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How to write a thank you for your purchase message [+ templates]

Everyone responds well to a brilliant show of gratitude. But how do you thank people after they purchase your product or do what you want? That’s what we will cover.

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Your customer’s journey doesn’t end at checkout. After purchasing a product, how you humanize their shopping experience can spur their eagerness to become repeat buyers.

One powerful, yet overlooked way to do this is by sending a thank you for your purchase message that resonates. Done right, this brief interaction can turn a one-time shopper into a loyal, repeat customer.

In this article, you will learn how to write a thank you for your order message that wins the hearts of your customers. You’ll also find examples for inspiration and 14 templates you can customize for your brand.

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6 examples of real thank you for your purchase messages

Below are six thank you for your purchase message examples that you can learn from. I’ve provided what I like about each one so you can easily replicate their approach.

1. Tailwind Nutrition — Thanking and requesting a review

Text message from Tailwind Nutrition thanking customer for their purchase
Thank you text from Tailwind Nutrition

Tailwind Nutrition thanks new customers for their orders using SMS. I like this thank-you message because it’s engaging, has a clear call to action, and includes a psychological trigger that could make Nathan respond.

After thanking Nathan for the order, Tailwind Nutrition asks him to share feedback so they can improve their product.

What if Nathan doesn’t oblige? The P.S section of the message could incentivize him. This section helps the brand build customer loyalty and also contains the psychological trigger called Fear Of Missing Out. For some customers, missing out on the loyalty points may encourage them to make a purchase.

The bottom line is that this thank-you message from Tailwind Nutrition can enhance its online reputation.

2. Honest Paws — Thank you for your purchase card example

Postcard from Honest Paws thanking customer for their business
Thank you postcard from Honest Paws

Honest Paws include a physical customer appreciation thank you note in their package.

The card’s message starts by reiterating the company’s mission of helping pets and their owners live happier and healthier lives. This lets customers know that the company cares a lot about pets more than simply making a sale.

Beyond pet care, customers can see that Honest Paws want to provide a great customer experience since they’re accessible by call, text, chat, and email.

The entire language of the card message is also relaxing. This could drive customers to follow Honest Paws on Instagram and share their stories.

3. Boots — Requesting a review in a thank-you message

Email from Boots thanking customer for their purchase and asking for a review
Email from Boots thanking the customer for their purchase and asking for a product rating

This email thank-you by Boots is a great way to build social proof. How they word their request is also captivating because customers can only truly know how they felt about a product when they first received it.

4. WPBeginner — Thanking the customer and providing tips to get them started easily

Purchase receipt from WPBeginner thanking customer for their order
Email receipt from WPBeginner that thanks the customer for their purchase

Customers deserve a seamless experience with your brand and product from the get-go. WPBeginner exemplifies this in its thank you for your purchase message. 

The brand details its product installation message and provides links with self-help instructions for customers. This helps reduce support tickets and empower new users.

5. SendLayer — Detailed thank you message examples

SendLayer's subscription receipt email, which thanks customers for their purchase
SendLayer’s subscription confirmation email that thanks customers for their order

The first two things you’ll notice about this SendLayer thank you email are the branding and the immediate confirmation. The bold headline “Your new subscription is ready” immediately conveys the key message of the email, reassuring the subscriber that their action (i.e., subscription) has been successful. Afterward, they thank the new customer and provide details about the purchase. 

Here is another good example of this from MonsterInsights.

Monster Insight's email thanking customer for their purchase and inviting them to download the plugin
MonsterInsight’s order confirmation email starts with a thank you for your purchase message

6. Vaaree — Confirming order and saying thank you

Order confirmation email from Vaaree that thanks the customer for their order and provides an order summary
Vaaree’s order confirmation email thanks customers for ordering from them

Vaaree also nails its branding perfectly. It’s fair to say the email is half about their brand and half about confirming the order and making the new customer feel special. 

After mentioning a generic thank-you, Vaaree further expresses deep appreciation of Aanchal’s purchase. They show Aanchal that they are upcoming; they want to grow, and they appreciate every purchase they get.

14 thank you for your purchase message templates

Not sure what kind of thank-you message to send via email or text? Below are 14 thank you messages you can send customers in specific scenarios:

1. First-time customer purchase

First impressions count. Use this chance to express your gratitude when someone chooses your brand for the first time. You can also ask the customer for a review.

Hi [customer name],

We’re thrilled to welcome you to [brand]! Thank you for trusting us with your needs. Can you take 10 seconds to rate [product] while it’s still fresh in your mind?

Select a rating below:

{5 stars to 1 star}

– The [brand] team

2. Repeat purchase

Here, you want to thank the customer and show appreciation for their loyalty to your brand

Welcome back, [customer name]! 

