Ultimate Guide To SMS Marketing

How Do Businesses Use Text Marketing?

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Our features and marketing material are available and applicable to all industries. But in our experience, we’ve found that some types of businesses have stand-out use cases that hit that marketing sweet spot.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, we’ll cover some of the most popular ways different industries utilize text marketing. For each industry, we’ll link out to our comprehensive industry guide.

General Overview of Business Text Marketing

Before we delve into specifics, here’s a quick snapshot of some of the most common SMS for business use cases

Mobile Coupons

Encourage customers to visit your physical or online store with incentivizing coupons.

Limited-Time Discounts

Drive immediate sales during notoriously slow periods with limited-time discounts.

Weekly Specials

Keep your loyal customers up to date with the most recent weekly special offers.


Notify your customers of events such as live music, happy hours, trivia nights, and more.


Encourage new sign-ups with an enticing reward through the use of sweepstakes.


Drive engagement and sales by giving customers a voice and letting them cast a vote.

Now, let’s have a look at how some of these strategies, and more, look out in the real world of business.

Text Marketing for Schools & Universities

Schools are communicating with multiple hard-to-reach publics at once: students, parents, teachers, administrators, etc. Reach everyone in one place through SMS all while keeping your organization organized and simple.

Common uses of SMS in Schools include:

  • Cancelation and emergency alerts – Send a text alert when class is canceled to make sure all students and parents are in the know. Additionally, in emergencies, a matter of seconds can make all the difference: Alert students and parents immediately to ensure their safety and security.
  • Report card and grade notifications – Give parents and students a heads up that grades are in so everyone can expect to review them!
  • Advertise school events – Are your big events not getting full attendance? Get the word out by sending the student body a mass text.
Image for School SMS Software and Services

School SMS Software and Services

Experience an easy way to send text updates and alerts to thousands of students and parents. Learn more about SimpleTexting school SMS software today.

Text Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

As a realtor you’re always in need of new ways to stay on top of your game. Especially when it comes to reaching leads quickly and efficiently. Some of the top brokers in the nation have turned to SMS to make that happen.

Common uses of SMS in Real Estate include:

  • Sending property photos to interested buyers – Our platform doesn’t limit you to words alone. A beautiful photo of a property can play a huge role in driving the decision to schedule a viewing. Send video walkthroughs and photos using MMS.
  • Following up with leads via autoresponders – Buying a house is a big decision. Understandably, some leads may need time to think before closing or scheduling a viewing. In the meantime, autoresponders make it easy to keep your property top of mind.
  • Creating a keyword for each listing with triggers for more information ready upon opt in – By creating and advertising each property you’re listing with a keyword, you let your automated texts do the work of informing interested parties about all the essentials.
Image for Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Real estate marketing is an intricate role that is wildly important. Learn how you can connect with prospective buyers quickly with real estate text marketing.

Text Marketing for Insurance Agents

Managing the policy (or policies) for just one client can feel like a lot. You’re juggling lengthy policy documents, payment reminders, claims, and life changes on a revolving basis. If you’re looking to save time and money, build stronger client loyalty, and engage new customers, you don’t have to look far beyond your cellphone to find an answer.

Common uses of SMS for Insurance include:

  • Policy payment reminders – Help your clients never miss a payment by sending them automated text reminders before their bill is due. Another added courtesy includes sending payment confirmations— the added documentation not only protects clients but your agency as well.
  • Notifications of settlement details and amounts – Waiting to hear back about a claim can be stressful. Put clients at ease by texting them updates throughout the process.
  • Alerts on expiring policies – Don’t let clients slip away. Encourage renewals well in advance of a policy’s expiration date. Along with the notification of the expiration, you can send along deals and incentives that will sweeten the deal for resigning.
Image for Text Message Marketing for Insurance Agents

Text Message Marketing for Insurance Agents

Text message marketing makes it faster and easier to reach your audience. Learn how you can leverage SimpleTexting SMS marketing for your insurance business.

