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How to Send Text Message Invitations

Grab your guests’ attention with personalized text message invitations! In this article, we’ll walk through why you should use text invites, and how to set them up.

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Text Message Invitations and Evites

Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, or networking social, without invites you won’t have guests. No guests means a pretty lackluster event. Paper invitations are okay, but collecting addresses is a pain and even then, they can get lost. Invitations via email are better, but what if your invitation gets marked as spam or deleted without being opened? When you need to be sure your guests will receive your invitation, your best bet is to send them by text.

Why Send Text Message Invitations?

Stamps and paper invitations can be expensive, especially when you have a long guest list. Email evites are inexpensive, but they’re a little ’90s and can easily go ignored. Here are three reasons to send SMS invitations instead:

Fast and Reliable
Texts won’t get lost in the mail, and they can be easily referenced. Plus, you can schedule reminders leading up to your event to ensure none of your attendees forget about your big day.

A big misconception about text invites is that they’re not personal. Using custom fields, you can make each invite unique by including first or last names in your message. Send personalized invitations to all your guests, friends and family, with just a few clicks.

Environmentally Friendly
Paper invites are nice to hang on the fridge for a while, but eventually they’ll end up in a landfill. Send invitations by SMS to do your part in going paperless!

How to Send an Invitation via Text

Still not convinced text message invitations are right for your event? Wait until you see how easy they are to send using SimpleTexting.

1. Import Your Guest List

Whether you’re only inviting your closest friends to your event, or you need to send text messages to thousands of attendees, our platform makes it easy to upload your contacts via a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. Make sure you have express consent to text your guests, especially if you’re sending an invite to more than just a few friends and family.

2. Write Your Text Message Invitation or Evite

Once you’ve uploaded the invitation recipients, you’re ready to write your message. Be sure to include details like the date, location, time, parking information, and anything else your guests should know. With extended messaging, you can include up to 306 characters. Need to include even more details? Use MMS to include 1,600 characters or photos!

Today 12:10 PM
John, thanks for being a loyal member! You’re invited to the National Audubon Society picnic. It’ll be at Debs Park, 4700 Griffin Ave. Meet in the center courtyard at 11 pm.

3. Schedule Your Text Message Invitation

You can send your message right away, or schedule it for a future date. We recommend sending one text as soon as you have a set date for your event, then a few text reminders leading up to the day of. That’s the beauty of the digital invitation: you can send as many as you need without having to worry about spending tons of money on printing and postage.

Requesting RSVPs by Text Message

Our platform allows for 2-way messaging, which means guests can respond to your invitations. This makes it a breeze to simplify your planning and manage your attendance. There are a few ways you can go about asking guests to RSVP. Here are three of our favorites:

Ask Guests to Reply to Your Text

If you’re only inviting a handful of people, keep things simple by asking guests to reply to your invitation. Then just keep a running list of who has confirmed they’ll be attending. For weddings, big birthday parties or other events with more attendees, you may want to go with one of the options below.

Create a Keyword for Your Event or Party

A keyword is a word or phrase that people can text to your number in order to sign up for updates about your event. For example, if your name is Dan, and you’re throwing a party for your 50th birthday, you could create the keyword, “DANS50TH.” Anytime someone texts in the keyword to your number, our platform will add them to a separate contact list. Whenever you need a headcount, you can just login to the platform and see who has texted in the keyword.

Use Data Collection to Request More Details

You may be wondering, “But how will I know if my guests are bringing a plus-one?” We’ve got you covered. Data Collection lets you automatically asks guests who have RSVP’d using a keyword for additional details. Find out their name, their plus-one’s name, whether they’re vegetarian, or anything else you may need to know.

We’re excited you’ll be joining us. Please reply with your first and last name.
Rebecca Lee
Please reply with your plus-one’s first and last name.
Nathan Kaplan

Create a Text Message Invitation Today

Make your next party a success with SimpleTexting! Sign up today to start inviting guests. If you need any help, our support team is available every day of the week to answer any questions you may have.

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