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7 Virtual Event Software Tools Your Remote Event Needs

Learn about the tools you need to make your next virtual event a success. From creating virtual waiting rooms to texting attendees.

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Until COVID-19, we never fathomed that everything from classrooms to boardrooms could be virtual. Today, that’s the reality which is why the need for virtual event software has never been more prevalent.

If you’re new to hosting online events you may not be familiar with the wide variety of tools at your disposal.

Whether you’re sending out invites or making sure your attendees show up, here’s what you need to pull off an event that will leave your audience buzzing!

What Is Virtual Event Software?

Virtual event software refers to any tool that helps you host, facilitate, and execute a virtual conference or other long-form event. They’re meant to help you deliver a simulated in-person experience while an attendee participates from home.

Typical tasks this software handles includes:

  • Public and private chat rooms for attendees to mingle and ask questions
  • Virtual tours of the event “space”
  • Facilities for a speaker and an interactive audience
  • Virtual lobbies
  • The ability to host polls
  • Sponsor areas designated for ads
  • Reporting on user engagement metrics
  • The ability to text with attendees before, during, and after the event
  • And more!

Good virtual event software will have most of these features, but often you’ll use one or two programs in conjunction to fully meet your unique needs.

Why Should You Invest In Virtual Event Software?

COVID has postponed most large gatherings for the foreseeable future. But outside of global pandemics, virtual event software can serve a variety of other purposes.

For starters, it can help you connect with attendees from around the world. Not to mention the organizational benefits that come from fitting an entire conference hall’s logistics into one or two user-friendly platforms.

It can also work as a bandaid to help keep your audience engaged in the chance that your in-person event has to be canceled or postponed. Instead of canceling the event completely, you can easily move it online with these tools on your side.

7 of The Best-Rated Virtual Event Software Services

Based on reviews from Capterra here are some of the most popular virtual event software services, what they do, and a little on why you should use it.

1. A2Z Events

Capterra score
4.8 ⭐️

A2Z Events is a product that handles both in-person and virtual event management. Their powerful, expo management software creates high-impact connections, saves staff time, and drives value and engagement for all participants – from start to finish.

Key Features

  • Online sales and payments
  • Business intelligence reporting and analytics
  • Booth and sponsorship contracting
  • Exhibitor portal
  • Online event communities

Why Use It
This platform is called A to Z for a reason. If you’re looking for the closest thing to a one-stop-shop virtual event management tool, this one has (almost) everything. A2Z specializes in larger conference-type events. So if you’re looking to host one virtually or looking for a backup plan to your in-person event, this is the tool for you.

2. Cvent

Capterra score
4.4 ⭐️

Similar to A2Z events, Cvent offers software solutions to event planners and marketers for online event registration, venue selection, event management and marketing, onsite solutions, and attendee engagement. Cvent’s suite of products automate and simplify the planning process to maximize the impact of events.

Key Features

  • Event registration
  • Payment processing
  • Budget management
  • On-site functionality
  • Event reporting
  • Mobile-friendly registrations
  • SocialWall

Why Use It
Cvent isn’t new to the virtual event world. They’re one of the most trusted digital event applications in the country. Their products are especially geared towards the hospitality industry. You may want to invest if you’re a venue hosting recurring virtual events and looking for a longer-lasting solution.

3. SimpleTexting

Capterra score
4.8 ⭐️

SimpleTexting is the leading web-based platform for SMS marketing and business texting. Our software gives organizations the ability to send marketing campaigns, share important alerts, and provide 1-on-1 customer service using text messages. Thousands of organizations in North America rely on SimpleTexting to connect with their audiences. And with a powerful suite of features, our platform is designed to help businesses start and scale their SMS efforts.