Loyal customers like you keep us going. 

We’re handling your new order of [product] with care, and it will reach you soon.

3. Large quantity order

When customers place a large order, write a message that acknowledges this. This makes the customers feel important (and they are). 

Wow, [customer name]! Thank you for the HUGE order. 

We’re excited to provide you with [product 1], [product 2], and [product 3].

Expect to receive your order by [Date]

P.S. Our customer loyalty program helps you maximize the benefits of your continued patronage. Join here [Link to customer loyalty program]

4. Referral purchase 

For a referral purchase, show gratitude for both the referral and the purchase.

Welcome, [customer name]! 

We heard you found us through [referrer name]. We’re grateful for both the referral and your trust in us. Enjoy [product]! 

And if you haven’t yet, consider joining our rewards program to get exclusive offers on your next purchase.

5. Seasonal or holiday purchase 

Mention the special timing of a seasonal purchase and thank them.

Happy [holiday/season], [customer name]! 

We hope your [product] adds extra joy to the season. Don’t forget to grab our special [holiday/season] promotions and deals! [Link]

And if you haven’t yet, sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss future exclusive offers. Subscribe here: [Link]

6. After a restock 

Your customer waited for an item to be back in stock and finally ordered it. Thank them for their patience and loyalty.

The wait is over, [customer name]!

Thank you for your patience and purchase of [product].

Other customers have found some complementary products that pair well with [product]. Want to check them out? Visit: [Link]

7. Custom or special order

Your customer made a special order request? Appreciate them with this template. 

Thank you for your special order, [customer name].

We’re carefully crafting your custom [product] and are excited for you to see the final result! 

While you wait, have you considered signing up for our newsletter? It’s packed with care tips, exclusive offers, and latest news about [industry top]. Stay in the loop [Subscribe Link]

8. During a sale 

When a customer purchases during a promotional period, thank them for making the promotion a success. 

Hey [customer name],

Thank you for being part of the community and shopping with us. Your [product] is on its way. 

We trust you’d enjoy it, so why not refer a friend so both of you can enjoy a special discount on your next purchase?

Your referral link: [Link]

9. Last-minute order 

Always express understanding and gratitude for a last-minute rush order. 

[Customer name],

We’ve received your order, and we’re on it! 

Thanks for trusting [brand] with your last-minute needs. Your [product] will be there in a flash!

10. Supporting a cause

This template is perfect when a purchase supports a charitable cause or initiative. 

[Customer name], thank you!

Your purchase will truly help us support [cause]. To stay informed about our future charity collaborations, consider signing up for our newsletter.

Visit: [Sign up link]

11. Local supporter 

Thank your local customers for supporting your business and let them know it means a lot to you. 

Thank you for keeping your purchase local, [customer name]! 

Supporting businesses like ours in [location] means the world to us. Have you joined our [location]-exclusive loyalty program yet? 

We give members early access to local events, sales, and workshops we hold throughout the year. Wanna join? Sign up here: [Link]

12. First purchase after launching a new product

When a customer buys your newly launched product, use this thank you for order template to appreciate them.

Your trust in our latest [product] means everything to us. 

We’re excited to hear what you think, [first name]. 

Once you’ve experienced it, would you consider leaving a review or providing feedback? Click this link to do so [Link]

13. Purchase of an eco-friendly product 

This is the same as supporting a cause. Acknowledge a customer’s choice to buy sustainable products and thank them for the purchase. 

Thank you for making an eco-conscious choice, [customer name]! Purchasing [product] contributes to a greener planet.

P.S. Our [name] newsletter will keep you updated on our latest eco-friendly initiatives, products, and special discounts for eco-conscious buyers like you.

Want to join the green team? Visit: [Link]

14. Event ticket purchase

 Thanking customers for registering for your event is a great way to prep them for future events. Here’s a thank you for registering template you can use:

Hey [first name],

Thank you for getting your ticket for [event title]. Our speakers can’t wait to share from their years of experience. 

Please find the event details below:

[event date, time, location]

How to use ChatGPT to help you write customer appreciation letters

Crafting the perfect message for different customers can sometimes be challenging. That’s where ChatGPT can help. You can use it to quickly generate messages you can edit and send your customers. 

Below are some ChatGPT prompts and tips you can use to generate thank-you messages.

