How to Use Text Message Autoresponders

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Here at SimpleTexting, we believe our work is never done. We’re constantly looking for new ways to make the SimpleTexting experience richer, deeper, and more valuable to our clients.

In this spirit of unending improvements, we’re happy to announce the release of an exciting new feature: text message autoresponders.

Autoresponders allow you to set up one or many messages that will be sent at certain intervals of time after your subscriber has opted in.

You’ve always been able to schedule text messages for the future, but you had to specify a date and time. With autoresponders you can schedule texts to be sent relative to when the subscriber joins your list. This means you can send them a text an hour, a day, a week, or even a month after they join.

How Can I Use Autoresponders?

There’s a ton of ways to use this new feature. It’s easy to string together multiple autoresponders (for example, spaced a week apart) to create a promotional program that anyone can join at any time.

Here’s just a few ways to use autoresponders to take your texting to the next level:

Weekly tips & tricks

  • Show off your industry expertise with a series of tips and tricks. New subscribers will start with Tip #1, no matter when they sign up

Staggered series of coupons

  • Keep your customers coming back with increasingly enticing coupons!

Easy reminders

  • Need to remind patients or clients to reschedule in 6 months? Now a simple text is all it takes to set it up

We’ve made the whole process incredibly simple. Let’s see how autoresponders work:

Let’s say I own Joe’s Pizza, and I want to set up a staggered coupon program: 1 coupon a week for 4 weeks.

First, I click the “Autoresponders” button under the Messaging tab.

Then I click “New Autoresponder.”

I give my autoresponder a title (for reference only—subscribers won’t see the title), assign it to a list, and compose my message. Now the most important part: the delay. I set it at 0, as I want customers to get the coupon as soon as they opt in.

I click “Save Autoresponder” and compose the next one. This time I simply set the delay for one week. I continue this process for the other messages, and soon I have my entire coupon program set up.

Now when a customer texts my keyword for an instant discount, they’ll continue to receive weekly coupons automatically! I won’t have to do any work, and it only took minutes to set it up!

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