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The Key to Creating Fitness Marketing Videos That Get Views

At-home fitness isn’t going away anytime soon. Learn how your gym can adapt with high-quality video content.

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When lockdowns hit around the world, fitness studios took the hit hard. Innovative instructors and studio owners turned to Zoom and social media to create Livestream and video-based workouts for folks to do at home.

As excited as everyone is to return to in-person classes and facilities, a new market of at-home workouts might be here to stay. 

A new survey of 2,000 Americans found that going to a gym is becoming less appealing due to the pandemic, with three in four saying it’s easier than ever to maintain their fitness routines in the comfort of their own homes.

Does this mean fitness studios are dead? Not necessarily. But they may need to adapt to this hybrid online-offline approach to working out. 

5 Things That Make for a Great Fitness Marketing Video

The market for high-quality workout videos and classes is growing, and client expectations are high. So we’ve rounded up some tips to help you create the kind of videos people want to watch. 

1. Shoot On Smartphones for Smartphones

Over 70% of video watch time occurs on mobile devices. And thanks to the advancements in cell phone camera quality, it’s easier than ever to produce high-quality videos right from your smartphone. 

By shooting, editing, and posting your videos via mobile, you’re automatically optimizing for the channel your customers are most likely to consume the content from. 

Another perk of shooting your videos for mobile is that you can seamlessly post to social media without any cropping issues. If you prefer to reach your customers more personally, you can deliver the workout videos to them directly via an MMS message

Today 8:00 PM
Good morning Kiki, your AM workout is here! Let’s crush this morning’s ab circuit together. 💪

2. Film Full-Length Workouts and Clip From There

If you’re filming full-length workout classes for your paying members, that doesn’t mean your video can’t serve promotional purposes as well. 

Edit small clips, around 10-15 seconds works best, of your gated, full-length workouts to promote on social media and encourage new sign-ups. These clips could give a quick overview of your workout, focus on a specific exercise, or give tips on form. 

You can put your video into iMovie or Premiere Pro and edit it down into several segments of bite-sized content perfect for social or promotional messages. 

Check out Australian fitness guru @kayla_itsines on Instagram, who utilizes this strategy to promote her online fitness program SWEAT. 

3. Shoot Your Videos in Landscape

It’s crucial you shoot your videos horizontally (with your phone on its side) for a few reasons. First, it most closely mimics what a professionally shot video from a camera would appear as. Second, it helps you avoid awkward cropping. 

If your video focuses on one primary trainer and you’re struggling to decide where to point the camera, default to the rule of thirds. 

This is where you divide your frame into an imaginary lined grid with nine equal sections. The objective is to position your subject in the crosshairs of the top two intersections.

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4. Keep It Light and Bright

Unfortunately, the lighting in many gyms isn’t bright enough to come across clear and crisp on video. There’s a reason newsrooms are covered in unnaturally bright lights! 

One of the most cost-effective things you can do to ensure proper lighting for your videos is to invest in a simple clip-on LED light to go around your phone’s camera and brighten up the shot at every angle. 

5. Incorporate Live Video

A great way to keep things lively for your customers is to pepper in live video along with your pre-recorded content. 

This is an excellent way to replicate the in-class experience and provide face-to-face interactions between clients and trainers. It’s also a perfect way for new potential clients to give you a try without the intimidation of in-personal classes. 

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Coming up with new and exciting ways to market your gym or fitness center is challenging. But as the tech takeover continues to thrive, leaning into your resources is vital. 

To learn more about other fitness mobile movements, check out our blog on adapting to fitness AI.

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