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With text message automation, you help your business send the right text message at the right time, all without the extra work on your end.

  • Welcome new contacts and answer FAQs
  • Design drip campaigns that move leads closer to making a purchase
  • Enable automatic out-of-office messages, review requests and more
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What is SMS automation?

Text automation, also known as text messaging automation or SMS automation, is the automated sending of text messages or SMS messages.

This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as marketing campaigns, customer service communications, or appointment reminders. It allows businesses to save time and resources, while sending large volumes of text messages, often with a personalized touch.

The most popular types of automated text messages

Get inspired by these text automation examples and SMS workflows that you can use to send personalized messages at the perfect time.



With Autoresponder text messages, you can stay connected to your contacts 24/7, without getting bags under your eyes.

Create Autoresponders to welcome new contacts with a promotional offer, let customers know how soon they can expect a response from you, or answer frequently asked questions.

You can schedule automated messages:
  • For a specific time and date, like an event reminder
  • On a recurring basis for things like weekly tips
  • Based on a trigger event, like a contact texting a specific keyword to your number
Scheduled text messages

Scheduled text messages

Need to send information, announcements, or deals to contacts at a specific time and date? Scheduled text messages help you do just that.

You’ll avoid having to manually text each contact, and they’ll receive timely updates and rewards. You can even send automated birthday messages with our Birthday Texts app.

Create Autoresponders to:
  • Welcome new contacts with a promotional offer
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Let customers know how soon they can expect a response from you
SMS drip campaigns

SMS drip campaigns

Just like in email marketing, you can set up SMS drip campaigns to nurture leads and increase sales. Our automated texting software makes the set up process a breeze.

This series of automated messages can be triggered based on specific events, like when a contact opts in to your text list, texts a keyword to your number, or has been inactive for a period of time.
    Recurring texts

    Recurring texts

    Recurring texts are messages that are sent on a regular schedule through an auto SMS sender. They’re similar to scheduled text message campaigns, which send at a specific time, but recurring texts continue to send until you stop them manually or they’ve reached a predetermined end date.
      Retail SMS updates

      Retail SMS updates

      Retail text message updates are texts from retailers to customers about order updates, shipping and delivery status, new products, sales announcements, and even abandoned cart reminders.

      Our SMS automation software integrates with popular tools and platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Drip, HubSpot, and Shift4Shop to help retailers automate their text messages and reach customers faster.
        Automated text message reminders

        Automated text message reminders

        Automated text message reminders are sent out at a predetermined time to help reduce no-shows, missed payments, and other issues.

        You can create and schedule the reminders manually, or you can integrate SimpleTexting with popular scheduling tools to automate your workflow. You can use them to send quarterly survey requests, remind employees about weekly meetings, or check in with clients periodically.
          Automated workflows

          Automated workflows

          With automated workflows, you can create a unique experience for each subscriber. Workflows enable you to communicate with your customers and subscribers through automatic texts and tailor the experience based on their responses. Using an automated workflow, you can create SMS chatbots that respond in a certain way based on a user’s previous reply. This can be helpful for providing general support, collecting feedback, and more.

          SimpleTexting makes it easy for organizations to create their own SMS workflows without needing any coding expertise.

            Reasons to use an automated texting service for your business

            Automating text messages may sound technical, but it couldn’t be easier with SimpleTexting’s SMS marketing platform. It helps you:

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            Save time

            Scheduling messages connects you with leads faster, solves more customer queries, and eliminates tedious communication tasks.

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            Build customer loyalty

            Not only does automated texting make you available at any hour, it’s also preferred by customers, according to our latest study.

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            Drive more sales

            It’s no secret that faster response times lead to higher conversion rates. With automated texting, you can reply within seconds.

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            Onboard new customers

            Build a personalized onboarding experience that’s customized to your customers’ behavior.

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            Provide around the clock engagement

            Avoid missing out on a customer request when you automate your communications strategy.

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            Deliver a better experience

            Be there for your customers by sending thoughtful messages and providing on-demand responses at the times they need it most.

            How to send automated texts for your business

            Enroll in an automated texting service

            First things first, before you can start sending out automatic text messages, the first step is to enroll in an automated texting service. Platforms like SimpleTexting allow you to automate your messaging processes. Before committing to one, be sure to research different providers and choose one that meets your requirements regarding pricing, features, and user interface. After deciding on the platform that’s right for you, sign up and create an account to gain access to the necessary tools and features.

