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The Best Heartwarming Christmas Message Templates to Send Clients

Wish your customers their happiest holiday ever with these eight Merry Christmas text message templates (and a few helpful tips).

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‘Tis (almost) the season, and the holidays are the perfect opportunity to send your customers a friendly message.

A recent study by Wunderman found that 79% of customers want brands to prove that they care about earning their business, and reaching out with a personal message during the festive season is one of the bestーand easiestーways to build strong customer relationships.

The only question is, how do you write a Merry Christmas message that will warm your customers’ hearts?

At SimpleTexting, we believe in the power of personalized messages on special occasions. So, we’ll give you eight text templates to work from and break down the anatomy of the ideal Merry Christmas message.

Professional Christmas Text Templates

For brands that want to maintain a professional image while still wishing their customers a happy holiday, finding the right tone can be tough. These examples will help.

Simple Seasons Greetings

Sometimes, all you need to include in a message is a simple and to-the-point greeting to let your customers know that you’re thinking about them.

Seasons Greetings from the New Day Media team! We’re grateful for you this holiday season.

Well Wishes

Everyone feels a little warmer and fuzzier as the holidays come closer, and a heartwarming Christmas message can generate a lot of goodwill with your audience.

We wish you a happy, joyful season filled with peace and time with loved ones. Merry Christmas!

Holiday Product Marketing

Take the opportunity to let your customers know about special seasonal discounts or product launches in your Christmas text.

‘Tis the season! We’re saying “Merry Christmas” this year with a new line of loungewear. Check it out at [link].

Customer Appreciation

At the end of the day, the main goal of sending Merry Christmas text messages is to let your client base know that you value their business. When you send your message, you can simply say so.

What are we most grateful for during the holidays? Our loyal customers, of course! We’re thankful for your continued support.

Partnership/Affiliate Thank-you 

Your customers aren’t the only ones who need to know you care. If you have a partner brand or affiliate that helps give your business a boost, send them season’s greetings too.

Another year is almost over, and we couldn’t have made it without you. Merry Christmas! Your hard work makes our business possible.

Funny Christmas Message Examples

You might be the type of brand that wants to use a little humor when communicating with customers. Xmas SMS messages are a great time to insert some Christmas cheer into the conversation.

Special Seasonal Discount

One of the benefits of texting is its exclusivity. Making a joke or pun while you make your customers feel like VIP’s will do wonders for your retention (and conversion) rates.

Forget the sticks and coalーthis year, we’re giving you the gift of 20% off your entire order from now until December 21st. [link]

Rewards Program Anniversary

Let your reward members know how much you appreciate having them around for the long haul. The anniversary of the date they signed up is a great time to send them a thank-you.

You’ve been on our nice list for a year, Laurie! Since Santa isn’t here until next week, we’re sending you a pre-Christmas gift – check it out at [link].

Holly Jolly Check-in

Even if there’s no special occasion to go with your message, a lighthearted Merry Christmas text can grab your customers’ attention.

May your holiday season be full of decked halls, Christmas leftovers, and reindeer sightings. Merry Christmas from the DLT team!

How To Write the Perfect Merry Christmas Text Message

Although it’s the season to let loose and have fun, there’s still a few tips to keep in mind as you write your Merry Christmas customer texts:

  • Keep it short. A greeting, a thank-you, and a special offer or coupon (in certain messages) is all you’ll need. Customers love texting partly because SMS messages are brief, so don’t overcomplicate it.
  • Add some fun media to spice things up. With MMS, you can attach photos, videos, and other media files. Take the opportunity to add an eye-catching, festive touch to your texts.
  • Personalize your text messages with your customer’s name, the date they joined you as a customer, or other details. This will help your messages sound less like spam. After all, your customers don’t want to get another vague or generic marketing message.
  • Avoid sarcasm or any jokes that reference gender, race, religion, or political affiliation. 

Follow these tips (or just steal the examples) to keep your Merry Christmas texts smooth and effective this season. Do it right, and your customers will feel the holiday cheer from their text inbox.

Want to make sending your holiday texts even easier? Try out SimpleTexting for 14 daysーno credit card needed. 

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