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Steal These 10 Order Confirmation Text Message Examples

Help your customers keep track of their order status quickly and efficiently with SMS with these order confirmation text message templates.

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In 2022, the statistics say that more than 263 million Americans shop online–and that number is only expected to climb over the next few years.

Add to that the fact that 70% of consumers opted in to receive texts from businesses in 2022, and the numbers add up to one very clear picture…

You should be sending order confirmations and updates over text. 

One of the reasons online shopping is so popular is that it’s fast. You can keep the speed and convenience coming with texts for things like order status, shipping notifications, and even returns.

To give you some inspiration as you plan your order status messages, we’ll give you our favorite templates in this article. 

Then you can set up integrations with your favorite e-commerce tools to automate these texts or work with our team to set up custom integrations.

Order Confirmation Templates

No one likes wondering whether their purchase went through. Keep your customers tuned in and up-to-date with a quick order confirmation text.

  • Time to celebrate! Your order #6710B9 is confirmed. Keep an eye out for updates and tracking at [link].
  • Thank you for your order! We’ll text you when your order has shipped–as an extra treat, take 15% off your next order.
  • We’ve received your order (#GH76284) and we’re getting it ready to send. Check out your personalized tracking link here.
Today 10:00 AM
Your order with Spring Tees is confirmed! Check your inbox for updates as we get your order ready to ship.

The SMS Marketing for E-Commerce Guide

These templates go perfectly with our e-commerce SMS tips.

Delivery Status Message Templates

Of course, communication doesn’t stop after the initial order confirmation message. Let contacts know the status of their order every step of the way until it arrives at their door.

  • Breaking news–your order has shipped and is on its way to you. Track your package with this link: [link].
  • Today’s the day! Your order is out for delivery. Enjoy, and don’t forget to review your purchase!
Today 11:30 AM
Your order has been delivered–we hope you love it, and we’d love to see pictures of your new swag on social media!

Return Status Templates

No retailer wants to deal with returned orders, but doing so quickly, efficiently, and with transparency can do worlds of good for your brand reputation.

  • We’re sorry to hear your order didn’t work out, but we have good news. Your return has been received and we’re processing it now.
  • Thanks for your inquiry! Your return request for order number #457694F is in processing, and we’ll send you a text when it’s complete.
Today 9:45 AM
Your return is complete–and we’d love to offer you 20% off plus free shipping on your next order with code SUMMER22.

How to Write The Perfect Order Confirmation Text

These text message templates will help you get started texting your customers, but we still recommend keeping a few tips in mind:

  • Keep it short and simple. Let your contacts know the status of their order and include a friendly greeting.
  • Consider sweetening the deal. Customers will appreciate the communication itself, but adding a discount code or special offer to your messages never hurts.
  • Be prompt. We love texting because it’s fast, but that only counts if you’re sending your texts on time. As soon as the status of an order changes, fire off your SMS (you can even automate your messages with SimpleTexting).

The Wrap on Order Confirmation Messages

Online shoppers value transparency and reliability above all else. Sending your order updates over text can help you prioritize both–not to mention, it’s easy for you.
Still not sure where to start? Try out SimpleTexting for 14 days, totally free.

Lily Norton
Lily Norton

Lily Norton is a copywriter at SimpleTexting. She is focused on helping you connect and communicate with your audience with more ease and efficiency than ever through text messaging.

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