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A screen grab from SimpleTexting's employee text system that shows the ability to send a mass text to a list of employees and track clicks and responses.
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What is an employee texting app?

An employee texting app makes it possible for companies to text team members individually or all at once with mass texts.

How to send employee text messages

It’s easy to send a text message to your whole organization, your team, or just one of your employees. Follow these six steps:

1. Choose your employee text messaging system
Look for a texting app that scales to all sorts of business budgets, includes built-in contact management, and makes it fast and easy to send texts. SimpleTexting checks all of these boxes, and you can try it for free to see if it fits your company.

2. Pick your texting number
Connect your app to a business number that will reach the people you want to text most effectively. For example, you can keep your local number for easier communication with your employees or choose a toll-free number where job candidates can contact you.

3. Upload your contact list
If you already have your employees’ or candidates’ numbers (and consent to text them), add them as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. If not, upload their contact info manually or use a web form to bring them in.

Write your text
You can use campaigns (mass texts) for large-scale updates or the inbox for individual interactions. Want to send a message to a specific group, but not the whole office? Try a segmented campaign.

Send, schedule, or automate your text
Once it’s written, send your message right away, schedule it for a future date and time, or set it to recur at regular intervals.

Reply as needed
Since 60% of users want to be able to text businesses back, SimpleTexting supports two-way texting. Whenever an employee has a question or calls in sick, reply from your PC or mobile app.
“I love being able to reach many of our partners in just a few simple steps.”
Janet Broadrick

Janet Broadrick


What to send through an employee text messaging system

One of the biggest perks of employee text messaging is that you can use it for a variety of use cases depending on your needs. Here are some of the most popular we’ve seen among our users.

Meeting all-calls and reminders

Meeting all-calls and reminders

Keep meeting attendance high and your team in the loop by sending out text reminders ahead of important meetings (virtual or otherwise). You can even schedule these messages to send automatically at a set date and time so you can set them and forget them.

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    “We’ve seen about an 88% retention rate in terms of our clients coming back to our meetings on a regular basis.”
     Scott Powell

    Scott Powell

    Alabama Head Injury Foundation

    Shift scheduling

    Shift scheduling

    Switching shifts can be a headache if you’re coordinating with a traditional group chat. With an employee texting platform, you can send out a mass text with the shifts you need covered and coordinate with individual employees through the inbox to get scheduling done faster and more efficiently.

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      “We see a response rate 3-4x higher on our texts than emails. More importantly, we can see an uptick in filled shifts when we text a group of nurses about a particular facility.”
       Melanie Mathews

      Melanie Mathews


      Emergency notifications

      Emergency notifications

      Don’t get caught without a way to communicate with your team when things go wrong. Whether it’s a fire, inclement weather, power outage, or other emergency, you can trigger an emergency alert text to relevant team members.

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        “The ability to stay in touch with our employees 24/7 has been critically important for us and our business.”
         Julie Sheedy

        Julie Sheedy


        Employee education

        Employee education

        If your industry requires continuing education to maintain licensing (like real estate), you can send links to courses, registration pages, or event sign-up forms to help your employees stay current.

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          “I find that texting reaches more people. And when the goal is to get more people signed up and out to events, it just gets done with texting.”
           Rebecca Saltsman

          Rebecca Saltsman

          Allies For Every Child

          Off-site employee communications

          Off-site employee communications

          While off-site employees may not be next to their computers, 43% of SMS users check text messages more than ten times a day, so they’re likely to have their phones within arm’s reach. Text your employees wherever they are with important updates or questions.

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            “Our employees are on roofs. They’re busy. We often can’t reach them by phone and sending a text is much easier than leaving a voicemail and maybe getting a call back a day later.”
             Kayleena Iorio

            Kayleena Iorio

            Simon Roofing

            Newsletters and company updates

            Newsletters and company updates

            Visibility is important in every organization, and you can easily let your staff know about company-wide news or regular updates with a brief text. Include the news in your text itself or add a link to your favorite update page.

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              “Some of our staff doesn’t check their email as often, so texting allowed our staff to get that information in a more timely manner and just at their fingertips rather than having to open up an email.”
               Kellsie Wells

              Kellsie Wells

              Nuclear Care Partners

              Hiring and recruiting

              Hiring and recruiting

              Advertise open positions, make it easy for candidates to apply, and simplify async conversations with our text messaging recruiting software. Your candidates will appreciate it – one in five people would rather text a potential employer than call or email them.

