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Creative SMS Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You

Stuck in a rut and looking for creative ways to capture your subscribers’ attention? Here are nine unique ways to approach your next campaign.

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It’s easy as marketers to fall into rhythms and routines. And while consistency with your messaging is good, it can also get a little stale if you let it.

Our goal is to help pull you and your subscribers out of the norm and into the future of SMS marketing. Fresh spaces, new audiences, and interactive messaging are the name of the game.

To give you a better idea of what we mean, explore these nine creative SMS marketing campaigns sure to shake up your content in the best kind of way.

9 Of The Best Text Message Marketing Campaigns To Learn From

From small personal brands to Fortune 500’s, there are creative SMS marketing campaign ideas to spare for every budget, product, and person.

1. Concierge Text Service

When it comes to skincare resources and products, a majority of the market is geared toward females. Modern male skincare company Bruvy knew that their customers would need products and resources in order to have a positive customer experience. 

That’s why they launched Guydance, a text-on-demand experience with coaches available for product advice, motivation, and pro tips on how to stay healthy and handsome!

The anonymity of texting may even encourage men who are self-conscious about their questions to come forward and later convert into lifelong customers.

2. Text Subscription Services

Born from the mind of world-renowned marketer Gary Vaynerchuk, takes what people love about fine wine and makes it accessible. The Wine Text team sends out a daily deal on a bottle of wine at a steeply discounted price.

If you like what you see, simply respond to the text with how many bottles you want and you’re done.

The wine that took you less than ten seconds to order should arrive at your doorstep within a few days…like magic! It’s free to subscribe and ultimately a great way to ensure a constant stream of customers.  

3. Art On Demand

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art in the United States. With the average museum-goer spending only 7 seconds in front of a piece, SFMOMA needed a way to share their gallery in a way that could be truly savored by visitors. Not to mention give a sneak peek to those who haven’t visited the gallery yet! 

Their solution—Send ME SFMOMA. A creative SMS marketing campaign that sends the artwork to you! 

Simply text the keyword “send me” to 572-51 along with a color, emoji, or random prompt. SFMOMA will generate a related artwork image and caption for you to enjoy! 

Photo Credit: SFMOMA

4. Personalized Emergency Reminders

Emergency supply kit company Judy has a mission to make preparation a household essential. With over 60% of Americans having no emergency plan of any kind, Judy takes the guesswork out of what you need to stay safe with their personalized kits. 

In order to find out exactly what emergencies you need to prepare for, they invite people to text them for a brief evaluation. Not only will they advise you on the items and skills you should have, but they’ll also sign you up to receive personalized emergency information going forward. 

5. Text An Expert

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your fridge, wishing you had a personal chef there to turn your random items into a culinary masterpiece? Well, equal parts makes that wish come true with their text-a-chef program. 

Their experts are ready to share recipe inspiration, answer your questions, and help you fix any meals that have gone awry—all via text! With the Internet populated by billions of online recipes, this extra service helps their brand stand out from the competition! 

6. Text To Learn

Snapple became a household name back in the 1970s when their fun facts printed under each cap surprised and delighted customers around the world. In fact, these fun facts are probably the most memorable aspect of Snapple despite having over 34 different flavors of tea and juice. 

As the decades passed and the world went digital, so too did the beloved Snapple facts tradition. Now, you can have a Snapple fact texted right to your phone!

Not only is this SMS marketing campaign creative, it also does a good job of planting the seed of craving for one of their drinks at the top of your mind! 

7. TikTok Keywords

If you’re not already familiar, TikTok is the latest social media craze. The platform launched in 2017 and in just three years has already gathered 800 million users worldwide. Each “TikTok” is a short 15-60 video posted by a user and sent to a universal newsfeed known as the For You Page. Users are fed content on this page based on both their interests (deduced from videos they’ve watched previously) and the popular videos that have the most views, likes, comments, etc.

This algorithm is a marketing goldmine. It automatically provides assurance that your content goes to the people most likely to engage with it.

As a result, brands and network marketers have started to leverage the platform to share their SMS keywords. The quick videos they post followed by the easy call to action (e.g. Text TikTok to (954) 555-5555) is the perfect, inexpensive way to gather more subscribers. Especially if you’re targeting millennials and Gen Z who make up a majority of the platform’s users.


Slow your scroll and listen up 👂🏻 Text “TIKTOK” to 609.658.2051 or message me on IG @briellemarie__ to learn more! #fyp #foryou #doakickflip

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8. Modern Day QVC

In the late 1980s, QVC was the name in televised shopping. While later eclipsed in popularity by e-commerce, it seems that this method of live selling is back on the rise. However, the modern-day QVC experience comes with a little twist—SMS.

Social media brand The Twenty combined the thrill of QVC-like can’t miss deals with live shopping to create their brand. With weekly flash deals on select items, users have only 20 minutes to text in the item code to make their purchase and secure their deal.

Thanks to SMS marketing’s fast open rates, subscribers are alerted right away when a new deal drops. This speed is essential since the deals are only live for 20 minutes!

To learn more about these kinds of text flash sales, read our full story on The Twenty right here!

9. Text Games

Gamification in marketing is one of the hottest trends for engagement. When it comes to marketing, gamification refers to adding game-design elements into contexts outside of video or computer games. An excellent example of this is a text marketing campaign run by Chipotle.

To spice up one of their marketing texts, they added in a link to an online game they created called ‘Cado Crusher. Playing the game would earn customers a free order of chips and guac with their next purchase! Not only did this inspire more clicks, but the added engagement makes it more likely a customer would follow through and redeem their prize at one of their locations.

When it comes to better engagement with your target audience, creative SMS marketing provides ample opportunity. If these examples prove anything, it’s that the only limit is your own innovation! 

Meghan Tocci
Meghan Tocci

Meghan Tocci is a content strategist at SimpleTexting. When she’s not writing about SaaS, she’s trying to teach her puppy Lou how to code. So far, not so good.

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