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What is text recruiting software?

Text recruiting software helps businesses hire talent for their teams through mass SMS messages, one-on-one conversations, automated texts, or a combination of the three.

Benefits of text recruiting platforms

We’ve covered the what, but why should you turn to SMS software for your recruiting processes? Here are a few of the best reasons.

Accessible to the modern workforce
As the workforce gets younger, texting gets more and more popular. Millennials and Gen Z are more easily reached through their text inboxes.

The whole team can work together
With a text recruiting platform, you can add multiple members of your team so that no one person has to handle the workload alone. This also allows for greater visibility across your organization’s communications.

Manage mass texts and individual conversations
The best SMS recruiting strategies combine mass texts to many or all subscribers at once (in the case of major updates or announcements) and more individual, one-on-one interactions through the inbox when a human touch is needed.

Easily personalize your messages
Treating your team like people rather than numbers on a spreadsheet can lead to better, more productive employees over time. Text recruiting platforms like SimpleTexting offer features such as custom fields and segments to personalize messages.

Send texts and get responses in seconds
Texts can not only be sent in just a few clicks, but the data also shows that 95% of texts get opened and read within three minutes of receipt.

Keep a record of the hiring process
Knowing what was said to whom (and when) is key to running a successful and organized recruiting program. Texting from one platform instead of a few personal devices means you can trace every text sent at any time.
Ever since we implemented SimpleTexting we’ve gotten our time to hire down to around two days, three days, four days.


Field Training & Development Coordinator

How to start using texting software for recruiting

Now that you know a little more about recruiting by text, let’s get you started with a few simple steps.

1. Curate or import a contact list
If you have existing phone numbers from contacts who have given you consent to text them, you can add them to your SimpleTexting account as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. Otherwise, you can use a compliant opt-in method to collect subscribers, like text-to-apply.

2. Write out your first campaign
Set up a mass text that includes everything you’d like to say and take advantage of features like our link shortener to save characters when you send links.

3. Hit “send” or schedule your text
If you’re all ready to send your message, fire away. If not, use our scheduling features to set it up for a future date and time.
We see a response rate 3-4x higher on our texts than emails. More importantly, we can see an uptick in filled shifts when we text a group of nurses about a particular facility.


Director of Market Development

Why use text recruiting software?

Before you make a decision, you need to know exactly what texting offers your organization. Check out a few major benefits.

Automate routine messages

Automate routine messages

Got messages that go out regularly? You can easily automate them with our scheduling tools or autoresponder feature.
    Reach talent directly

    Reach talent directly

    When you send a message from a job website like Indeed or Glassdoor, the candidate you’re looking to reach may miss your message if they don’t log in frequently. Bypass the wait by sending a text directly to their phone.
      Speed up your overall hiring time

      Speed up your overall hiring time

      Given that texts can be sent and responded to so quickly, they are the clear choice for organizations that want to stay ahead of the curve and cut down on wasted time and resources.
        Get a dedicated business number

        Get a dedicated business number

        Using personal devices for official business can lead to blurry work/life boundaries and stressed-out teams. Using text recruiting software allows you to use a dedicated business number(s) to keep boundaries in place and your business communications easily recognizable.
          Stay compliant with industry regulations

          Stay compliant with industry regulations

          SimpleTexting auto-fills important compliance requirements (and makes others easy to set up) so your texts stay above board and in compliance with text messaging laws and regulations.

            Text recruiting use cases

            When does texting come in handy? We’d say “nearly always,” but here are several common use cases we’ve seen.

            If you’ve got your eye on a great candidate, send them an interview invitation with a quick text. Be sure to introduce yourself and your organization and let them know how to set up the interview.
            Keep the momentum you’ve gained at job fairs by following up with promising candidates immediately after. Let them know that you enjoyed meeting them and include any next steps you’d like them to take.
            Text recruiting software is helpful for more than just communicating with candidates. When using the inbox, you can also leave notes for other team members on the account, such as the details of your last conversation with certain contacts or any other important information.
            Losing touch happens, but it doesn’t have to cost you great employees. Reach back out to candidates who’ve gone cold to restart the conversation (just be careful not to follow up too many times).
            Of course, hiring can also happen within your existing staff. Keep a contact list of your current employees and fire off a mass text to let them know about new hiring opportunities within the organization.
            Texts and links go hand in hand. Include scheduling links directly in your messages to help potential hires make their own appointments. If plans change, they can easily reschedule in moments.
            When you’re ready to give the right candidate the good news, send it straight to their text inbox so you can get a decision back quickly and start onboarding processes.
            Once you do make the perfect hire, get them started off on the right foot by texting over their preliminary onboarding materials. You can send PDFs of your company policies, links to your onboarding sites, or even training videos with MMS.

            Faster, more effective recruiting with SMS

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            Workforce Solutions increases hiring fair attendance with text message reminders

            Workforce Solutions attracts more attendees to its employment events with mass text reminders through SimpleTexting.

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            Simon Roofing Reduces Time to Hire With SimpleTexting by an Average of 40%

            Simon Roofing is a nationwide roofing company with 66 locations and over 500 employees. Find out how SimpleTexting helps them to connect with prospective and existing employees.

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            How IntelyCare Uses SimpleTexting to Support Its Rapid Growth

            IntelyCare has gone from strength to strength, raising an impressive $45 million at the start of this year. As the company expands across America, here’s how it’s using text messages to communicate with its database of nurses.

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            Published: December 21st 2023