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                “With SimpleTexting, we have seen a tremendous increase in our job fair participation.”
                 April Dossey

                April Dossey

                Workforce Solutions for the Heart of Texas

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                Fast and convenient

                We use SimpleTexting for internal (employee) communications. It adapts to our fast paced sales environment by allowing us to communicate fast and conveniently with our employees. It helps us maintain a well informed sales force.
                Verified User
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                Easy team communication

                Simple Texting allows us to keep an easy and efficient communication channel open with our team of 50 employees.
                Katherine K.
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                Efficient and user-friendly

                SimpleTexting is an efficient and user-friendly way for us to reach all of our employees at once when we have important mass messages that we need to share with them.
                Human Resources User
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                We love scheduling

                We use [SimpleTexting] for so many things. It’s easy for HR to manage and use, and we love the scheduling feature.
                Mary Hendrix

                Why use an employee text message app?

                Employee messaging apps like SimpleTexting streamline and organize texting through features like:

                Two-way and mass texts
                You’ll need the flexibility to get in touch with your entire team, individual staff members, and any number in between. With that in mind, SimpleTexting offers both mass texting and two-way SMS options for every account.

                BCC text messages
                In a standard group text, you can see everyone’s numbers, which can create a privacy problem for your team members. SimpleTexting’s campaigns are BCC, meaning that the people who receive them can’t see other recipients’ numbers, keeping your employees’ info safe.

                Group texts without reply all
                SMS users can tolerate being subscribed to only four to six business texting lists max. Imagine how tricky it can be for employees to sift through reply-all responses that don’t apply to them. SimpleTexting’s two-way campaigns don’t show replies from recipients to the other recipients, reducing the clutter.

                Separate work texts
                You no longer have to share your personal number or direct line with employees and candidates. With SimpleTexting, you can text from your business’s number to keep your number private.

                Record of communication
                All of the messages you send and replies you get in SimpleTexting stay in your inbox, giving you a unified record of communication. This log can come in handy when you need to reference past messages.

                Multiple team member access
                Within your SimpleTexting account, you can add multiple members of your team to help you manage your employee text alerts. SimpleTexting lets you assign them specific contact lists and adjust each team member’s access as needed.

                Internal notes
                Want to communicate a crucial detail to your coworker without contacts seeing it? Just leave it as a note within the inbox and your fellow team members will see it when they next log in.

                Fast and easy texting
                SimpleTexting’s employee messaging system has an intuitive interface that lets you send a text in a few clicks. No need to learn how to design a template or write a bunch of copy – just send or schedule.
                “It’s common sense. So many people are texting now. Even my grandmother prefers to text than call. It’s a very easy form of communication.”
                Dr. Keith Hnilica

                Dr. Keith Hnilica

                Owner of The Itch Clinic

                All of your employees text

                Make it easier and faster for your team to get back to you by using one of their priority platforms – texting.

                It’s already a habit for them
                91% of texters use their messaging app every day.

                They read text messages quickly
                81% of users check their notifications within five minutes of getting a new text.

                Texts are one of their preferred ways to talk to you
                28% of people would rather contact businesses over text when they have a question.

                All of your employees will get your texts
                Texts have a good chance of getting through to your employees among everything else going on with their phone.

                They open your texts
                Take it from businesses – 31% of them like SMS because of its high open rates.

                Texts work well for break times and after hours
                The best times to reach people with text happen during lunchtime and before a 9-5 workday.

                They want to get your texts
                People mainly opt-in to text messages to get important updates on appointments (73%), shipments (58%), and promotions (58%).

                Real results from customers who use our employee text messaging system

                Image for How IntelyCare Uses SimpleTexting to Support Its Rapid Growth

                How IntelyCare Uses SimpleTexting to Support Its Rapid Growth

                IntelyCare has gone from strength to strength, raising an impressive $45 million at the start of this year. As the company expands across America, here’s how it’s using text messages to communicate with its database of nurses.

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                Image for NHC Manages Their 50 Locations Through One SMS Platform

                NHC Manages Their 50 Locations Through One SMS Platform

                Janet Broadrick has mastered the art of internal communications with a distributed workforce. Learn about how she uses SMS.

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                Image for Keeping Union Members in the Loop with Text Message Reminders

                Keeping Union Members in the Loop with Text Message Reminders

                People rarely ignore a text. Here’s how the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers used that fact to revamp their event reminder system.

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                Employee texting app FAQs

                Still got questions about employee text alerts? You’re not alone. Here are some of the most common questions we’ve heard on the subject.

                What is employee SMS?

                Employee SMS is a type of text messaging that takes place among employees at organizations.
                Yes, you can send text messages to employees as long as you have express written consent from them before you do.
                Frankly, the sky’s the limit on how to use text messaging among your employees, but common use cases include meeting reminders, training and education materials, and scheduling discussions.
                Companies use a range of tools to communicate with their employees, from emails to chat platforms like Slack, but we happen to think that SMS is the easiest and most efficient.
                The process looks slightly different depending on the platform you use, but within SimpleTexting, you can send a mass text to your employees from the Campaigns tab on the left-hand menu.

                Try our employee texting system

                Our free trial lets you send a text to yourself so you can see exactly how it works before you start texting employees.

                Published: March 12th 2024