            Import your contact list

            After finding the automated text service that’s right for you, the next step is to import your contact list. Depending on your business, this list can include your subscribers, customers, or potential leads that you want to communicate with. SimpleTexting makes it easy to upload an Excel file or CSV with your contacts’ information–just make sure everything is up-to-date, free of errors, and your contacts have given you express written permission to text them.

            Establish segmented groups

            With SimpleTexting’s automated SMS platform, you can divide your contacts into different groups based on relevant criteria such as demographics, interests, or previous interactions. Subscriber segmentation enables businesses to target specific groups with tailored messages, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of your automated texts.

            Configure keywords

            Determine keywords that trigger specific responses when sent to your automated texting service. For example, you can set up a keyword like “INFO” to provide more information about your products or services. Create responses for each keyword to ensure they align with the purpose of the phrase or query and provide valuable information to the recipients.

            Encourage new user subscriptions

            Implement strategies to promote your automated texting service and entice potential subscribers to opt-in. This can include providing incentives such as exclusive discounts, free resources, or valuable content in exchange for their subscription. Leverage various marketing channels, such as social media, email newsletters, and website pop-ups, to promote your product or service and its benefits.

            Design text templates

            Create a library of pre-designed templates that can be easily personalized and sent to different segments of your contact list. Ensure your templates are concise, engaging, and relevant to the recipients. Including helpful information, call-to-actions, and personalized elements can increase the impact of your automated messages.

            Schedule and send messages

            Using SimpleTexting’s scheduling feature, you can choose the date and time your messages will send. Consider your customers’ preferences and time zones to ensure optimal engagement. Always double-check your messages for accuracy and relevance before scheduling them to be automatically sent to your segmented groups.

            You’ll want to monitor the performance and effectiveness of your automated text messages, making adjustments as you go along to improve your messaging strategy.

            Why SMBs (Should) Use Automated Text Messaging

            Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) owners wear many hats — they juggle marketing, customer service, appointment scheduling, and more, often with limited resources. Here’s top 5 reasons automated text messaging lends an extra hand for SMBs:

            • Effortless Efficiency:  Schedule automated text messages in advance for appointment reminders, order confirmations, promotional offers, or even birthday greetings.
            • Personalized Touch at Scale: Customers expect a personal touch from small businesses, so include customer names, appointment details, or specific discount codes in automated texts to level up customer loyalty and repeat business.
            • Open Availability: Customers can opt in to receive important information or get quick responses to inquiries anytime, anywhere — automated texts step in as an accessible way to communicate, even outside of business hours.
            • Measurable Results: Track key metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to gauge the effectiveness of your automated text message campaigns, giving SMBs a bird’s eye view to refine their strategy and maximize ROI.

            Go Beyond Simple Reminders: Surprising Ways to Use Automated SMS    

            Here’s how your SMB can automatically stay connected with customers:

            Appointment Reminders

            A friendly text the day before keeps customers on track, reducing no-shows and wasted time with automated appointment reminders. 

            Order Updates

            Keep customers informed with automated order confirmations, shipping updates, and delivery notifications. 

            Marketing & Promotions

            Reach customers directly on their phones, driving traffic and sales in real-time by automatically sending targeted promotions and exclusive deals.

            Feedback & Reviews

            Showcase positive experiences and request customer feedback and reviews effortlessly through automated texts. 

            Birthday & Loyalty Programs

            Celebrate customer birthdays and reward loyalty with automated messages — personalized touches like these strengthen relationships and encourage repeat business.

            Automated text message FAQs

            Still have questions? Explore these answers to the most common automated SMS queries, or click the blue chat button in the corner of your screen to connect with a team member!

            Who can use automated text messages?

