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How to Build a Better Black Friday SMS Campaign

How do you make your Black Friday SMS marketing strategy stand out from the competition? With these six tips.

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Black Friday this year will be different. We live in—must it be said?—unprecedented times.

70% of consumers won’t shop in-person anytime soon, and large retailers like Macy’s and Walmart plan to close on Thanksgiving.

We don’t need a crystal ball to predict that the crazy growth in online sales resulting from COVID will continue this holiday season.

But, growth in overall online sales isn’t the only trend to watch. According to a new report from App Annie, people will buy more using their mobile devices than ever before.

It’s why this holiday season, you’re going to see more companies running Black Friday SMS marketing campaigns.

So, whether it’s your first text marketing rodeo or you’ve been texting your customers for years, here are six tips you can use to stand out from the competition.

  1. Grow Your List
  2. Send Multiple Texts
  3. Build Relationships
  4. Optimize Send Time
  5. Combine SMS and Email
  6. Send a Survey

1. Invest in List Growth

Before a big holiday campaign, it’s vital to shore up your subscriber list.

Typically we preach a diversified approach to growing your SMS subscriber list that incorporates your website, social channels, and email marketing. 

But since we’re nearing the holiday season, you need a tactic that can grow your list by 670% in just one month. 

Cue our Mobile Sign-Up Widget

It makes it effortless for website visitors to text in a keyword to your phone number. (A keyword is a word, phrase, or other combination of numbers and letters that allows people to subscribe to your text messages.)

When visitors click on the widget, it opens a pop-up with more information on your text marketing program. Here’s an example from our customer Toroe Eyewear.

Since people are beginning to plan their Black Friday shopping, you can offer your website visitors early access to your holiday sales.

2. Send a Series of Pre Black Friday Text Messages

You’ve added our Mobile Sign-Up Widget to your site, and your subscriber list growth is off the charts. Now you need to keep this list engaged with a series of text messages. 

There’s no golden rule about the number of messages you should send to your subscribers, but you don’t want them to forget they signed up.

You also don’t want to overload your subscribers with coupons and sales. You might even want them to go on a coupon cleanse starting around Halloween.

It’s we recommend the following types of text messages:

  • Share useful content
  • Create anticipation about your Black Friday deals by hinting at what subscribers can expect
  • Send out a teaser promotion

3. Don’t Just Send Black Friday Coupons, Build Relationships

SMS is becoming much more of a two-way channel, allowing consumers to engage in real-time, two-way conversations with brands.

Introducing conversational commerce to your online store even made our top holiday marketing ideas. That’s because shoppers typically want to see and touch an item before buying it. This year they can’t.

One example we’ve mentioned before on the SimpleTexting blog is the Versed skincare hotline. Its text message-based hotline lets customers ask them skincare-related questions.

If that sounds like a lot of work, you can always add a free click-to-text button to your website and answer sales or customer service questions via text.

4. Optimize Your Black Friday SMS Send Time

We tend to stay away from statements like “sending your messages at X” time is best. But when it comes to Black Friday, mobile search data says otherwise.

Google found that the most significant peak in search volume is at midnight before Black Friday. People then start searching again between 7 and 8 in the morning and use mobile devices more than desktops.

Source: Google

It makes sense to send your text messages in the morning–but not so early that you wake anyone–as people are already browsing the best deals from their phones.

5. Use SMS Marketing and Email Marketing Together

One study from 2019 found that consumers purchased 21% more from SMS than they did from email, and the SMS open rate exceeded emails by 592%. And the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, SMS pulled a 150% higher order rate than email. 

Despite this, we’re not ready to declare that email marketing is dead.

That’s why you should combine your email and Black Friday and Cyber Monday texts.

American Eagle used a cross-channel promotion strategy for their 12 days of the Legendary Gifts holiday campaign. They used SMS messages and email to send promo codes, drive traffic, and acquire new leads for future promotions. 

They ended up connecting with more than 8 million total email and SMS subscribers in less than two weeks. Here’s how the clothing giant combined the two channels.

Source: Pinpointe

6. Send a Survey After the Black Friday Sales Period

Several direct-to-consumer startups have reported huge revenue growth over the past several months, in some cases acquiring double or triple the amount of new customers that they did during the same period last year.

The challenge now lies in turning these first-time buyers into loyal customers. 

This is where SMS surveys come into play, offering you an affordable way to build a customer feedback loop.

You can use this feedback to improve your store, and it can even prompt a conversation with an unhappy customer that encourages them to stay.

Today 8:25 AM
Hi there, thanks so much for buying a subscription box from Swin Inn. We’d love to know how we can improve our service. Fill out this short survey and be in for a chance to win a free month on us:

The Wrap on Black Friday SMS Marketing 

Text messaging has become a hugely popular channel for DTC brands. Modern Retail even went as far as to call it the new email.

We expect many brands this year to focus heavily on their text marketing channel when it comes to the holiday shopping season. Those who get it right will see an enormous bounce in revenue.

If you haven’t started a text marketing program, you still have time. Plus, your first 14 days are always on us. No credit cards or contracts are involved. 

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