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Use Text to Join to Collect Phone Numbers and Emails

Text to Join using a keyword and phone number is an easy and effective way to collect phone numbers and emails. Learn how it works and how to set it up.

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What is Text to Join?

Text to Join–sometimes referred to as text-to-subscribe or text to sign up–is an easy way to allow your audience to opt-in to your SMS messages or emails. Beyond capturing email addresses and phone numbers, users who text to join your text message marketing lists can yield valuable customer information such as first name, last name, zip code, or even specific product preferences. In a few simple steps, you’ll effectively increase your mass texting and email marketing lists.

Here’s an example:

Today 10:25 AM
You are now signed up for text updates about the 5th Annual Easton Marathon. Reply with your email to get updates there, too.

👉 Want to see how Text to Join in action? Grab your phone and text JOIN to 900900.

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How Does Text to Join Work?

One of the reasons that Text to Join is so useful is its simplicity–you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is ask your customers to “text this number to sign up.”

1. Your customer texts your keyword to your number

A keyword is a word or phrase that customers text to your phone number to sign up for your SMS messages. For example, Cool Shirt’s call to action could be to ask customers to text “ILOVESHIRTS” to their short code 900900. (Keywords shouldn’t have spaces and can’t contain special characters.)

2. They receive an auto reply confirmation

After a customer texts to join with the keyword “ILOVESHIRTS,” they receive an automated response. (We recently wrote about best practices for welcome text messages for new customers.)

Today 10:25 AM
Thanks for signing up! You’ll be the first to hear about new products and sales. Use code SMS10 for 10% off your order.

You can even set up a series of auto replies to create an onboarding drip SMS campaign.

3. You’ll need to promote your Text to Join program

You’ll want to encourage customers to subscribe to text messages by texting your keyword to your phone number, and watch your text-to-join mailing list grow before your eyes!

This article on ten places to advertise your keyword should give you some ideas.

4. Now send your first text marketing campaign

Once people sign up for your text ads, you’re ready to send your first SMS marketing campaign. People are always reading and responding to texts, so you’ll be able to build loyal and profitable relationships.

Capture Emails with Text to Join

Text to Join isn’t just for phone number sign up lists. It can also be used to capture email addresses by text. Our Zapier integration allows you to add new text message subscribers to your preferred email marketing platform. Here’s how a customer signs up for emails using Text to Join:

  1. Your customer texts your keyword to your number (and becomes a text list sign up)
  2. They receive notifications requesting their email address
  3. Zapier automatically adds their address to your email marketing platform

How to Set Up Text to Join for Email

In this video, we’ll walk you through how to set up Text to Join to collect email addresses. 

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