Text Marketing for Hotels and Hospitality

For your hotel or resort to remain relevant, your team must be prepared to respond quickly to a variety of requests. But when dealing with high volume, how can you stay on top of everything? There are many hotel mobile marketing solutions that promise streamlined communications, but there’s only one that all of your customers already have on their phones: text messaging.

Common uses of SMS for Hotels and Hospitality include:

  • In room dining and reservation requests – If your hotel has a restaurant or provides room service, you can use texting to manage reservations and order requests. Unlike phone calls, you don’t have to worry about mishearing your guests’ order. You’ll have a record of exactly what they asked for.
  • Sending special offers or promotions – Texting isn’t just for 2-way customer service. You can also send mass texts. Have customers opt-in to your marketing list to receive offers, discount codes, and exclusive links to book special deals.
  • Sending booking reminders to guests – This is one of the most common use cases for SMS in the hospitality industry. Reduce the number of missed bookings. Send your guests a text reminder when their stay is coming up. Using custom fields, you can even personalize your message with names, times, and more.
Image for Hotel and Hospitality Text Messaging Software

Hotel and Hospitality Text Messaging Software

Leaders in the hospitality industry use text messaging to connect with guests. Find out how to use SMS or text messages at your hotel or bed and breakfast.

Text Marketing For Churches And Religious Organizations

Texting and church—not exactly a match made in heaven, right? Wrong. Text messaging can actually help churches overcome common problems such as issues engaging the congregation, connecting with younger audiences, and making your messages meaningful on days outside the Sabbath!

Commons uses of SMS for Churches include:

  • Providing event reminders – Want to ensure your social events are well-attended? Remind members with automatic texts.
  • Creating channels of communication for youth groups – Did you know that for ages 15-24, text messaging is by far the most frequently used channel for personal written communication?
  • Sharing prayer requests – If you need to let everyone know about an important prayer request, that’s easy, too.
Image for Group Texting for Religious Organizations

Group Texting for Religious Organizations

Text message marketing is an effective way for churches or other groups to stay in touch with their community through instant communication.

Text Marketing For Retail

The term retail is most commonly associated with clothing, but in reality it refers to the sale of any kind of goods. So whether you’re in the boutique business, or you’re selling greeting card potatoes, you’re a part of the retail game. And lucky for you, no matter what your product is, text marketing is offering you solutions to some of your most common business pain points.

Commons uses of SMS For Retail include:

  • Building a customer loyalty program – Customer loyalty programs are simple to set up with SMS, and research shows that repeat customers spend 67% more than first-timers. Offer subscribers to your text club exclusive benefits such as flash sales, first access to new products, and members only events.
  • Texting out coupons – Everyone loves saving money. Sometimes the prospect of saving some money is just the push a customer needs to make a purchase. Especially when the item is more of a “want” than a “need”. Regardless, offering coupons via texting is a great way to connect customers with your marketing messages and ensure they’re being read.
  • Answering customer service related inquiries – More than half (54%) of retailers said the customer experience is their most important area of focus. By text enabling your business you can advertise a text-for-help program where customers can ask you all their questions to be answered in real time, all through their mobile device.
Image for Retail Text Message Marketing

Retail Text Message Marketing

Alleviate common business pain points and increase customer traffic with SimpleTexting's retail SMS platform. Take your store to the next level, learn more!

Text Marketing For Restaurants

You may have the perfect menu, ideal location, and a great team, but what are you doing to market your business? No restaurant can survive without consistent demand. Text message marketing allows restaurants, coffee shops, or other businesses in the food service industry to bring in new customers and keep them coming back.

