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How to thank customers for their reviews + 6 real-life examples to inspire you

It’s crucial to appreciate customers for their reviews. Here are the best practices and examples to help you send a “thank you for your review” message to customers.

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It’s awkward when a friend doesn’t acknowledge or appreciate when you compliment him.

You likely wouldn’t be as happy as you would have been if they appreciated what you did. You might be less likely to give him a compliment in the future.

The same can happen when your customers provide excellent feedback or reviews without receiving any acknowledgement or appreciation.

Lack of appreciation is one of the leading reasons why companies lose customers. For instance, only 32% of customers believe businesses care about them — leaving a whooping 68% of customers who feel left out.

Considering that customers have taken the time to say something nice about your business — an action likely to lead more customers to you — it’s crucial to appreciate them.

A show of appreciation goes a long way in building a lasting relationship with customers and increases their loyalty to your business. 

And the best part? You don’t need to go over the top. It could be as simple as sending a “thank you for your review” message. 

This guide focuses on some of the best practices for expressing gratitude to customers for their reviews, along with examples that can inspire you.

Let’s dig in.

Why appreciate customers for their reviews?

Thanking your customers for their reviews shows that you value them and their contribution to your business.

It might seem inconsequential, but it improves a customer’s experience and how they view you.

In the long term, appreciating customers when they give feedback or reviews can:

  • Increase word-of-mouth marketing/referrals. Customers who leave positive reviews about your business tend to also spread the word to their network by word of mouth — which many consider to be completely trustworthy. When you thank these customers for their reviews, it motivates them to tell more people about your business and leads to fresh customer acquisition.
  • Improve trust. Acknowledging a customer’s feedback or review increases how much they trust you and your credibility. 
  • Foster loyalty. Saying “thank you” helps you build an ongoing relationship with your customers. As the relationship continues to grow, so too does the customer’s loyalty to your brand.
  • Help generate more revenue. You can draw a straight line from customer happiness to their spending habits. 89% of consumers say they’re more likely to make another purchase after a good customer service experience. Saying thank you after a customer review is vital in creating such a positive customer experience.

Other benefits include higher retention, improvement in customer satisfaction, differentiation from other brands in the market, and a positive online reputation or brand image.

Pro tip: If you’re unsure of how to collect reviews from your customers in the first place, here are three actionable ways to collect reviews via SMS. That way, you’d have something to thank your customers for.

It’s clear just how powerful a thank-you message can be. How, though, do you craft a “thank you for your review” message?

How to write an authentic thank-you message for a customer review

Here are some best practices for responding to reviews you receive from your customers:

  • Personalize your message. Include the customer’s name in your thank-you message. Doing so adds a personal touch that makes your message feel more natural and appreciated. You could also personalize your message by mentioning a previous interaction or the product they reviewed.
  • Thank your customer. This is why you’re sending the message in the first place. Express gratitude by using words like “thank you” and “appreciate.” Go further by letting the customers know the impact their review would have on improving different parts of your business.
  • Keep your response short and simple. A lengthy thank-you message might come off as insincere. So, keep things short, simple, and straight to the point. Use a conversational and friendly tone when thanking customers for their reviews.
  • Respond to feedback promptly. Delaying your response to customer feedback creates a wrong impression. By responding on time, you show customers that you value their review and appreciate the time they took to respond.
  • Add a reward. Add a reward or incentive like a discount or loyalty points to thank your customers and encourage them to continue to provide reviews or feedback.
  • Respond on the platform where you received the review. If you use SMS to collect customer reviews, you should also send the appreciation message through text. The same applies to email, review sites, social media, or other channels.
  • Include a call to action. Your thank-you message offers an excellent customer engagement opportunity. Add a call to action to let your customers know what you’d like them to do next — whether it’s to sign up for a rewards program, continue to spread the word about your business, or subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Don’t ignore bad reviews. As much as we might try to avoid them, your business is bound to receive a negative review at some point. You can’t shut your eyes and hope they disappear. You must respond to them, too. Be graceful and professional when responding to these types of reviews.

Let’s now consider some examples of “thank you for your review” messages that can inspire how you create yours.

6 examples of “thank you for your customer review” messages

See some of the best practices that go into writing a “thank you for your review” message in practice with these examples from real-life brands.

1. Tailwind Nutrition’s SMS thank-you message

This message is an excellent example of what a “thank you for your review” message should look like.

text message from Tailwind Nutrition thanking customer for their review

In the initial message, Tailwind Nutrition asked for a customer review. What follows is the thank-you message after the customer has given the review.

What I love about this thank-you message:

  • It starts with a greeting that includes the reviewer’s name. 
  • Tailwind Nutrition thanks the reviewer for their feedback and support.
  • It includes a call to action asking the reviewer to join a reward program. The program’s reward of 25 points for every review is relevant as it encourages recipients to leave more reviews.

Using an online text messaging service helps you collect customer information to create personalized “thank you for your review” messages.

SimpleTexting dashboard showing data collection feature
View of SimpleTexting’s data collection feature

You can collect details like your customer’s first name, last name, email address, and birthday.

Once you have these details, set up a campaign that lets you track and respond to any reviews you might receive.

2. Yappy’s Trustpilot thank-you message

Your thank-you message doesn’t have to sound formal. Instead, it should maintain your overall brand tone and voice.

See how Yappy does so in this message.

What I love about this thank-you message:

  • While not addressing the reviewer by name, the thank-you message contains details (like the dog’s name) from the review.
  • Yappy uses emojis and messaging that reflect the brand’s playful tone.
  • The message thanks the reviewer and encourages them to shop again soon.

3. Revolution Tea’s email appreciation message

Here’s another excellent review response from Revolution Tea’s email.

What I love about the thank-you message:

  • The message thanks the recipient for taking the time to offer feedback.
  • Revolution Tea shares the results of the feedback to let customers know the impact of their contribution.
  • It contains a relevant reward to show appreciation.

4. Tin Marin’s Facebook thank-you response

Tin Marin shows an example that a thank-you response could be as simple as just saying thank you.

What I love about the thank-you message:

  • It’s simple and to the point.
  • Using an emoji makes the response more social — fitting the platform where the review was received.

5. Kabuki’s Yelp thank-you message

Here’s how Kabuki thanks a customer after enjoying a session at their spa.

What I love about the thank-you message:

  • The message addresses the customer by name, thereby creating some form of familiarity.
  • Kathy, the business owner, subtly sells the customer on other services that the spa offers.
  • The response is timely, as the review and thank-you response all happened on the same day.

6. Fabletics’ thank-you message to a negative review

Here’s an example of how Fabletics remained appreciative when responding to a negative review.

What I love about the thank-you message:

  • The response addresses the reviewer by name.
  • Although it was a negative review, Fabletics still thanks the reviewer for taking the time to leave a review.
  • Fabletics apologizes for the customer’s bad experience and offers to resolve the issue promptly.

Start thanking your customers for their reviews

Showing appreciation for customer reviews helps you build trust and loyalty with your audience, often leading to increased revenue and improved brand perception.

Use the best practices and examples in this article to guide you in showing customers just how much you value their feedback.

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Nathan Ojaokomo

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