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Contact cards: Make it easy for customers to save your number to their contacts [new feature]

You can now text contact cards, also known as vCards, so your customers can save your number in just two taps.

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Want to show up as a trusted contact in your customers’ phones? Make it easy for your customers to save your business information in their contact lists with contact cards from SimpleTexting.

What are contact cards?

Contact cards are virtual business cards you can text to your audience. They’re also known as vCards — or VCR files — which contain rich media. 

Your contact card file can include:

  • Image (e.g. logo or portrait), 
  • Brand or person’s name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Address

When someone saves your contact card information to their device, your image and name will appear with all of your future text messages and phone calls from the phone number you shared.

Why should you text contact cards to your audience?

  • Establish your professional brand: Foster professional relationships with your audience by providing branded information like your logo and name in an easily save-able format.
  • Get recognized immediately: Engage your audience by helping them recognize your business and message at first glance.
  • Make it easy to do business: Empower your audience to get in touch with you via quick access to important info like website, email address, and phone number.

How do contact cards work?

You can send contact cards via multimedia message service (MMS) texts. Contact cards work with inbox messages, campaigns, autoresponders, and text-to-join keywords.

You may set up one contact card per phone number. If you have multiple phone numbers, you can have one contact card for each number. In other words, accounts with multiple numbers may have multiple contact cards.

How to text a contact card

We recommend setting up a contact card to send automatically after a contact texts your text-to-join keyword. So that’s the example we’ll use to walk you through how to text a contact card, or vCard, to your audience.

First, let’s set up your contact card. In SimpleTexting, navigate to Settings and Numbers. In Number settings, hit Edit and fill out the Contact card information you’d like to share with your contacts. Hit Save.

Creating an SMS contact card in SimpleTexting

Next, let’s set up your text-to-join keyword. In SimpleTexting, navigate to Keywords, type a Keyword name (for internal use only), and choose either an existing list or create a new one. Choose MMS as the type of message to send rich media like your contact card, then write your text message.

Here’s a template you can copy, paste, and modify:

Brand Name: Thank you for joining our text club! Don’t forget to save us to your contacts for exclusive updates.

Next, select the Add contact card icon and Save keyword. That’s it!

Setting up a text-to-join keyword

💡 Here's more detailed how-to advice to set up contact cards with our help doc.

Professional recognition that gets more responses

79% of consumers have already signed up to receive text messages from businesses. Help your text messages stand out with professional contact cards from SimpleTexting.

Nathan Ellering
Nathan Ellering

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