Commons uses of SMS For Restaurants include:

  • Delivering mobile coupons – Send a campaign with a coupon to invite new customers. Use autoresponders to send out coupons a few days after a customer’s first visit. You can even use MMS to include an image of your food or a scannable barcode.
  • Weekly special announcements – Don’t keep your seasonal items and weekly specials a secret. Tell your customers about them.
  • Managing reservations and wait lists – Text messaging is great for getting customers in the door, but it can also be used to help your front-of-house run smoothly. Ask customers for their phone numbers when they walk in, then text them when a table is ready. If you want to send these customers marketing texts later on, be sure to ask them for permission first.
Image for Restaurant Text Marketing

Restaurant Text Marketing

Driving customer traffic to your restaurant has never been easier. Learn how you can send coupons, deals, and more to customers with restaurant text marketing.

Text Marketing For Nonprofits

Despite differing missions, services, and scope, all nonprofits have to focus on one thing in order to sustain growth: the donor experience. Discovering more efficient ways to engage your donors, as well as those you serve, is the cornerstone of nonprofit marketing. Through the power of text marketing, you can reach almost all of your supporters at once with custom messages and no delay.

Commons uses of SMS For Nonprofits include:

  • Delivering mobile coupons – Ensure your volunteers or visitors feel informed and prepared by offering them info via text such as: directions, parking instructions, clothing/equipment requirements, and more. Consider keeping this info in a template to save you time!
  • Run text to donate campaigns – Giving people an easy way to send your organization money is a no-brainer benefit. With the popularity and ease of texting, it’s a natural partnership. Read a more in-depth guide on text-to-donate campaigns here.
  • Serve pledge reminders – A great way to serve your reoccurring donors is through pledges. However, keeping up with pledge reminders can be time consuming and they can often get ignored. Make it easier by automating pledge reminder texts to donors!
Image for Mass Text Messaging Service for Nonprofits

Mass Text Messaging Service for Nonprofits

Easily reach supporters, encourage donations, and raise awareness with nonprofit text marketing. Learn how SimpleTexting can help your nonprofit grow!

Text Marketing For E-Commerce Companies

Last year U.S. online retail grew faster than it has since 2011 with sales growing by a whopping 16%.In order to ensure you continue to stand out amidst such booming enterprises, your marketing efforts must reflect the evolving preferences of consumers. It’s not just our opinion that text marketing is one of the most preferred and efficient methods for reaching customers.

Commons uses of SMS For E-Commerce Companies include:

  • Rescuing abandoned carts – Abandoned shopping carts remain one of the biggest problems for e-commerce businesses. The next time a customer abandons a shopping cart without checking out, don’t let them get away. Send them a text message reminder.
  • Sending order and shipping updates – Since most text messages are read in the first 3 minutes, SMS can help you instantly communicate with your customers. For example, send your customers text messages to confirm that their orders have shipped.
  • Encouraging ratings and reviews – Want to follow up with your customers after they make purchases? Text them a poll, asking if they’re satisfied with their items.
Image for SMS Solutions for E-Commerce Businesses

SMS Solutions for E-Commerce Businesses

Drive customer engagement with SimpleTexting's eCommerce SMS marketing solutions. Try us free and get started on growing your eCommerce business.

Text Marketing For Banking, Finance, And Accounting

When each client interaction you have is high stakes, you stand to benefit from their increased financial literacy. On the flip side, clients reduce their financial stress when they’re able to connect with you quickly and transparently. So how do you reach that point of mutual benefit and enlightenment?
First, you’ll need some tools. That’s where SMS comes into play.

Commons uses of SMS For Banking, Finance, and Accounting include:

  • Sending payment reminders and tax updates – Send reminders about recurring accounting tasks like recording transactions, filing receipts, and tracking accounts payable and receivable.
  • Sharing tips and tricks of the trade – Offer free tips about financial planning and ways to save money. This kind of added value is a great way to retain clients.
  • Generate client referrals – Word-of-mouth is one of the main ways banks and firms generate new business, and a text message can quickly get that conversation started
Image for SMS for Banking, Finance, & Accounting

SMS for Banking, Finance, & Accounting

Text message marketing is a great way to boost marketing and communications. In this guide, we offer ideas to help accountants and tax firms get started.

