Simon Roofing Reduces Time to Hire With SimpleTexting by an Average of 40%

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Simon Roofing is a nationwide roofing company with 66 locations and over 500 employees. Find out how SimpleTexting helps them to connect with prospective and existing employees.

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With more than a century of commercial roofing experience, Simon Roofing manufactures, installs and services roofing systems.

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Its HR department was struggling to get a hold of people during the hiring process with most candidates unable to answer phone calls during office hours.

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Simon Roofing has been able to lower its average time to hire by 40% for new contractors by introducing texting into its hiring and screening process.

Several studies have shown that candidates find texts more convenient and less disruptive than a voice call.

It’s why potential employees respond to texts in less than 60 seconds. Recruiters even report response rates of 60 to 70%.

Kayleena Iorio, Field Training and Development Coordinator at Simon Roofing, has experienced this first hand.

“In our hiring process I’m constantly communicating with candidates and it’s been so much easier for me to get a hold of them when I send a quick text versus a phone call.”

We spoke with her to learn how texting has improved communication with both prospective and existing employees.

Searching for a Platform That Supports Group Texting and 1-on-1 Conversations

Prior to SimpleTexting Kayleena was using another text messaging service but it didn’t offer the ability to send text blasts

“It was more of a pain than it was a help.”

That’s when the IT department went in search of an alternative option and found SimpleTexting.

"It was so simple to start. We uploaded an Excel spreadsheet with everybody’s numbers and sent our first campaign straight after logging in."
Kayleena Iorio
Kayleena Iorio

Field Training & Development Coordinator

Using SMS to Reach Employees In the Field

With 66 locations across the U.S., Simon Roofing needed a way to reach its employees that takes into consideration the nature of their jobs.

“Our employees are on roofs. They’re busy. We often can’t reach them by phone and sending a text is much easier than leaving a voicemail and maybe getting a call back a day later.”

With high open and response rates, the HR team now:

  • Lets managers in a specific location know that there’s a new hire joining. 
  • Sends company wide memos, e.g., when it’s reached its safety goal for the year. 
  • Shares information about open enrollment.
  • Sends automated text messages that collect the number of hours worked.
Hello! Today is the last day for 2021 open enrollment. If you are interested in enrolling or making changes, please click the link for details and instructions:

Part of the reason Simon Roofing has been able to use text messaging effectively is that it’s lists are segmented.

“We’re a huge company so we have multiple segments. We have a service list, a production list, a customer service list. We have everybody’s numbers in a specific list which is really helpful.”

Communicating With New Hires and Candidates

Simon Roofing also uses texting to communicate with job candidates, letting them know what steps or paperwork they still have left to complete.

“It’s much easier for them to get right back to me and let me know they’ll be completing their paperwork today.” 

Kayleena then uses the inbox to respond to any questions candidates have about a particular step. This approach has drastically lowered Simon Roofing’s time to hire, which was already a lean five days.

"Ever since we implemented SimpleTexting we’ve gotten our time to hire down to around two days, three days, four days."
Kayleena Iorio
Kayleena Iorio

Field Training & Development Coordinator

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