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The Best Mass Text Message App and How to Find It

Choosing a mass text app can be difficult. This simple, three-step guide can help you pick the right messaging app to send SMS texts to everyone you need.

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What Is the Best Mass Text Message App for iPhone or Android?

A search for “mass text app” on Google reveals over 800 million results. If you’re looking for a fast, efficient way to communicate to your team or customers, the last thing you want to do is sift through hundreds of apps. Much less waste time on a messaging app that doesn’t provide the level of service you need. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know to choose the best mass texting service for your business or organization. Even if you decide not to go with ours, we hope this guide serves to help you make the right choice for your business!

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How to Choose the Best Mass Text App In 3 Steps

Everyone promises their group messaging service or text message marketing platform is the best in the industry. And there are certainly several great ones out there. But how can you be sure you’re downloading the best mass text app that will really get the job done? Follow these three steps:

1. Look for a Mass Text App with Leading Features

Every mass text app can send SMS messages to large groups of people at once. If you’re using text messaging for your business or organization, you probably want to seek out an app that can do more than just mass texting. Before you sign up for a texting service, make sure it can deliver to multiple recipients and has the following features:

Scheduled Texts and Autoresponders
Sometimes you don’t want to send a text right away. Scheduled texts let you specify a future date and time for your SMS. And with autoresponders, you can set up group texts that go out a set period of time after someone joins your list.

Before sending a bulk text message, you need contacts to send them to. Keywords help with that. Just set up a word or phrase that customers can text to your number to subscribe to your SMS texts

Lists and Segments
Send the right messages to the right people. Lists and dynamic segments let you organize your contacts.

MMS Messaging
A good mass text message app lets you send more than just SMS texts. MMS allows you to include photos, videos and other files in your messages.

Link Tracking and Analytics
You shouldn’t have to guess whether or not your SMS campaigns are working. Link tracking and easy-to-understand analytics let you whether your mass text message app is bringing value to your business.

Custom Fields
Texting should feel personal. The best mass text services give users the ability to include Custom Fields such as first name and last name when sending messages.

Number Options
Depending on how you plan to use SMS, for mass or one-on-one messaging, you’ll want the option to select a phone number to fit your needs. For example, a standard 10-digit number or a memorable dedicated short code unique to your business.

Use the features above as a rule of thumb for whether or not the mass text message app you’re researching should make the cut. In some instances you may need less features, and in others you may need more. Check out everything you can do with our mass text message app here.

2. Check Third-Party Reviews of Your Mass Text App

If a text messaging service doesn’t work well, customers won’t be quiet about it. Do a quick search on third-party websites such as Capterra, GetApp or Software Advice. Does the app you’re considering have a profile with positive reviews? If not, you may want to go with another option.

3. Try Your Mass Text Message App for Free

You’ve found an app with stellar reviews and a powerful suite of features. Nice! Now give it a try and see if it lives up to the hype. Be wary of texting apps or SMS messaging services that ask for your credit card before starting a trial. Keep a lookout for apps with hidden in-app purchase too.

How to Build a Contact List for Your Mass Text App

Once you’ve downloaded your texting app and given it a try, you’re ready to start building your contact list. After all, group text messaging requires, well, a group!

Keyword Opt-In
We touched on keywords briefly above. Let’s go over an example of how they work. Say, for example, you’re a bakery that wants to use text message marketing. You could create the keyword “FRESH.” Now, anytime a customers text in “FRESH” to your number, they’ll be signed up for your texts.

If you already have a list of contacts, and express consent to text them, then you can start sending messages right away! With SimpleTexting, you don’t have to add contacts manually. Instead, just upload a CSV or Excel file with the names and numbers.

Who Can Use a Mass Text Message App?

Many users just need an app for personal group texting. However, business text messaging is for more than just sending and receiving SMS texts. Here’s how texting brings value to several industries.

Leaders in the food industry use mass text message apps to take reservations, send coupons, and inform customers about weekly specials.

Real Estate Agents
Top-performing real estate agents use SMS messages for lead generation. All they have to do is create a keyword and place it on their riders. Interested buyers can text in this keyword to request more information!

Retailers and E-Commerce Stores
Retailers who need to drive more sales rely on texts to engage customers and move product. They do this by creating customer loyalty programs and offering exclusive discounts by SMS.

Text messages facilitate communication between schools, parents, and students. The best mass texting services make it easy to send important school alerts or host fundraisers.

Successful churches find inspiring ways to connect with their congregations. Texts allow ministries to send inspiration devotional texts as well as send information about upcoming events.

These are just a few of the industries that use text messaging. Read our in-depth industry guides and handbooks to find out how you can use a mass text app to make your message heard.

Mass Text Message App Success Stories

We’ve covered the how, the why, and the who. Now let’s review some real-life examples of companies who have seen success with a mass text message app. All of the customers below used SimpleTexting (yes, that’s us.) You can download our app for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Delta Sonic Car Wash
Delta Sonic is one of the largest car wash and convenience store chain in the U.S. They use a mass text message app to communicate with thousands of customers every week. During slow seasons, they send out text blasts about promotions and services. Their text club was so well received by customers that they grew their list form zero to tens of thousands of subscribers in just a few years. Get all the details about how Delta Sonic uses SMS.

Honey + Thyme Food Delivery
Honey + Thyme is changing the way people think about food delivery services. Their menu highlights local, in-season ingredients and changes every week. Text messages help them keep customers up-to-date on the latest items that are available to order. Read more about how they drive orders with text messages.

South Arkansas Community College
As we explained in this article, a mass text message app should do more than just send messages to lists of people. South Arkansas Community College uses the 2-way messaging feature of SimpleTexting connect with current and prospective students. Check out their success story to see how they use texts for recruitment and organizing campus tours

Download the Best Mass Text Message App

After working together with thousands of customers, including Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, we’ve learned exactly what makes a text message app the best. We’re confident in our app, which is why we let anyone try it completely free for 14 days. No credit card need. Sign up online or jump in and download our mass text message app on the App Store or Google Play.

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