Text Marketing For Entertainment Venues

Whether you run a concert venue, a nightclub, conference center, wedding venue, or a theater, your business is in for a tragic turn of events if you don’t attract enough of an audience. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that helps you draw in the crowds, keep them safe and informed during their time in your space, and follows up with them afterward ensuring a full circle customer experience.
Commons uses of SMS For Entertainment Venues include:

  • Sending automated event reminders – Keep your audience updated with weekly or monthly texts about your upcoming events.
  • Hosting text to win giveaways – Hold a text messaging sweepstakes for free tickets to build a buzz about your business.
  • Emergency alert notifications – Share urgent weather or safety alerts instantly with your entire crowd.
Image for Event Text Messaging Services for Entertainment Venues

Event Text Messaging Services for Entertainment Venues

Enhance your audience experience with event text messaging from SimpleTexting. Keep your audience informed and safe at your entertainment venue, learn more!

Text Marketing For Political Campaigns

When you’re running for political office, whether it’s the Oval Office or a spot on city council, staying closely connected with voters is the key to victory. And if it was good enough for Obama and Mitt, it’s good enough for us!

Commons uses of SMS For Political Campaigns include:

  • Voting day reminders – Send registered voters a friendly text on election day reminding them to cast their vote. You can even include a link to help them find their polling place! Leading up the election, be sure to give constituents notice of early and absentee voting deadlines.
  • Organizing volunteers – Text messaging makes grassroots organizing a snap. If your constituents can’t donate money, a great alternative is asking them to donate time. Organize rallies and recruit volunteers all with a simple text.
  • Mobilizing the youth vote – Among young adults 18–34, texting is the single most preferred channel for personal communications. Connect with young people personally to win their hearts, minds, and ultimately their votes.
Image for Text Message Marketing for Political Campaigns

Text Message Marketing for Political Campaigns

Organize rallies, inform supporters, and increase donations with SMS marketing for political campaigns. Learn how you can leverage SMS with SimpleTexting.

Text Marketing For Recruiting And Staffing

As a recruiter, you probably don’t remember the last time your inbox was at zero. We also understand that the absence of regular communication in your role can spell disaster. But what if there was a way to automate the more tedious aspects of your career, and in turn, help you spend your time more efficiently? Business Texting can help you do just that!
Commons uses of SMS For Staffing and Recruiting include:

  • Scheduling interviews – As a recruiter, you tend to coordinate lots of interviews. Unfortunately, bullet journals and picture-perfect planners don’t make this any easier. SMS services however, do. Business texting can help you schedule interviews, remind clients about upcoming interviews, and so much more.
  • Sending soft touches to targeted job leads – SimpleTexting allows you to collect user information and create distribution lists based on different categories. Take your client’s resumes for example. Information found there (like zip codes, educational institutions, and more) can help you segment and subsequently send them targeted job leads as soon as they cross your desk.
  • Pre-screening candidates – Gauge applicant interest through a simple and initial text message. No more wasting time playing telephone tag with a candidate who may not be worth the time.
Image for Text Messaging For Recruiting and Staffing

Text Messaging For Recruiting and Staffing

Start contacting clients and leads the way they want to be reached. Follow this guide to get started with the most effective recruiting marketing tools.

Text Marketing For Laundromats And Dry Cleaners

In the U.S. alone there are around 21,044 laundromats. Last year the dry cleaning industry generated around $9 billion in revenue! As long as the fashion and textile industry lives, there will always be a place for laundromats and dry cleaners in the economy. We’ll show you how you can work SMS into your laundromat advertising strategy and start building out your business through best practices today.
Commons uses of SMS For Laundromats and Dry Cleaners include:

  • Sending pickup alerts – Avoid playing telephone tag with customers. Instead, text them when their dry cleaning is ready and coordinate a time that works for them to come pick up their order.
  • Account balance alerts – Depending on how you charge for services, some customers may have an outstanding balance for their items. In the world of commercial laundromat contracts, this certainly isn’t uncommon. So, in order to stay on top of finances (for both you and your customers’ sake) text out noninvasive, gentle reminders about an account balance at any given time.
  • Sending virtual coupons – Encourage return visits by hooking customers with coupons for their first visit, tenth visit, and so on. By sending coupons directly via text you don’t force your busy patrons to fish through their junk drawer to remember a punch card.
Image for Texting for Laundromats and Dry Cleaners

Texting for Laundromats and Dry Cleaners

Reach your audience faster and with better results by incorporating SMS messaging into the marketing strategy for your dry cleaner or laundromat.

Text Marketing For Medical & Dental Offices

Patient care should be the number one priority for all healthcare practices. But the reality is that running a medical office involves a lot of other tasks—managing employees, processing forms, working with insurance companies and, of course, scheduling appointments. Help yourself save time and money by automating some of these tasks with SMS.
Commons uses of SMS For Doctors and Dental Offices include:

  • Sending appointment reminders – Emails may sit in inboxes for hours or days before they get opened. 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of receipt!
  • Sending links to pre-appointment paperwork – Less than 1% of all text messages go unread. There’s no spam box for them to go to, and the notifications can’t be turned off.
  • Patient satisfaction surveys – Our two-way messaging features allows you to receive incoming SMS messages at no cost. Use texts to send polls and surveys to find out how your healthcare practice can improve.
Image for Text Message Appointment Reminders for Doctors, Medical Offices and Dental Practices

Text Message Appointment Reminders for Doctors, Medical Offices and Dental Practices

Reduce missed appointments and optimize your scheduling efforts with appointment reminder text messages. Improve your bottom line with SimpleTexting.

Text Marketing For Gyms And Fitness Centers

The beginning of the year generally sees an upswing in memberships. In fact, around 12-18% of your attendees will join in January. But, by month three, many of those resolution-makers will be gone, either having gotten discouraged or just given up. So how can you attract potential gym members and keep them coming back? The answer is simple: text message marketing.
Commons uses of SMS For Fitness Centers & Gyms include:

  • Sending welcome messages – Connect with first-timers automatically with an autoresponders. Offer them a message of encouragement that gets them excited to join your gym and perhaps even a promotional item such as a branded water bottle or lanyard.
  • Offering promos – From discounted classes to free gym swag, promotions keep your members happy and keep them coming back. Offer t-shirts to the first 50 members to renew their contracts, host a bring-a-friend promotion where friends workout for free, or even use features like Text-2-Win and hold quick contests. Every little bit counts!
  • Providing class schedules or maintenance updates – Last minute class cancellations or maintenance on your gym’s equipment can be unpredictable and frustrating, but your members will appreciate getting a head’s up when these situations arise. Let them know the details of the changes (e.g. how long the maintenance will be going on or when classes are expected to resume) and offer alternatives.
Image for Text Marketing for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Text Marketing for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Promoting your gym or fitness center has never been easier. Discover how SimpleTexting makes it easy to promote your gym with SMS marketing campaigns!

Text Marketing For Coaches & Sports Teams

If you’re a coach for youth or amateur sports team, you have to set a vision for your team, come up with training exercises, build rapport with parents, set goals, motivate players, and probably most tedious of all, communicate with everyone who’s involved with the team. This means staying in touch with administrators, parents, players, volunteers, bus drivers, and more. Luckily, sports team communication doesn’t have to be complicated. Text messages allow coaches to reach anyone, anytime.
Commons uses of SMS For Coaches & Sports Teams include:

  • Sending links to game schedules – Don’t let a player miss another game, or worse, show up to the wrong field. As soon as there has been an update to the game schedule, send out a link to the revised calendar by text. You can even track who hasn’t clicked on the link and send an automated reminder to review the calendar.
  • Sharing game photos – Have an ESPN-worthy photo of the game-winning goal or a photo of the team where no one is blinking? Pass it along to all the players and parents! Our platform allows you to send photos as well as text.
  • Requesting contact info – When you send home paper forms they either get lost or are filled out with illegible handwriting. Our Data Collection feature lets you quickly request details such as first and last name, email, date of birth, or anything else you may need to know.
Image for Text Messaging for Coaches and Sports Teams

Text Messaging for Coaches and Sports Teams

Improve communications channels between coaches, players, and parents with sports team text messaging. Discover SimpleTexting's robust platform and features!