Key Features

  • 2-way messaging
  • Autoresponders
  • Keyword & short code
  • Multi-number and teammates
  • Integrations to 1,000+ apps and API solutions
  • Polling and survey capabilities
  • Multi media messaging
  • Link tracking and analytics dashboard

Why Use It
Nearly every American can be found with their phone within an arm’s distance at all times. And with 90% of all texts read within three minutes, it’s one of the most responsive ways to connect with your audience during a virtual event. You can share event reminders (“The keynote speaker will begin in 5 minutes”) encourage RSVPs (“Earlybird event registration closes tonight at 9 pm. Don’t miss the discounted rates!”) and even collect post-event feedback from a channel with higher response rates than email or phone calls combined.

4. BigMarker

Capterra score
4.8 ⭐️

BigMarker is a video platform built to host webinars, seminars, and virtual conferences. They’re all about empowering interactive conversations with audiences of any size. They help thousands of companies and organizations around the world build stronger relationships with their customers by sharing authentic stories, helpful information, and engaging conversations.

Key Features

  • Host webinars with up to 1000 people
  • Host an unlimited number of webinars
  • Unlimited organizers
  • 9-way HD video/audio streaming
  • Screen sharing
  • Presentation sharing
  • Custom registrations
  • Custom registration landing pages

Why Use It
If your organization is looking for a more sophisticated and larger-scale video platform, this is the product for you. While software like Zoom and UberConference can be great for virtual meetings, BigMarker is all about, well, thinking bigger! If you want the capability of video chat for larger-scale paid events, this is your solution.

5. vFairs

Capterra score

4.7 ⭐️

vFairs is a virtual events platform that helps organizations of all sizes to take their events online and connect & engage audiences at scale. They deliver a visually rich experience with an online environment that mimics a physical event. It powers events like virtual job fairs, online conferences/summits, trade shows, exhibitions, university open days, onboarding fairs & more.

Key Features

  • Virtual lobby
  • Images, brochures, and data sheets
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Responsive templates and interactivity tools
  • ScanShake app
  • Conferences/seminars
  • Custom booth templates
  • Virtual briefcase
  • Search functionality
  • Virtual booth templates
  • Exhibit/vendor management

Why Use It
If your event was truly meant to be an in-person experience, this will be your preferred program. vFairs delivers one of the strongest virtual reality events complete with the ability to build a digital avatar that you can navigate through a virtual event lobby!

6. BlueJeans

Capterra score
4.3 ⭐️

BlueJeans by Verizon is the meeting platform for the modern workplace. They’re the first cloud service to connect desktops, mobile devices, and room systems in one video meeting. BlueJeans makes meetings fast to join and simple to use, so people can work productively where and how they want. It is the meeting solution teams trust to do their best work.

Key Features

  • Electronic hand raising
  • HD audio
  • Mobile access
  • On-demand webcasting
  • Presentation streaming
  • Private and real time chat
  • Record & playback ability
  • Screen sharing
  • Video conferencing

Why Use It
This service is perfect for video-based events that want the confidence of the Verizon name behind them. It works well for meetings, seminars, and professional gatherings that may or may not have been virtual from the get-go.

7. Bizzabo

Capterra score
4.6 ⭐️

Bizzabo is the only event success platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. With Bizzabos all-in-one event software, event teams can measure, manage, and scale events towards key business outcomes. From event registration and fully branded mobile event apps to live broadcasts and analytics, Bizzabo unleashes the power of professional events for everyone involved.

Key Features

  • Badge management
  • Conferences/conventions
  • Social media promotion
  • Surveys & feedback
  • Exhibit/vendor management
  • Sponsorship management
  • Ticketing

Why Use It
Bizzabo is like Eventbrite if it went and got a Master’s degree. It’s a wise investment for someone who plans on hosting both in-person and virtual events regularly as they specialize in this hybrid area.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 has proven that the software world is adaptable. We’re proud to be among the ranks of businesses that help customers, large and small, overcome barriers related to social distancing. And while we all hope this is over sooner rather than later, I believe the virtual/telecommunications industry will continue to grow on.

This may not be the first time you’ve heard of some of these tools, but we’re confident it also won’t be the last!

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