How to Run a Text to Vote Campaign

Get instant feedback with a text poll. You can set up multiple choices and even share the real-time results with your participants. Instant feedback and instant fun!

Video Transcript

Hi there, and welcome to SimpleTexting Academy. 

Today we’re going to show you how to grow your contact list with a Text to Vote poll. 

First, click on Apps, then select Text to Vote Surveys. If you haven’t created a keyword, go ahead and make one. Choose something that’s easy to remember. 

Let’s say you’re an ice cream shop and you want people to vote on your next flavor. So, we’ve created the Keyword ICECREAMPOLL. 

Click Create poll. Give your poll a name. This is just for your reference. We’ll call ours “Flavor Poll.”

As you can see, our new keyword is already selected, so we can go ahead and write our poll question. “Help us decide what the next flavor should be at Joe’s Ice Cream.”

Now put in your answers. Write one per line: Mint chip, strawberry, cookies and cream. 

SimpleTexting will automatically assign each option a letter. To vote, people just have to text in your keyword–in this case, ICECREAMPOLL, then text in a letter. 

Add a follow up message. People receive this after they cast their vote. We’ll say, “Thanks for voting in our poll!”

You can also choose to send real time results to participants by checking the box at the bottom of the page, and you can see what that would look like in this preview box. 

First someone texts your keyword, then they receive the poll questions and answers, and once they cast a vote, they’ll receive your follow up message and the results at that time. 

Click Save, and you’re done. Go ahead and start promoting your keyword. 

You can easily see each poll’s question, associated keyword, and number of votes on this page. Need to see or export your results, pause, edit, delete, or duplicate your poll? Just click the three dots at the end of the row. 

Thanks for watching!

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