Ultimate Guide To SMS Marketing

Integrate SMS With Other Business Tools Through Advanced Features

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Tips For Taking Advantage Of Advanced Features

Don’t let the word advanced get your palms sweaty (or you knees weak…. mom’s spaghetti). These features may be powerful, but they’re still easy to use. Here are some of our favorites that can start setting your texts apart from your competition as well as save you some serious time.

Scheduled Texts

Scheduled Texts

Set a specific date and time for your texts to go out. You can schedule a message hours, days, even months in advance! Knowing this tool exists from the start can help get you in a good content planning routine.


Set up a series of automatic messages that each user receives after subscribing to your list. This gives you the efficiency of creating a messaging program without having to launch campaigns manually. Keep your customers engaged and make sure the newest additions to your list receive text messages that bring them back to your business.


Triggers are like sub-keywords which are great for answering frequently asked questions. For example, a restaurant’s keyword reply could be, “Thanks for joining our SMS list! Reply MENU for a link to our menu.” In this example, MENU is the trigger.
Custom Fields

Custom Fields

With our custom fields feature, you can deliver personalized messages to each person in your mass text campaign. Send a mass text—without sounding like you’re sending a mass text. Use our default fields, such as first and last name, or create as many unique ones as you need!

For a complete list of all our advanced features, explore here!

Tips For Integrating SMS With Your Other Channels

As you’ve probably noticed, saving you time and money is a priority for us. That’s why we’ve partnered with Zapier to give you 1,000+ integrations between SimpleTexting and some of the top marketing, communication, and other business applications. Even if you don’t use Zapier, there are still some easy ways you integrate texting with your other channels.


Many of your most loyal customers already subscribe to your email list, so they will naturally want to join your text marketing list. Consider adding a phone number field to the form you use to collect email addresses. This form should have a checkbox asking users if they want to opt-in to messages.

You should also reach out to existing subscribers. Send out an email announcing your text message program, or add something short to the footer such as “Text SUBSCRIBE to 555888 to receive weekly deals and updates.”

Just be sure to follow all necessary promotion requirements.

Social Media

It’s safe to assume your followers on social media will be active texters and will be interested in your text communications. As with email, you should periodically post reminders on your most active social media platforms. Engagement rates vary by account, but usually less than 10% of your followers will see any given message. This means it’s okay to post requests to join your text marketing campaign up to twice a month on Facebook or twice a week on Twitter.

Internal Communication Tools

Our team uses Slack every day to keep our remote team connected. However, lots of groups and channels can get hard to keep track off, especially when you’re trying to make streamlined internal communications a priority. By giving employees an outlet for time-sensitive information through SMS, you ensure everyone stays informed about important updates.

While text marketing is certainly an art, it’s also a science. Certain campaign metrics can help you determine the effectiveness of your campaigns, as we’ll see in the next section.


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