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How to send texts from a different number with the same phone (for business)

You probably don’t want to text from your personal phone number for business purposes. So, learn how to use SimpleTexting to text from a different number using the same phone.

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Between fulfilling client orders, handling inventory, managing employees, and payroll, there’s so much to worry about as a business owner.

Also among what to worry about is privacy.

You see, with the advancement in technology, it’s not surprising that people are more conscious of their efforts to protect their privacy.

Protecting your mobile number is one of the first steps to ensuring online privacy. However, as a business owner, your personal number can quickly get into the public eye. So what can you do?

In this guide, we’ll show how you can use the same phone to text from a different number that isn’t your personal number.

Why you might want to text from a different number

There are several reasons why you might want to use a different number instead of your personal line to text people — especially for business.

Here are a few of them.

To handle business

Running a business often requires you to text suppliers, customers, and a ton of other people. As expected, many business owners would rather not use their personal numbers for this purpose.

This is where texting from a different business number while using the same phone comes in handy.

You can use this different number to text all you’re doing business with while protecting your personal details. That’s what EML Pool & Spa needed to manage business text messages (watch their video to learn more):

To protect yourself from scammers

Your mobile number holds a lot of information about you. In the wrong hands, it could be used to steal your identity or hack into your bank or social media profiles.

It’ll be better to text using a number different from your personal line to protect yourself.

To limit spam calls and texts

SMS and telemarketing are no doubt vital marketing channels. However, some businesses lack the ethics to receive consent before sending marketing SMS or calls.

As such, you risk receiving spam or unsolicited calls and texts if many people can get a hold of your personal phone number.

To differentiate business from personal communication

Using the same number for personal and business communication often makes creating and maintaining a proper work-life balance challenging. Your messages inbox becomes overwhelmed with a mix of personal and business texts.

However, with separate numbers, you’ll find it easier to filter the messages you want to receive as you see fit.

To ensure multiple people on your team can send and reply to texts

If you use your personal phone number for business communications and each of your team members do the same, there is no easy way to manage all of your business texts in one place.

Sending business texts via single, defined business phone number gives you a single inbox to send and reply to texts that multiple people may access.

SimpleTexting’s app to text from a different number

SimpleTexting offers a web-based platform as well as iOS and Android mobile apps to text from a different number.

We recommend using the web-based platform to set up your business texting number, then you can send and reply to texts with the mobile app using your phone.

This piece will walk you through how to set up the phone number through which you’ll send texts.

How to text from a different number

You’ll need a second number platform or application to text from a different number while using a single phone.

While various apps allow you to create a second number, few provide a business text messaging service like SimpleTexting.

With SimpleTexting, you get a hassle-free service that fits your small business workflow. In addition to being able to create multiple phone numbers for the same account, features like unlimited text-to-join keywords, analytics, toll-free texting, 1000+ integrations, and so on make it an excellent choice when considering the best small business texting services.

Here’s how SimpleTexting’s Multiple Number feature helps you create and text with a new number.

Step 1: In SimpleTexting’s app, go to your profile’s right-hand corner and click Numbers.

SimpleTexting's main account screen

Step 2: Click Add number.

Viewing number settings on SimpleTexting

Step 3: Choose whether to text-enable an existing number, create a vanity toll-free number, or use a local number.

Let’s assume you chose to add a local number for this article.

Adding an additional number to your SimpleTexting account

Step 4: Enter your area code, choose a number, and select Get this number.

Choosing a new local phone number

Step 5: Add a description to the number to indicate what you want to use it for. For instance, if you want to use it for two-way messaging between you and customers or suppliers.

And just like that, you have a new number to text without giving out your personal information.

Aside from offering privacy, you can create new numbers for departments, store locations, or salespersons so they can easily manage text message conversations.

In addition, you can create permissions, monitor inboxes to help where needed, delegate conversations, and set up campaigns with your additional number.

The Multiple Number feature also comes in handy when setting up landline text messaging — a service that allows you to text with the phone number connected to a landline.

🎉 Sign up for a free trial now to start using SimpleTexting.

Etiquette when using a new number to text

So now you’ve gotten a different number to use for business while using the same phone. How do you go about sending texts?

Here are the best practices to follow when texting someone with a new number.

1. Introduce yourself

When texting your customers, suppliers, or anyone else for business purposes with a new number, you’ll first need to introduce yourself and explain why you’re texting them.

When people know who you are and why you’re texting, it’ll help to keep their guard down and ensure they don’t regard you as spam — except, of course, they’ve made it clear that you shouldn’t text them.

2. Think about your text’s recipient

Every text you send in a business capacity is an extension of the brand you represent. As such, it’s crucial that you make a good impression with your text recipient. 

To achieve this, you’ll need to be clear on who you’re texting and ensure that your message is appropriate for them.

For instance, a promotional text to a customer might contain emojis and informal vocabulary, while one to a supplier might sound more formal.

3. Be clear

Anyone who receives your texts should be able to quickly get the message you’re passing across. Given the character limitations that come with text messages, it’s essential to cut any fluff and focus on the main message.

If your messages are unclear, it’ll leave room for multiple interpretations and might cause the recipient not to take the action you require from them.

So before you hit send, ensure you’ve proofread your text to confirm it’s clear.

4. Maintain your brand tone

That you’re sending an SMS doesn’t mean you should throw your brand guidelines away. Instead, it’s vital to maintain your brand tone to ensure people have the same experience with your brand — no matter the communication channel they use. 

5. Respond as soon as you can

After sending a text, you can expect the recipient to text back, especially if you’ve asked them something. 

When you receive a response, you shouldn’t leave them hanging. Instead, you should text them back as soon as possible — either to confirm that you got their response or to continue the conversation.

Final thoughts

You protect your privacy and personal information when texting with a different number. Also, you’d be able to properly manage customer conversations — and ultimately grow your small business.

Using SimpleTexting’s Multiple Number feature is simple, and you get to enjoy many other features that make it easier to build your business.

Book a demo to see how SimpleTexting can work for you.

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