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Inside Bin Blasters: 3 text campaigns that fuel their repeat business strategy

See the three text messages that entrepreneur Casey Evertsen uses to turn one-time customers into ongoing subscribers.

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Among the clips of dance routines and pranks, you can find a surprising amount of expert marketing advice on TikTok.

For instance, the Bin Blasters account is a gold mine of advice about small business marketing and management.

Founder Casey Evertsen started Bin Blasters, a trash bin sanitization business, in 2020. Now, Casey oversees ten franchises in four states and somehow still finds time to create content for his quarter-million TikTok followers.

If you follow Casey, you know that timely text messages to customers is key to his strategy. I’ll show you the three SMS marketing campaigns Casey uses to get more bookings and how you can use them to get repeat business too. 

But first, let’s look at how Casey gets permission to send promotional texts to customers.

How Bin Blasters puts SMS contact sign-ups on auto drive

When Bin Blasters’ bright blue and green cleaning trucks roll through a neighborhood, people notice. The advertisement on the truck wrap invites people to scan a QR code to book a garbage can cleaning.

One of Casey's Bin Blaster trucks
Lead generation QR code on a Bin Blasters truck (source: Bin Wash Trailers)

The QR code opens a mobile landing page with a deal to sign up for 50% off your first month of service. 

At the end of the form, Casey includes an SMS call-to-action and disclaimer to comply with industry regulations for collecting contacts.

Why this works: Bin Blasters dispatches bin cleaning trucks across 10 service areas. With this much exposure, the trucks are a natural place to promote their services and passively generate leads. 

The QR code makes it super simple for people to learn more about the offer and sign up on mobile, even while they’re on the go. 

📌 When you create your SMS web form to collect leads, don’t forget to include a compliant disclaimer and unchecked check box. Check out our opt-in methods guide for more information about what to include.

3 text campaigns to get repeat business

Once someone signs up for a Bin Blasters’ cleaning, they receive a series of SMS marketing messages. These texts help move homeowners through the sales funnel — all the way from new lead to repeat customer. 

Here are the three text campaigns Casey sends to turn one time bookings into ongoing subscriptions. 

1. Welcome messages that set expectations

New customers receive an automated welcome text with an FAQ video about what to expect with their bin cleaning service. 

Hi Dottie, thank you for booking a cleaning with Bin Blasters! We’ll get you booked right away and text you a confirmation. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect during our visit! [link]

The automated message saves Casey’s team time on answering questions and helps set customer expectations.

How to set up an automated welcome text campaign:

  1. Connect your CRM to SimpleTexting with Zapier. After upgrading from your 14-day free trial of SimpleTexting, connect your account to Zapier to integrate with your CRM. You can sign up for a free Zapier account, which comes with 100 tasks (automation events) per month.
  2. Set up a Zapier automation (called a Zap) that triggers a text when a new customer is added to your CRM. Keep in mind that some apps, like Shopify, are considered premium apps and are only available on paid plans. 
  3. Test your Zap. Casey recommends creating a contact in your CRM with your own phone number so you can see if it worked. 

📱 Watch Casey’s welcome text walk-through on TikTok.

What to include in your welcome message:

  • A thank-you for signing up or making a purchase.
  • Next steps and resources for their service
  • What kinds of texts you’ll send and how often
  • Optional: A discount on their next purchase or service

2.  Review requests that boost visibility

Customer reviews are marketing gold for independent businesses. 

Not only do reviews provide potential customers with social proof, but they can also help increase your search engine rankings. The higher the rankings, the more visibility you have in search results.

Bin Blasters’ customers receive a Google review request after every job is completed. Casey automates the review request texts with Zapier and SimpleTexting, just like he does with the welcome texts.

Dottie, we’ve finished cleaning your bins! What did you think? Leave us a Google review of your experience to help your neighbors find Bin Blasters: [link]

Once a job is marked as done in Jobber, Bin Blasters’ CRM tool, SimpleTexting sends a text message to the customer with a link to leave a Google review.

📱 Watch Casey’s review request set up on TikTok.

What to include in your review request message:

  • An invitation to write a review of their experience and/or your products
  • The link to your review page on Google, Facebook, or other third-party site
  • Optional, but recommended: How their review helps others learn about your business
  • Optional: An incentive, like a coupon for future purchases

3. Upsell offers that encourage subscription signups

Sending a video text message is one of the best ways to stand out in your customers’ inboxes and show off your brand’s personality. 

Because of this, Casey sends upsell text messages with a video and a discount on monthly services to customers who book a one-time cleaning.


This is a simple automation that we use every day wuth our customers.

♬ original sound – Bin Blasters

What to include in your upsell video message: 

  • A thank-you for using your products or services
  • A tempting offer on future purchases
  • How to redeem the offer — whether it’s replying to the text, filling out a form, or visiting a product page
  • A link to the video explainer, or embed the video in the message by sending it via MMS

If you’re using SimpleTexting, here’s how to add a video to a text:

  1. In your inbox, select a conversation and type a message in the composer.
  2. Click the media button.
  3. Upload your video and select it. Click “Include 1 file”.
  4. If everything looks good, hit “Send SMS” or click the clock icon to schedule it for later. 
Composing a text message and attaching a video in SimpleTexting

Here’s what your message might look like:

Text message from a lash studio business that includes a discount on future services and a video explainer

To run text campaigns that drive more sales like Bin Blasters, sign up for a free 14-day trial of SimpleTexting. Our free trial lets you text your own number so you can see exactly how it works before you text your customers.

If you have questions about SimpleTexting, click the blue chat button at the bottom of your screen to book a demo with our SMS experts. They’ll learn about your specific texting goals and show you how we can help you reach them.

Want to explore your SMS service options? See how we compare to other popular texting platforms, and check out my breakdown of the nine top SMS marketing services.

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