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What Is a Bounce Back Campaign?

Learn what a retail or e-commerce bounce back campaign is as well as how to run one. Make your campaigns more effective when you add SMS.

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What Is an SMS Aggregator?

What is an SMS aggregator and what role do they play in enabling businesses to text their customers? Get the answers here.

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Inbound Text Service for Business

Think texts are only useful for one-way promotions? Think again! Here’s how you can use SimpleTexting to receive inbound SMS and have two-way conversations.

What is a landline number?

Learn the basic definition of a landline number as well as what it can and can't do, why someone should have one, how to get one, and more.

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What Are The Different Types of Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing can propel your marketing to the next level, but where do you start? Learn more about the different types of mobile marketing in this article.

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A2P SMS messaging (Application-to-person messaging)

Learn what A2P messaging is as well as the most common use cases for this marketing tool.