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The Only Fall Marketing Ideas Your Business Needs

Is your marketing strategy ready for Autumn? Celebrate the new season with these fall marketing ideas.

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The changing seasons give you the perfect opportunity to add a fun new element to your marketing.

That especially goes for fall一a recent survey found that 56% of respondents are happiest during the Autumn season. Whether it’s the cooler temperatures, the upcoming holidays, or the colorful leaves, there are lots of reasons to look forward to Fall.  

If you’re looking for a fresh take on your marketing strategy, this is a great time to make it happen.

We’ll give you our best tips for eye-catching and effective fall-themed marketing ideas. 

Start-of-season Marketing Blast

Of course, the first thing you’ll need to do to kick off your fall marketing is announce the season. 

Use your existing marketing strategy to let your contacts know that Autumn is kicking off, the leaves are turning, and you’re as excited about the new season as they are.

Include a unique promotion code or do something special for those already in your loyalty program to open this new time of year. 

Holiday Countdown

Easily the most exciting part of fall are the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday are included in the season, and your audience is looking forward to celebrating.

A holiday countdown on your marketing campaigns will help build up that anticipation and keep existing customers coming back to check the clock.

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It also helps to set up an endpoint for your personal countdown. Let your audience know that there will be a special sale or a limited-time discount at the end. 

Giving your audience an incentive to watch your countdown will help keep them interested.

Seasonal Direct Mail 

A big part of fall fun is the opportunity to decorate your home or office. Help your people get a headstart on decorating with a direct mail gift. 

Source: Beartoothfloral

Decorative pumpkins, fall-scented candles, door signs with seasonal phrases, and coffee or tea in flavors like pumpkin spice make great surprises to give your marketing strategy a unique, personal twist. 

Remember, you build strong relationships with your customers by showing them that you care. Just be sure to attach your branding in some way, like on a card or somewhere on the gift itself.

Help Your Audience Get In the Fall Spirit

Whether or not you send out surprises in the mail, you can still help your customers get in the Autumn mood by posting seasonal content. 

That means blog posts with helpful decorating tips or fall recipes, guides to celebrating the best Halloween or Thanksgiving ever, or reviews of hiking spots with exciting scenery.

Instead of creating a reason to vary your content, take advantage of the fall season and all the changes that come with it. 

Make Over Your Branding

Besides updating your marketing emails and texts for the new season, fall is also a good opportunity to give your existing branding a temporary makeover. 

Add season-appropriate images like leaves, pumpkins, and Thanksgiving cornucopias onto your webpages, social media, and emails. 

Source: Piinterest

The rule of thumb to remember as you work to incorporate fall themes into your brand is to make it as seamless as possible. Instead of simply pasting clip art onto your site, try to find colors and shapes that work with your brand’s look.

The Wrap on Fall Marketing

Each new season is your chance to re-engage with your customers and followers. Given how popular fall is, the right mix of theming and extra-special offers will keep your people coming back for more seasonal content. 

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