1. Starting from scratch

If you’re not sure how to begin, ChatGPT can help you start your message. Here are two prompts for this:

  • Help me write a thank you SMS message for a customer who made their first purchase. Include a P.S. section and invite the customer to subscribe to our loyalty program to get exclusive deals.
AI prompt for writing a thank you message for a customer's first purchase
  • Suggest an SMS thank-you message for a long-time customer who’s always loyal to our brand. Let them know we’re offering a 30% discount for their next purchase. The discount code should be “We love you.”
AI prompt for writing a thank you message for a long time customer

2. Specific scenarios

Maybe the situation is unique, and you want the message to reflect exactly what it means. Here are prompts you can try:

  • How do I thank a customer for a huge order they’ve made in an SMS? I want them to know their purchase means a lot and that we’re willing to offer them special discounts for their future purchases. 
AI prompt for writing a thank you message for a big order
  • Can you help me write an SMS message thanking a customer for their patience during a service delay? We want them to know this is not how we operate and we’d be thanking them for their patience by covering their delivery fees. 
AI prompt for writing a message that thanks a customer for their patience after a service delay

3. Adding personal touches

ChatGPT can help you make your customer feel special. Here are some prompts for this:

  • I want to write a fun thank-you note to a customer named [customer’s first name] who bought [product/service]. We also want to offer them a special referral gift of [gift] if they refer a friend. Can you draft that for me?
AI prompt for writing a thank you message after a customer makes a purchase. The prompt asks for the message to tell them they can refer a friend for a special gift
  • Create a friendly SMS message thanking a customer for their positive feedback on [specific product/service]. Their name is [customer’s first name]. Let them know that we’ll use their feedback to build a new feature and that as a token of appreciation, there is a discount waiting for them on the next renewal. 
AI prompt for writing a thank you message to a customer who wrote positive feedback

While you are at it, understand that the more detail you provide, the more personalized and relevant the output becomes.

Include any pertinent details like the customer’s first name, the purchased product or service, any relevant interactions, and the tone you want the message to convey.

6 channels for sending customer appreciation thank you notes

After creating a note, you need to send them to customers using your preferred communication channels. Below are six channels you can use for sending customer appreciation thank you notes:

1. Text messages

SMS messages offer a quick and personal way to reach out to your customers. Since customers always carry and check their phones multiple times a day, chances are your message won’t go unnoticed in their inbox. 

Ensure to keep your thank you for your purchase messages short when using SMS. Prioritize punchy over long-winded sentences. And if you add incentives to encourage their return, or ask them to review your product, keep it simple!

2. Email

Using emails is also an excellent way to thank your customers for their purchases. 

With emails, you can express yourself more by sending a detailed thank you message that includes visuals. 

3. Physical cards in boxes for shipped goods

Including a handwritten, personalized thank you card inside packages adds to the unboxing experience. 

It’s an unexpected, delightful surprise that adds a personal touch, showing the customer that you value their purchase and have taken the time to write a personal note. This tangible expression of gratitude can help your brand feel more human and relatable to customers.

4. Mailed cards

Similar to the physical cards in boxes, mailed cards are a traditional, time-tested way to express gratitude. It’s also a good way to humanize your brand and make it relatable. This method is particularly effective because it’s tactile and real, in an increasingly digital world. 

5. Social media shoutouts

For a more public display of appreciation, you can consider giving your customers a shoutout on social media. Not only does this make them feel valued, it could attract more new followers and business to you. 

But before you do this, always make sure to get your customer’s permission before tagging them. 

6. Phone calls

This might not be scalable or even applicable for all businesses, but a personal phone call to say thank you after a significant purchase or milestone can leave a lasting impression. It’s direct, personal, and effective in building a strong relationship with your best customers.

5 tools to make your own thank you cards

There are several websites where you can buy or make physical and digital thank you cards. Here are my top recommendations:

1. Canva

Canva lets you create custom thank-you cards with ease, even if you’re not a professional graphic designer.

With Canva, you have access to almost 9,000 templates that you can personalize with your brand colors, logo, and message. The platform also enables you to download these designs, so you can print or send them via text or email.

2. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is another tool for creating thank-you notes. With a variety of templates and the ability to customize designs, it’s perfect for businesses looking to add a professional touch to their cards. You can export your final design for print or digital use.

3. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is an online printing service that offers a variety of customizable thank-you card designs. They handle the printing and can deliver the cards to your door.

4. Moo

Moo provides high-quality, customizable printed products. Their thank-you cards come in multiple designs and paper qualities, and you can easily personalize them with your message and branding.

5. Etsy

If you prefer a more unique or handmade touch, I recommend Etsy. The site features artists and designers who sell custom and pre-designed thank-you cards that can make your brand look good before your customers. 

Sending thank you for your order messages is essential for your business

Showing gratitude always gets you good karma. By writing and sending a well-thought “thank you,” you not only endear customers to your brand, but make them potential repeat clients. When sending your thank-you messages, use their preferred communication channels so it reaches them.

SMS is one of the best ways of achieving this, and SimpleTexting has everything you need to get started. Sign up for a free 14-day trial today to test out our easy-to-use platform.

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