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How to Use Text Message Marketing to Grow Your Wellness Brand

Want to see your wellness business thrive? Take these tips and templates to make your wellness marketing more effective than ever.

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If I had to guess, I’d say that you started your wellness brand to help people live healthier, happier lives. 

I’d also guess that, like most business owners, you’re looking for effective ways to let people know about your life-changing products. 

There’s so much marketing noise to cut through nowadays. On average, Americans see between 4,000 and 10,000 ads every day. While that may seem like an intimidating number, the good news is that SMS offers you a way to bypass crowded email inboxes and ad fatigue to bring your message straight to customers’ phones (and therefore, their undivided attention).

I’ll show you how to build and launch the perfect text marketing program for your wellness business in a few easy steps.


Why Use SMS to Grow Your Wellness Business?

Let’s start with why texting is the best tool for wellness business owners and their marketing efforts. 

As I mentioned, texts go to your customers’ most personal inboxes. When you send out an SMS, you show up next to your contacts’ most trusted friends and family, which can help them associate positively with your business.

Want more concrete data on why texting works? Well, let’s start with the fact that 98% of texts get opened

But it gets better.

Not only do texts get opened, but they actually result in more sales for your brand. That’s because texts convert at up to 45%

How SMS Marketing for Wellness Works

Those are some pretty impressive numbers, so let’s talk about how to achieve results like those in your health and wellness business. 


Campaigns are how we refer to mass texts — that is, messages you send to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of contacts at once. 

These are the best way to communicate big announcements like product launches, new location openings, or unmissable sales.

Depending on the texting service you use, you can even schedule these campaigns to send at a designated time or set them as recurring if they contain something you send often.


Although there are multiple ways to help customers join your text lists, keywords are one of the most popular because they’re easy for you to set up and even easier for your contacts to use.

Keywords, simply put, are short, memorable words or phrases that customers can text to your number to sign up to receive your texts. Once they send in your keyword, they’ll be automatically added to your contact list(s).

Creating a keyword for a wellness brand


Don’t have time to manually send a text to your customers every time you have something to say? I get it.

That’s why autoresponders are an invaluable tool in your SMS marketing strategy. Autoresponders, as the name implies, are automatic texts (linked to your keywords) that you can set up to send right away when contacts opt in, or after a delay.

These messages mostly help to ensure that your contacts hear from you soon after they sign up for your texts without you having to lift a finger. You can use them to give contacts any information they might need about your business.

Autoresponder setup for wellness marketing

Data Collection

No one likes generic texts, so it pays to get to know your contacts. 

The easiest way to do this is to use data collection, or, a series of questions you set up to send to your contacts to gather basic information like their zip code or birthday, or more specific details like their health goals or product preferences.

Once you have this information, you can use it to tailor your texts to each contact (but I’ll cover that shortly).

Custom Fields 

You’ve got all kinds of useful details from your contacts now, so the best next step is to put those details into your texts so customers can see that you think of them as individuals, not numbers on a spreadsheet. 

That’s where custom fields come in handy. You can set up custom fields like “store location” or “skin type” that, when you add them to your messages, automatically insert each contact’s information. 

Custom fields for personalized texting


While we’ve got the targeted messaging train rolling, I should highlight contact segments. These are just groups of contacts who have something in common, like the store they shop at or their past purchases.

Setting up these segments allows you to make sure that every contact only receives messages with the information they want to know about (which makes them much more likely to engage with those messages).

Setting up a customer segment for targeted marketing

How to Make These Tools Work For Your Wellness Business

So, the idea of SMS is sounding good and you have a few tools in your starter kit, but you may still need a little direction before you start firing off messages. Here are a few ideas for putting the features we talked about into play.

Make It Easy For Customers to Opt In

Naturally, if you’re going to run a texting program, you’ll need people to send texts to.

That means putting your opt-in method (like the keywords I mentioned earlier or web forms) in places where your customers can easily see and interact with it.

You’ve got lots of options for where to put your opt-in, but consider placing it:

  • On your website, especially if you use a web form
  • On a sign outside of your storefront
  • On your social media channels
  • On flyers or business cards

Highlight Your Best Deals

Let your contacts know that being on your text list is hands-down the best way to get exclusive deals and coupons.

Sending these deals is as easy as placing a code or special link for discount users in your texts. 

Educate Your Customers 

If you run a wellness business, it’s likely that your products contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle. So, use your texts to inspire customers to use those products to support their lifestyles and encourage them to build useful habits. 

That might mean texting a link to your latest blog post on the top six supplements customers use for better hair or a video of a guided meditation (if you use MMS).

Run Excellent Customer Service

90% of consumers in the US say that customer service is a factor in whether they do business with a brand.

So, you’ll need a way to get answers to your customers quickly and efficiently. With a good texting service, you can respond to customer questions right away. Some SMS platforms even offer you the ability to create templates so you can instantly answer FAQs.

Sample Wellness Texts

Still need a little inspiration before you start crafting your texts? No worries, just take these templates to use in your own business.

Annual Sale Announcement

Got a major sale coming up? Let your customers know so they can snag their favorites at a bargain.

Hey ThriveLife family! Don’t miss our Spring Sale from 3/8-3/25. Catch 10% off skincare and 15% off all aromatherapy products.

Feedback Request

The best way to improve your brand’s products, services, and operations is to ask customers for their opinion on what’s working and what isn’t.

Hi Lynne, we hope you’re loving your new scalp massager! If you have a moment, will you tell us how your shopping experience was? Leave us a review at [link] and, as a thank you, take 10% off your next purchase.

Weekly Wellness Tip

Stay engaged with your contacts and give them some extra value beyond your products by sending them healthy habits and tips.

This week, don’t forget to get outside and get some vitamin D! It’ll boost your mood and your immune system all at once.

Wellness SMS Best Practices

Last step — before you hit “send,” here are a few key things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure you have express consent to text your contacts. This will help keep you in compliance with text messaging regulations and makes your contacts less likely to opt out of your texts. 
  • Keep texts short and to the point. Whether you’re working with a 160-character SMS limit or a longer 1,600-character limit with MMS, no one wants to read a novel in a text. Stick to the relevant details and include a link to more information if needed.
  • Personalize your messages. We’ve touched on why customers prefer personalized texts, but let me take it one step further. 79% of consumers report that they’ll only engage with offers that have been personalized. Keep engagement high with a few individual details.
  • Plan out your texts to work together. The last thing you want is for your texts to feel random and disorganized. It helps to write out the next week’s or month’s texts at once to make sure they’re cohesive.

Healthy Customers, Healthier Communications With SMS

You have top-quality products that can make a real difference in the lives of your customers, so make sure they know it.

Texting is convenient, fast, and reliable, and it gives you a way to send precise, tempting offers to your people in just a few clicks. 

Lily Norton
Lily Norton

Lily is a content marketing specialist at SimpleTexting. She specializes in making helpful, entertaining video content and writing blogs that help businesses take advantage of all that texting has to offer. When she’s not writing or making TikToks, you can find Lily at roller derby practice or in a yoga studio in the Seattle area.

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