SMS for Customer Service and Support

Our SMS customer service platform improves support options for your customers. Send quick answers and seamless updates straight to their phones.

  • Engage in two-way conversations with your customers
  • Text-enable your current number or get a new one
  • Keep customers updated with proactive updates and notifications
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SMS for Customer Service and Support

Trusted By Clients of All Sizes

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Why Use SMS for Customer Service?

Customers don't want long hold times, slow responses, and confusing email threads. Delight them by adding the efficiency and convenience of SMS customer service.

Happy Customers

66% of people prefer texting over phone and email. Don’t send emails that might never be seen or play phone tag. Communicate how your customers want you to.

Fast Responses

People open 90% of SMS within 3 minutes, and 45% of text messages receive a response. Your texts are quickly seen and acted upon, saving you valuable time.

Build Relationships

SMS is the best way to connect with customers on a more personal level. Texting gives you the platform to show your brand’s personality and be less formal.


The cost of a phone call is–on average–$15.50 to your business. SMS is between $1 to $5. All of those dollars and cents add up.

Attract Attention

Only 7% of businesses use SMS to communicate with customers. Stand out with a more convenient customer service offering.

No Coding Required

Unlike many SMS platforms, SimpleTexting works right out of the box so you can go from sign-up to expert in 5 minutes.

SMS Customer Service in Action

Companies of all sizes and industries use SMS to send proactive outgoing messages as well as respond to incoming queries. Here are the top ways you can incorporate SMS customer support into your business.

Use SMS To Engage Customers With Proactive Service & Support


Use SMS To Engage Customers With Proactive Service & Support

Your customers expect your business to provide proactive customer service. From payment reminders to notifications their dry-cleaning is ready for pick-up, 90% of customers say they’re more likely to do business with a company that sends reminders.
  • Send payment notifications to improve cashflow
  • Manage and schedule appointments to reduce no shows
  • Inform and remind to get ahead of problems

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Deploy Rapid Response to Customer Service Queries With SMS


Deploy Rapid Response to Customer Service Queries With SMS

Enable customers to ask questions and resolve issues via 1-on-1 conversations from our user-friendly inbox. Receive incoming SMS from numbers for free. Two-way conversations are ideal for:
  • Solve customer service queries quickly
  • Answer pre-purchase questions to improve conversion rates
  • Use SMS to take advantage of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

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Improve Customer Service Communication With Click-to-Text


Improve Customer Service Communication With Click-to-Text

With our Click-to-Text Button Generator, you can add a button to your website that instantly launches your customer’s messaging app.
  • Make it easy for customers to get in touch
  • Pre-write the SMS and prefill your contact details
  • Make the customer journey seamless

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Integrate With Existing Support Tools


Integrate With Existing Support Tools

We allow you to connect SimpleTexting to +1,000 apps instantly. Automate repetitive workflows and increase your productivity.

You can use our API or Zapier integration to connect with an existing ticketing system or your CRM.

Unleash new customer service superpowers and integrate all of your favorite platforms.

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SMS Customer Service Platform Features

With over a decades experience in business texting, you are in safe hands. Engage your customers with our intuitive SMS customer service platform.

Use Your Number

With SimpleTexting, you can text-enable long codes, just like your existing 10-digit business phone number. Yes, even if it’s a landline or VoIP number!

Share the Workload

Add multiple teammates to your account so that different employees can read and reply to customer texts. The best part? Every account comes with two free teammates.

Set an Away Message

When you’re not actively replying to messages, you can use an away message to let customers know when they can expect to hear from you.

Send and Receive Images

In customer service, show, don’t tell, can save everyone from feeling frustrated. Instead of customers describing an issue with a product, get them to send you a picture.

Save Time With Templates

Personalization is important, but don’t waste time rewriting the same SMS. Templates help you create saved replies for common inquiries, appointment reminders, order notifications, and delivery updates.

Filter and Prioritize Conversations

If you deal with a high volume of requests, you can filter conversations by time waiting or, most recent, making sure you always prioritize pressing questions and requests.

Avoid Inbox Mayhem

You can Marie Kondo your inbox by marking conversations as resolved. This hides them from your inbox until the next time the customer sends you a text message.

Stay in the Loop

Internal notes keep other employees up-to-date. Discuss questions and make suggestions behind the scenes. You can also add details other staff should know before they reply.

Schedule Texts

With scheduled texts, you can create all the essential texts in your calendar all at once. Set a specific time and date for your texts, then sit back and relax.

Free to Start, No Strings Attached

Our trial gives you 14 days of risk-free access to all of our features. And no, we don't ask for your credit card. When you're ready to upgrade, we'll be waiting with smiles and champagne. (Just kidding about the champagne.)

Start Using SMS for Customer Service Today

When you sign-up with SimpleTexting, you have the choice: Choose a new toll-free number, or text-enable your current number. Learn more about toll-free text messaging in this guide.

Promote your text-enabled number on your website, social media, or in your physical locations. Our click-to-text button is a great way to encourage customers to contact you via SMS.

Receive an SMS from a customer into your shared inbox. Leave private notes for your team, respond personally, use a template, or schedule a text. You can also manage your customer support text messages from your cellphone with SimpleTexting’s mobile app.

Once the conversation concludes, you can mark it as such, decluttering your inbox in the process while retaining the thread should the customer message you again.

Delight your customers with proactive updates. Inform or remind them of a restock, a new service, or the details of an appointment.