Text Marketing For Dispatch And Logistics

It might feel a little intimidating introducing a new way to communicate into your operations. While change may be tough, it may be just what you need to improve your field service management (FSM). And what has proved to be a faster, easier, and more efficient way to communicate over the last decade than texting?
Commons uses of SMS For Dispatch and Logistics include:

  • Providing delivery updates – Provide customer and other relevant parties with real-time delivery updates. You can text out status reports or provide a link to an active tracking site! To ensure quality record keeping, drivers can text photos once a delivery has been made that can guarantee quality assurance records.
  • Alerting to weather delays – Inclement weather warnings can throw a wrench into even the most perfectly made plans. Ensure you stay on top of things by sending weather alerts. Keep staff on the road safe and avoid unhappy customers by explaining why there might be a delay that’s out of your control.
  • Managing supply chains – Get proactive by sending automatic messages to your customers letting them know of inventory shortages, back orders, or new products of interest.
Image for Text Messaging for Dispatch and Logistics

Text Messaging for Dispatch and Logistics

Text message marketing for logistics and dispatch can help dispatchers to communicate with drivers and delivery folks all from the same convenient space.

Text Marketing For Spas And Salons

“Time is money” is a cliché for a reason. Especially in the spa and salon industry. You work hard keeping clients happy all while providing a relaxing and therapeutic experience. When it comes to your communications and marketing, don’t you think you deserve a little pampering too?
Commons uses of SMS For Spas & Salons include:

  • Appointment reminders – Not only are text reminders convenient for your client, they could also lower or prevent the occurrence of no-shows. Have a client cancel last minute? Send a text to your clients letting them know you’re available and see if anyone can come fill the slot!
  • Event advertisements – As a spa or salon, sometimes just getting people in your door can be the key to landing new clients. Offering open houses, product launch parties, or procedure demos can be a great way to capture current and prospective client attention.
  • Sharing beauty tips – In addition to using SMS to support your spa or salon’s bottom line, texting can also help you create brand awareness. Position yourself as an industry expert by texting weekly or monthly beauty and wellness tips.
Image for Text Marketing for Spas & Salons

Text Marketing for Spas & Salons

There has never been an easier way to market your spa or beauty salon. Learn how easy it is to utilize text message marketing with SimpleTexting!

Text Marketing For Human Resources

Human Resources is the glue within an organization. They’re responsible for boatloads of internal communication as well as most outward recruiting efforts. Your messages deserve the priority that text marketing can provide.
Commons uses of SMS For Human Resources include:

  • Schedule Meetings – Your email can get clogged with threads of back-and-forth exchanges of availability. Instead, keep it organized by simply texting an existing or prospective employee to schedule a meeting.
  • Manage Benefits and Open Enrollment – Employee benefits management requires mountains of paperwork. What tends to make these times easiest on the HR team is when people are responsive and timely to all your requests and information. By sending reminders and links to necessary portals directly to their cell phones, you cut through the noise of inboxes thus prioritizing your messaging.
  • Ensure Training Compliance – To avoid any trouble related to certifications lapsing, send out reminders for all employees to stay up to date on all of their training and certifications needs.
Image for Text Messaging Solutions for Human Resources

Text Messaging Solutions for Human Resources

Streamline internal or external human resources communications through the power of text messaging! Learn more about HR text messaging from SimpleTexting!

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We’ve shown you a preview of some of the ways you can use text marketing to help your business. Now, we need to show you how you can measure the success of all your fantastic campaigns!


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