            Anyone that needs to reliably connect with an audience can benefit from automated text messages. Our customers span several industries and use it for things like support, sales, marketing, recruiting, internal communication, and much more.
            After upgrading, you can choose and register a local number or select a toll-free number and have it verified. These are capable of 1-on-1 messaging and texting groups under 50 people. We can also help you text-enable your existing business landline.
            Automated text messaging services from SimpleTexting start at $29 for 500 credits per month and go up from there based on how many messages you intend to send. All automated SMS plans come with unlimited keywords and contacts, reliable support from top-notch humans, and free incoming messages. Check our plans and pricing here.
            Absolutely. We have a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you create autoresponders and schedule texts in advance, and gives you access to the rest of our features.
            Automated texts are perfectly legal, as long as you have permission from your contacts that you can text them. This is known as express consent. For more information about how to get permission and stay compliant with industry regulations, check out our SMS compliance guide.
            All paid SimpleTexting plans come with text automation features like autoresponders, scheduled texts, and more. Plus, we don’t limit the number of keywords you can create to trigger automated text messages.
            Best practices for text message automation include obtaining explicit opt-ins, providing easy ways to opt out, and sending messages during normal hours. Be sure to avoid excessive mass texting and focus on messages that add value to your subscribers’ experience.
            Yes, you can personalize automated SMS messages by using dynamic fields to insert recipient-specific information (such as name, location, etc.) into the messages. Personalizing your automated text messages and communications helps create a more tailored experience and foster a stronger connection between you and your subscribers.
            Automated text messages are versatile and can help with various purposes, including SMS marketing, abandoned cart flows, chatbots, and drip campaigns. Automated SMS platforms equip businesses with the tools needed to reach their audience, drive conversions, provide timely support, and cultivate relationships through targeted and automated text messaging.

            Why choose SimpleTexting for text message automation

            What makes SimpleTexting different from other automated text message service providers? With our platform, you get:

            Built-in automation workflows
            Create autoresponders, scheduled messages, and recurring texts in just a few clicks.

            No keyword limits
            We don’t put a cap on how many keywords you can create for automated texts.

            Multi-device access
            Create automated texts from your desktop or on the go with our mobile app.

            Convenient customer support
            We’re available 7 days a week to answer questions about text automation.

            Full suite of features
            Message contacts 1-on-1, send mass text campaigns, and more from one platform.

            Thousands of integrations
            You can integrate SimpleTexting with nearly any tool or platform you rely on to run your business.

            Customers who benefit from our automated text messaging system

            SimpleTexting’s easy-to-use automated text messaging platform drives results across different industries. See what real businesses who use it every day are saying:

            Image for How Lattice Hudson Uses Autoresponders in Her Strategy to Help One Million Women Create Wealth
            Coaches /Consultants

            How Lattice Hudson Uses Autoresponders in Her Strategy to Help One Million Women Create Wealth

            Learn how Lattice Hudson automated manual tasks to create balance between work and personal life while tripling the average cart value for her services.

            Read their success story
            Image for How Primero Negocios Uses Text Message Automation to Empower Their Clients and Community

            How Primero Negocios Uses Text Message Automation to Empower Their Clients and Community

            Discover how Primero Negocios founder, Gabriel Ortiz, leverages SimpleTexting for his thriving business and expanding client base in this interview.

            Read their success story
            Image for How US Solar Used SimpleTexting to Generate Over $140K in 1 Month
            Professional Services

            How US Solar Used SimpleTexting to Generate Over $140K in 1 Month

            Using SimpleTexting’s inbox and automation tools, the US Solar sales team has been able to generate hundreds of thousands in sales in just one month.

            Read their success story

            More Success Stories

            Customer reviews and testimonials

            Still not convinced? See what customers have to say about our automated texting service.

            Trust Signal Star Icon

            Automation with two-way conversation

            With some tools, you could program different responses based on keywords, but that doesn’t work for what we’re doing. We also need to be able to have a conversation, and SimpleTexting is the only tool that fits my marketing strategy.
            Keith Groben
            Marketing Director at US Solar
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            More affordable and effective than other tools

            We used another texting service that was expensive and we would also get banned for having too many contacts. I found SimpleTexting and now I always recommend it to my clients. It’s affordable and more effective than the other tools.
            Gabriel Ortiz
            Co-founder, Primero Negocios
            Trust Signal Star Icon

            Game changer for growing businesses

            Implementing SimpleTexting was a game-changer, and a necessary next step to continue our growth. We have multiple different funnels, and because most of my business runs evergreen, we’re constantly using automation.
            Lattice Hudson
            Owner of Lattice & Co
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            Detailed analytics and reporting

            We needed a platform where we could effectively manage and see the direct results of our SMS efforts. Both of these features we key in our decision to choose SimpleTexting. Analytics and reporting were previously not available to us.
            Kyle Huender
            Digital Marketing Specialist, Life is Beautiful
            US Solar used autoresponders to help generate $140k worth of sales in the first month! Read their story here.

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            Published: July 15th 2024