How to Set Up Autoresponders for a Text or SMS Marketing Campaign

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With autoresponders, you can send a staggered string of texts automatically spaced over days, weeks, or months. Perfect for weekly tips and tricks!

Don’t let them forget you—send automatic texts after they join.

Learn all you need to know about autoresponders in this step-by-step help center article. 📖

Video Transcript

Hi there, and welcome to Simple Texting Academy! Today we’re going to go over how to set up autoresponders. Autoresponders are texts that go out a set period of time after someone joins your list. They’re perfect for automatic follow-ups, drip campaigns, and weekly tips.

Let’s set one up together.

Create An Autoresponder

Log in to your SimpleTexting dashboard and click “new autoresponders” on the left-hand side.

Give your autoresponder a name. This is just for your reference, your subscribers won’t see this. Select the list your autoresponder should go to. We’ll select our customers list. Only new subscribers to the list will receive your autoresponders. Existing ones won’t.

Okay, write out your message.

“Take 20% off one item when you show this text at checkout.”

Select the delay. You can send your autoresponder minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months after someone subscribes to your list. Let’s select two days for this example.

Click save autoresponder, and you’re done!

Good job, and thanks for watching.

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