribe here.

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