How to Use Text to Join to Grow Your Text Message Sign-Up List

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Text to Join using a keyword and short code is an easy and effective way to collect phone numbers and emails. Learn how it works and how to set it up.

The curation of a text message sign-up list is the foundation of growth when it comes to text marketing campaigns. If you’re a fan of simple math, this is about to become your favorite equation: more subscribers + more texts = more effective text message marketing campaigns.

In an increasingly busy world, what can you do to encourage users to sign up via text to receive your messages? What’s the key to building out your network of subscribers? It’s no secret that most people own cell phones, so why not give them the option join by text message?

What is Text to Join?

Text to Join, sometimes referred to as text-to-subscribe or text to sign up, is an easy way to allow your audience to opt-in to your SMS messages or emails. In addition to capturing email addresses and phone numbers, text to join can be used to gather other customer information such as first name, last name, zip code or even specific product preferences.

How Does Text to Join Work?

Text to Join works using keywords. A keyword is a word or phrase that customers text to your phone number in order to sign up for your SMS messages. Here’s how a customer would sign up via text:

  1. Your customer texts your keyword to your number
  2. They receive a confirmation text
  3. You send them SMS marketing campaigns

Can Text to Join Be Used for Email Sign Up Lists?

Absolutely! Text to Join isn’t just for SMS marketing. It can also be used to capture email addresses by text. Our Zapier integration allows you to add new text message subscribers to your preferred email marketing platform. Here’s how a customer signs up for emails using Text to Join:

  1. Your customer texts your keyword to your number
  2. They receive notifications requesting their email address
  3. Zapier automatically adds their address to your email marketing platform

Which Email Platforms Work with Text To Join?

Our integration with Zapier allows you to plug SimpleTexting into a variety of email platforms and CRMs. Below are a few of the most popular:

  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Emma
  • GetResponse

How to Set Up Text to Join for Email

In this video, we’ll walk you through how to set up Text to Join to collect email addresses. We’ve also outlined the main steps below.

1. Create a Keyword

Your keyword should be easy to remember and relevant to your business. A coffee shop, for example, might want to use the keyword “BREW.” Keywords shouldn’t have spaces and can’t contain special characters. You’ll also need to add a confirmation message which subscribers will receive as soon as they text in your keyword. This is a good chance to let your customers know what type of content you plan on sharing and how often you’ll be messaging them.

If you’re using Text to Join for your text message sign-up list, you’re done! You can ignore the steps below.

2. Add Data Collection to Your Keyword

With your keyword set up, you can now enable the data collection feature which will ask your subscribers for their emails.

screenshot of email collection field

3. Connect to Zapier

We’ve created an easy step-by-step guide to integrating with Zapier here. Once you’ve connected your Zapier and SimpleTexting account, it’s time to build a Zap.

4. Build a Zap with an Email Filter

A Zap is an automated process which connects two apps: in this case SimpleTexting and your email marketing platform. In order for Text to Join to work, your Zap needs to detect any incoming text messages that are email addresses, then add them your subscriber list. Do this by adding the following parameter as a filter in your Zap:

screenshot of parameter add fields

5. Promote Your Text to Join Keyword

Now you’re ready to tell the world about your keyword. Encourage customers and leads to join your messaging service by texting your keyword to 555888, and watch your text message sign-up list grow before your eyes!

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