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Sample Text Messages Businesses Can Send To Customers

What constitutes a worthwhile text message? See examples of helpful text messages that businesses can send to customers.

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As a business or organization, what’s a “good” text message to send to your customers, clients, or stakeholders? Really anyone can send a text that people would like… “Hey Roger, you’ve won several billion dollars tax free, go forth and prosper!”

But if you’re not some wealthy and oddly generous philanthropist, what types of text messages can you send to your subscribers? More specifically, what kind of business texts keep your customers from typing out the “S” word (“Stop to unsubscribe”).

Examples of Text Messages to Send Customers or Clients

To give you an idea of effective communication between businesses and customers, here are eight sample text messages to customers that will ensure you deliver value to each recipient.

1. The Reminder Text Message

Send a text to your subscribers reminding them of an upcoming appointment, session, or meeting.
Why it works: The added value here is in the thoughtfulness and personalization that comes with the reminder. You’re clearing up their headspace by giving them a reminder of their task and, in turn, reducing the number of pesky no-shows on your end.

Today 10:18 AM
Eleanor, you have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Jin at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Please be sure to arrive at 1010 A Street in Boston 15 minutes early!

2. The Emergency Notification or Alert Text

Share urgent or specifically requested information efficiently and directly via text.
Why it works: With text alerts, the information is either essential for recipients to receive immediately, or it’s something they would prefer to have as soon as it becomes available. For example, an office lockdown alert or package delivery notification. Information that, if left sitting in an inbox collecting dust, could become frustrating or even dangerous. SMS is simply the most readily accessible form of digital communication that’s actually read.

Today 2:05 PM
Cornwall staff, lock your doors and engage in code red protocol. The office is on lockdown. Shelter in a safe place and wait for an all clear text to arrive.

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3. The Confirmation Text Message

Deliver customers immediate gratification that their action has been completed, noted, and documented.
Why it works: Similar to the notification text, a confirmation can summarize important information from a booking, or deliver peace of mind by confirming a payment. It’s a great bridge between customer action and reward.

Today 11:00 AM
Sam, your rent payment for Jan 19 has been received. $1,300 will be drafted from your Wells Fargo Account ******0000 within 24-48 business hours. Thank you!

4. The Exclusive Offer or Sale SMS Message

Funnel exclusive offers, sales, and rewards to a group of valued customers to keep them engaged with your brand.
Why it works: Sending offers that are exclusive to subscribers of your text marketing service is the pinnacle of added value. By agreeing to receive texts from your business, subscribers are rewarded with sales and special offers. The exclusivity of the offers justifies the extra “sacrifice” on the customer’s end.

Today 12:22 PM
Attention to our VIP’s! Show this text to your server this week for a complimentary basket of fries for your table

5. The Loyalty Program Text Message

Take the concept of loyalty programs and punch cards and turn it into an SMS campaign! For example, have customers send texts with a photo of their receipt and after 10 submissions they receive a gift or reward.
Why it works: Again, the added value here is the reward you’re offering in exchange for customer loyalty. With a traditional punch card, all you’re doing is getting customers to return to your business, which is great. But by text enabling the process, your customers are consenting to receiving promotional texts from your brand, which gives you added ROI on top of the return business. Plus, it’s fun and simple!

Today 8:43 AM
Congrats on your tenth purchase! Enjoy a free cup of coffee and one pastry item on us by showing the cashier this text message!

6. The Feedback Text Message

Make it easier for customers or clients to deliver feedback by texting surveys. You can also utilize one-on-one business texting to prompt folks to send you their feedback through a quick text message.
Why it works: The value consumers place on customer service is growing each year. With texting increasingly becoming the preferred mode of communication, deliver an SMS customer service experience to make it a lot easier to receive feedback. More feedback means more data for you to use and improve! Not to mention, your customers feel valued when you ask them their opinion. Especially when it’s done in a way where you can respond and show you’re actually listening!

Today 12:44 PM
Tammy, thanks for choosing Carl’s Car Wash for your express polish. We would love to hear your thoughts on the service. Feel free to text back with any feedback. Safe driving!

7. The Customer Follow Up Text Message

A bit of a catch all, the follow up text is a nonspecific “free space” of a text message that serves the customer experience. Use it to send birthday wishes, reminders about items left in an e-commerce shopping cart, share blog posts or articles of interest, deliver helpful tips, and more.
Why it works: Customer service is just one aspect of the bigger picture: the customer experience. People want to feel connected to your brand, and follow up texts are a great way to re-engage people with your business.

Today 3:28 PM
Hey Jessica! I wanted to let you know a property on Boylston street opened up that I think you’d be interested in. Would you like me to text you the info for the open house?

8. The SMS Contest Message

Text to win contests can be a tactic to get people to sign up for your text marketing service, or used simply as an incentive to existing subscribers.
Why it works: People LOVE to win. Science says people are highly motivated by competition, so it must be true. After all, scientists were right about some other small things like gravity and the fact that dogs can actually love you back.

Today 11:02 AM
Holiday weekend cancelation alert! Some rooms opened and we’re giving away two FREE nights in the lodge, lift tickets included. Text “PoconosMDW” to enter!

These eight sample text messages are a great jumping-off point, and you can make your communication even more effective by personalizing your text messages to customers.

Where the magic really happens is when businesses begin to feel comfortable enough to start experimenting with the platform. Call us sentimental, but we think your message matters! So let’s get creative and start connecting with your audience.

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