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13 Sample Welcome Message Templates

If you’ve spent time staring at a blank screen–not sure what to include in your welcome emails or texts–the following sample welcome message templates are for you.

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We’re big believers in the idea of maintaining a copy swipe file.

Not only do you get to see how other people are approaching the craft of writing, but you can refer to these examples when you’re stuck.

If you want a peek into our file, here are the sample welcome message templates we’ve squirreled away. 

Why focus on welcome messages? They’re the first impression your brand makes with a new subscriber or customer and it sets the tone for the rest of your emails and texts.

That’s why we believe it’s worth seeing how other brands are approaching them as well as the lessons you can learn.

Welcome Email Templates

The success of your customer onboarding process starts with a stellar welcome email. 

The eight emails below use a variety of tactics to increase customer engagement and move people along the customer journey.

1. Detour Coffee Roasters – Tells the Brand’s Story

Detour was one of Canada’s earliest specialty coffee roasters and its brand was built on the belief that coffee is more than just morning fuel.

That’s why a lot of its marketing centers around the tagline “No More Bad Cups.” 

We’re fans of using a welcome message to reinforce your brand, which is what made this email stand out to us. 

The opening paragraph expands on the heading and then offers a 10% discount with the cleverly named discount code, “NOMOREBADCUPS.”

On the design side, the header image is a clever gif of steam rising from a cup of coffee.

2. Descript – Explains How to Get Started

While this welcome message from Descript might not seem visually exciting enough to be considered “swipe worthy,” there’s an art to writing a welcome email that explains how to use a service in less than 70 words long.

As they say, nothing worth doing is easy–and writing short emails is certainly worth it.

NYU and MIT professors conducted a study that culled five years’ worth of email marketing. They concluded that short copy is more likely to receive a response (or action taken, like a link click).

Avoiding the temptation to include everything there is to know about its transcribing tool, it distills getting started into three skimmable steps that make the entire process seem straightforward.

Finally, we like that it’s pulled the call to action to the top of the email, versus making people scroll to the bottom.

3. Hims – Reminds Subscribers Why They Signed Up

Hims follows the same approach as Descript by using around 35 words to welcome its new subscribers. 

The other aspect of this email that we like is that it reminds the person what they get from subscribing.

4. BROOKS – Takes the Opportunity to Learn More About You

70% of millennials are frustrated with brands sending irrelevant emails. The best way to avoid frustrating the vast majority of your email list?

Take the time to learn a little more about them. 

The running shoe and clothing company BROOKS asks its new subscribers four questions that allow them to send more personalized emails.

5. Curiosity – Offers Immediate Value

This is a welcome message from the documentary streaming service CuriosityStream.

The subject line for this email is “The best videos on Curiosity right now.” We like it because it offers subscribers immediate value and reminds them why they signed up. 

Depending on your product or service, and the market you’re selling to, cutting to the chase can be invaluable.

6. Supergoop! – Sends Its Welcome Email From the CEO

By putting its CEO and Founder front and center in its email, Supergoop! avoids the faceless corporation trap by associating the brand with a real person. This makes their email seem more relatable and personable. 

It also:

  • Reminds people what they get from signing up
  • Highlights its brand mission 

7. The Newsette – Gives Its Newsletter an Air of Exclusivity

The Newsette welcomes you to a “network of strong, cool, and kind women who also happen to have really shiny hair.”

It reads like the subscriber has been invited to join a super-secret club. Another element of the email we’re a big fan of is the advice on avoiding spam filters.

8. Wealthsimple – Reinforces the Benefit of Taking the Next Step

A lot of businesses use lead magnets to collect website visitors’ email addresses. That’s the case with Wealthsimple. 

It uses a host of tax and retirement calculators to build its email database. Having an email is one thing though. Having a customer is another.

Wealthsimple does a good job here of building trust and pushing their subscribers to take the leap and open an account.

Welcome Text Message Templates

The most common complaint we hear about welcome emails is that their open rate is too low.

With an average open rate of between 15-25%, people aren’t wrong either. That’s where texting comes into play with its 98% open rates.

When SMS started to increase in popularity there was a concern about how SMS would fit in with email. The fear was text messages would compete with emails, reducing the effectiveness of both.

What has become clear over the last few years is that both SMS and email work together. All you need to do is add a field to collect phone numbers and you can send welcome texts too.

If you’re not sure what these messages would look like, here are five examples.

9. SkinTe – Welcomes Subscribers With a Message From the CEO

Similar to SuperGoop!, SkinTe welcomes its subscribers to its text list with a message from its founder. It’s a nice way to take advantage of a channel that’s already highly personal.

10. Original Grain – Uses Triggers to Learn More About Its Subscribers

As we mentioned in the BROOKS example, learning more about your subscribers is never a bad idea. Original Grain takes the same approach by finding out whether new subscribers are interested in the men’s or women’s collection.

11. Lovepop – Reinforces the Benefits of Subscribing

Lovepop uses its initial welcome message as an opportunity to welcome new subscribers and remind them what they get from signing up for the brand’s texts.

12. Brooklyn Biltong – Cuts Straight to the Chase

Brooklyn Biltong used a Cyber Monday offer of 21% off to build its text marketing list. So it makes sense that it kept its welcome message short and to the point.

13. Funboy – Keeps It on Brand

After someone subscribes to its texts, Funboy sends a welcome message and a discount promo code for their first purchase. What’s notable about their approach is that it aligns with its brand through the use of emojis and playful copy.

What to Keep in Mind When Welcoming Subscribers

Welcome emails and texts generate tons of engagement–which means they’re worth getting right. 

While we’ve showcased several different tactics with these sample welcome message templates, we recommend you test one or two out, at least to begin with.

A good litmus test for whether you’re on the right track involves asking yourself a simple question: would you reply or click on the message?

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Drew Wilkinson
Drew Wilkinson

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